Basic Travel Tips

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Travel and especially backpacking has always been something that goes perfectly with the year abroad. Whether you want to travel to your chosen country or embark on an even more foreign adventure, it pays to take some time and plan carefully before you go so that you can enjoy your trip and stay safe at the same time. So here are some key tips to get the most out of any trip abroad you take as a student.

Basic Travel Tips

Plan Ahead: It’s great to be spontaneous, but there are really a few things you need to think about ahead of time, where you’ll be traveling and what you’ll need to take with you to begin with:

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Do you need any vaccinations? – Visiting some countries will mean getting vaccinations or taking anti-malarial tablets, so you should think carefully before you go, otherwise you will be putting your health at risk. How is your fitness level? – Okay, this might sound a little weird, but if you’re going to backpack, that means carrying bags on your back while doing at least a little bit of walking between locations. If you’ve never done this before, it might be worth doing some fitness training before you go. Will your cell phone work abroad? – Make sure you have a mobile phone that will work in the country or countries you will be visiting. If you can do this, it’s also worth downloading useful apps such as route planners and entertainment finders onto your phone, as these can be very useful. Getting there – Transportation is an expensive expense for any traveler. If you’re going for a long time, a round-the-world flight can often be the most efficient and economical. If you are traveling for a shorter period of time – then do your research first and try to book your flights in advance. Can you get deals on flights to Bangkok as well as other popular backpacking destinations by booking a hotel, hostel or campsite well in advance? There are many different places to lay your head and rest while you are away and you may want to consider a different option when planning your trip as it will help you determine what you will need to take with you. There are three main options:

Hotels – Depending on where you go, these can be expensive and will likely put a strain on your budget, but you’ll be more likely to have privacy and generally be offered greater facilities. Again it’s really nice when you’re traveling far to a new place to book a nice hotel for the first night so you know you have somewhere comfortable to get over your jetlag.

Hostels – Cheaper than hotels, hostels offer a roof over your head and sometimes even a range of options from dorms to double and single rooms. You can generally cook a simple meal, do some laundry and write a letter home, but they are generally pretty basic and lack the amenities of a hotel.

Camping – your cheapest option may well be camping, but this means you’ll need to bring your tent as well as sleeping mats and possibly cooking facilities. Whichever option you decide on, if you plan to travel during peak holiday season for that country, consider booking in advance as some places can get quite booked up. Wherever you go, choose your clothes carefully to suit the climate you’ll be in, choose a good quality waterproof backpack and invest in a good pair of walking or hiking shoes and break them in before you travel. Our family is always up for an adventure. Whether we’re hopping in the truck for an overnight road trip or spending time in the big city, we love exploring new areas. With all the worries about viruses and quarantines, some people are canceling their travel plans, but by following some simple tips, we hope to stay safe and healthy while making memories!

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There are some basic travel safety tips that apply to all of us, whether we’re traveling alone, with kids or with the whole family.

Even if you travel, don’t forget to follow good health habits. Wash your hands, use hand sanitizer in the car, and keep hand wipes close at hand. When you’re done pumping gas, remember to clean your hands. When you get to a hotel or apartment, use wipes and sanitizer to make sure you have a germ-free environment.

We’ve always taught our kids what to do if we get separated in a busy store or at a public event. Let them stay where they are and we will find them! This is true for a grocery store or the New York City subway. It is always best for the child to stay put so we can go back and find them.

If they can find a police officer, someone who works at that store, or a mom with kids where they are alone, then stick with that person – but stay put. We don’t want to worry about them wondering on their own to look for us.

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In today’s world, many children and teenagers have access to a mobile phone when out in public. But your security plan shouldn’t require a cell phone. Obviously, if they are separated and have access to a phone, then they should call you right away. But not all places have full cell tower service. When my daughter and I traveled on the subway in New York, there was no cell service on the subways. We talked about the possible scenarios before we arrived, so we both knew what to do even if we split up.

There are so many options for children to be able to keep up with their identity in the event of separation. Check out some of these cute looking baby ID bracelets that could save your sanity and make the reunion easier. Stick close

When we travel to big cities, children always know that we will probably make them tie hands or hold hands when crossing the streets or getting on public transport. It is very easy to fight in a crowd and get separated. Make sure everyone is ready to board the trains, buses or subways when you tap.

A cross body purse is a good way to keep your money and valuables safe. You can also use a small lanyard or pouch that will allow you to keep your money and cards inside your shirt and around your neck.

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Tip: Don’t keep all your money in your wallet or purse. Spread it in your suitcase or inside your shirt pocket so you don’t lose everything if your bag is stolen or lost.

You might want to consider one of those hidden wallets that allow you to hide your money and documents inside your shirt. Find out before you go

If you are planning a trip to the city, study the public transport routes. Get the general idea of ​​how to navigate buses or the subway. Get a working knowledge before you arrive so you can quickly handle the area.

It’s always wise to keep your tank full whether you’re at home or on the road so you’re ready for any unexpected events.

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When we need to consult a map or regroup for our next adventure, we don’t stand in the middle of the trail. We climb back up a wall. This not only takes us out of traffic, but also allows us to have a safe view of our surroundings.

When we travel, we don’t immediately highlight our location on social media. If you want to announce to the world that you are eating at a certain restaurant, wait until you finish your meal. Then tag the location on social media. There is no need to alert the public to your exact location.

Tip: If the whole family is out of town, you might not want to post photos of where you are. Why announce to the world that your house is empty and ready for a thief?

Don’t risk disconnecting from family and friends while traveling. Use a portable battery and keep your phone charged.

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