Hotel Jobs That Travel

By | January 21, 2023

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The job of hotel inspector, also known as hotel assessors and hotel examiners, sounds too good to be true. A career where the job description includes “travel to luxury hotels and review them?” Where does your hotel stay and meals count? Your travels will be more than vacations, but they’re far more appealing than sitting in your home office for another Zoom meeting.

Hotel Jobs That Travel

The average salary for a hotel inspector in the United States is $65,806. The salary typically ranges between $56,018 and $75,531.

Career Cluster Hospitality & Tourism.

To everyone, from the clerk at the front desk to the mixologist at the hotel bar, the hotel inspector is just another guest. And you are a guest, says Afar. You use all services the way a regular guest would, so you can evaluate and rate the experience. Sure, thousands of people are doing this online now, but you’ll need to go into a lot more detail than four stars and a few sentences.

Let’s say you make a breakfast reservation. For hotel interviewer jobs, you’ll note what the host is wearing, how he addresses you, and how he seats you. You will appreciate how well the server describes the menu and how quickly your glass of water and coffee is refilled. You’ll also peruse the menu for healthy options, vegetarian choices, and fresh ingredients. This will be the case for every aspect of your stay.

These hotel travel jobs require you to be anonymous. You may have to make up stories about why you are there alone and what your career is like. Social media platforms are a no-no; if you’re posting photos of your meal on Instagram, it might be too easy to identify you as a reviewer. At that point, your usefulness is over.

If there’s a downside to the job, for some people it’s that you’ll be traveling all the time. If you have children or a partner you would like to be with, you will see them much less often. Another is that you may need to use benefits that you would not otherwise enjoy. Even if you’re not a fan of the gym, the job of a hotel tester requires you to try out every piece of equipment during your stay and make sure it’s all right.

Best Travel Jobs To Make Money Traveling The World

Job qualifications depend on your employer. Some, such as the U.K.’s Automobile Association Developments, require a college degree related to the tourism industry and knowledge of laws related to the hospitality industry. The experience of running a hotel is even better.

​ says the elite Coyle Hospitality Group prefers people for hotel travel jobs who are educated professionals but who also have a lot of personal experience in high-level travel. The company’s CEO told the newspaper that he likes to hire people who are already used to spending $379 on a hotel room. They are savvy consumers with an eye for quality.

Assuming you have the education and other qualities the company is looking for, they may send you to a nearby hotel to test your skills as an examiner. Do you pay attention to details? Can you fit in discreetly? Do you have a good eye for quality?

There are several different industries that could hire you for hotel surveyor jobs. Professional rating services, hotel chains and outside testing companies like Coyle are potential employers, assuming you have the right credentials and skill set for them.

Hotels Industry Trends For 2016 [infographic]

The median salary for a hotel inspector in the United States is $65,806, according to Salary typically ranges between ​$56,018​ and ​$75,531​, but your choice of employer, industry knowledge and professional experience make a difference. Brit says your room and board is compensated, but travel expenses may not be.

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I would find a job that would allow me to move to another country, allow me to travel and learn something new in between. After a while (about a year) I needed a new challenge and more travel. So I would find another job in another part of the country that would also provide the opportunity to travel.

Best Travel Jobs That Pay Six Figures

With this lifestyle I had to live in five different countries (I’m originally from Ukraine, ), then in five more countries, and then I started an online business that helped me start making money online and travel whenever and wherever I want to.

During all these years I have also learned one more thing – there are actually a lot of people in this world who are like me. They are also eager to find work that will require travel or leave enough time for personal travel and adventure.

In fact, gone are the days when moving from one place to another was challenging. Today we live in a world where it is easy to travel and easy to move to a new place. Okay, it’s not so easy right now with all this madness, but things will definitely improve, just give it some time.

If you have a goal of moving to a new region, country, city or state, you must remember that it is very possible. You just need to agree on a few things and have a plan. And the most exciting part of moving to another country is being able to travel a lot and see the world at your own pace.

Jobs For Hospitality And Tourism Management (with Duties)

So, in this very long and very detailed post, I would like to share a list of amazing travel jobs.

Some of them are jobs I’ve done or considered doing. Other careers that involve travel are quite common these days. Many of these jobs pay well and require no experience. Other jobs require a degree and experience, but pay even better. More on that below.

NOTE: Since our world has gone crazy recently, the job market has started to experience some of the hardest times. Obviously, we all know that and we’re all in the same boat. However, you must remember that things will get better.

Now is the best time to stay positive and invest time in yourself. I also give a lot of advice on what you can do today so that you can land one of these jobs in the near future and in the midst of a crisis.

How To Get A Job As A Hotel Rater

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***Yes, these days the catering business is on hold. But guys, they’ll be back. If you’re thinking about getting into this field, now is the best time to learn how you can do it.

There’s a reason I’d like to start my list with professional hospitality jobs. Hospitality has a lot to offer and this is one of the few fields you can enter without experience and in many cases a degree. All you need is your charisma, the ability to work with people and the desire to provide excellent service.

First of all, many hospitality jobs do not require direct travel (some do, and we’ll talk about them later). But! From my personal experience and that of my colleagues, with a hotel professional job you have hundreds of opportunities to move around and explore the world at your own pace. Below I will explain how.

Bachelor In Tourism And Travel Management

Second, hospitality is a truly amazing field for anyone with no work experience or who wants to travel without a degree.

Mark and I spent years working in the hospitality industry, making a pretty good salary, enjoying the perks that come with it, and moving around the United States. If we ever want to return to this business, our experiences coming from top hotels in the US will help us find work in many hotels not only in America but also abroad.

After we started traveling full-time, we were already offered hotel jobs in Vietnam, had interviews arranged in Kuala Lumpur,