Accommodation Travel Expenses

By | September 5, 2023

Accommodation Travel Expenses – As the name suggests, these travel expenses refer to the travel expenses of the entity’s employees or directors. The purpose of the trip is to connect with the business of the entity. Therefore, the intention must not be of a personal nature.

Travel expenses are a nominal account that is included in the profit and loss account. Since this GL account is an expense, the appropriate accounting treatment is to debit this GL account in the journal entry.

Accommodation Travel Expenses

A credit note is for a liability account. Here, the liability account is called Taxi Charges Payable, Travel Charges Payable, etc., depending on the nature of the liability.

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There may be instances where there is no need to recognize a liability such as meals, tips, parking fees, etc. These expenses are paid immediately and there may be no bills or invoices. So the credit in this case is a cash entry in the journal to record travel expenses:

(Because travel expenses are paid) Frequently Asked Questions 1) Are the seller’s travel expenses part of direct or indirect expenses?

For entities engaged solely in marketing/selling products (not manufacturing), salesperson travel expenses are direct expenses. This is because these expenses drive the business of the entity.

For entities that do not fall into the above category, these travel expenses fall under the category of Marketing Expenses, which are indirect expenses. Therefore, it depends on the business category in which the entity operates. 2) What do the accommodation costs mean?

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Accommodation costs are the costs associated with staying in a hotel or motel. These charges include food, laundry service, telephone, internet charges, GST and service charges. So these accommodation costs are part of the travel costs. Therefore, it meets the conditions for indirect business expenses.

The main rule is to check whether the accommodation costs will be related to the business. Therefore, the business importance of costs must be emphasized.

The Travel Expenses Paid entry records the cash/bank payment for travel expenses and related expenses incurred for a business purpose. Let’s take a look at the nature of accounts and the applicable accounting rules.

There are no rules for naming the account. The GL description shows the nature of the account. For example, if the GL relates to telephone charges, it is not included in porting charges. Therefore, GL travel expense is used as a debit to record travel expenses in general.

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Travel expenses are expenses incurred in connection with a business trip. The intention must not be personal in nature. The main rules are to check whether these costs help to keep the business going. This category of travel expenses is broad enough to cover accommodation, telephone, internet and additional costs incurred along with hotel costs.

Debit travel expenses and credit the bank account to record the journal entry. If the transaction is made on credit, two entries are recorded. The first is a debit to travel expenses, and a credit to the liability account. The second entry is a debit to the liability account and a credit to the bank account. The net effect is the cancellation of a credit to the liability in the first entry and a debit to the liability in the second. So technically the journal entry is the same as the first scenario. It is only a delay in recording the full effect of the transaction.

I hope this article will clarify the concept of travel expenses. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments below.

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I made a simple but effective excel sheet that you can easily control and track your travel budget and expenses. As soon as you login and download the sheet, you can follow the instructions below.

It might look complicated at first, but it’s not. All white cells are cells where you can/should enter some data. Otherwise, you can always contact me if you need help.

Free Excel Expense Report Templates

Personally, every time I withdraw money from an ATM, I update the part of the excel sheet about the costs.

4. In column G4, you will see the total amount you want to spend, which is your budget.

3. In column M, you will see whether you are within the planned budget or not.

0. Enter your planned budget (from G4) or the amount of money you have at the start of your trip.

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2. In a new line, enter the balance of your old bank account (from cell C43) when you last checked it.

6. In column L, you will see the average amount of money you spent per day per city

7. In cell C33, you will see the total average amount of money you spent on your entire trip.

To track how much you’re spending per night on accommodation, simply enter your name, dates and cost of stay. It is especially helpful to write down the names of the hostels if you return to the same place months or years later. Even if you think you can keep everything in your mind, trust me, after years on the road you can’t remember them all 😉

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This part of the Excel sheet may not be useful for everyone, especially if you are only traveling for a short time, but you can check it anyway. You basically just write down your bank account details and which of the different bank accounts you want to use for what.

1. Enter your repair costs (from home)