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By | January 8, 2024

Hotel Travel Sites – In the last two years, we have seen the launch of similar services from partners. From lodging with friends, peer-to-peer loans to peer-to-peer work, the Internet is turning us from consumers to suppliers and business models already installed.

In the last couple of years, we have seen the launch of peer-to-peer booking sites. The question to be looked at is not whether these affiliate booking sites are a threat to the hotel industry – of course they are in my opinion – but what a threat they can be to them.

Hotel Travel Sites

Airbnb seems to be leading the way right now. Founded in 2008, the company describes itself as “a community marketplace for people to list, find and book unique properties around the world.” It is a classic online “butterfly” model, bringing together multiple sellers and multiple buyers through a centralized system.

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Does it work? Well, more than 10 million guest nights have been booked worldwide through Airbnb (June 2012) since it was founded in August 2008. So I don’t think it’s that bad. Were those 10 million nights booked at hotels or from people who wouldn’t have gone? My guess is that most of them were walking and using Airbnb to find cheap accommodation, so the hotel might be lost. And let’s add other sites like Homeexchange, Onefinestay, 9flats, HouseTrip and Wimdu.

Danish daily Politiken obtained figures from two of the most popular brokerage services, Airbnb and According to Politiken, these two services were responsible for 452,000 overnight stays in 2013, equivalent to eight percent of hotel guest stays in 2012. .The figures are higher than we expected. This represents a new and exciting way to travel and visit Denmark. Private rentals have certainly been underestimated so far, Flemming Bruhn, director of the tourism organization VisitDenmark, told Politiken.

However, since the figure includes only two of the many such services, this type of holiday is likely to be more widespread. This is a clear sign that the model is working and it is growing.

The Airbnb community contributed €100 million (about $130 million) to the overall economic activity in one year and supported 3,166 jobs in Berlin.

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Is there something seriously wrong with some of the basic assumptions about how change works? Twenty years ago “about 70% of all change initiatives fail.” Today, according to Global Consulting…

Accelerating the process of change – Digital disruption is at the heart of change. Everything that can be digitized will be digitized – Ready for digital transformation.

Technology will not stand still and may not slow down. Overcoming the Challenge of Disruptive Change – Go Forward, or Go Back. It’s an understatement to say that online travel agencies (OTAs) have revolutionized the way people book travel. Not only have they made it easier for travelers to shop for hotels, airlines, car rentals, and more, they’ve completely changed customer expectations and forced travel companies to innovate and evolve their strategies. them to stay competitive.

OTAs have played a major role in the travel industry, accounting for 39% of US digital bookings, led by the hotel sector. The rise of OTAs is partly because consumers prefer the convenience of comparing thousands of options in one place, but also because OTAs provide a marketing platform for hotels with access to a hard-to-reach customer segment.

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When hotels work successfully with OTAs, they reduce their inventory of unbooked rooms and increase revenue, especially during the off-peak season. They can strengthen brand awareness and still make a profit if travelers use OTAs for research before visiting a direct booking site.

The hotel also relies on the power of distribution and additional sales it gets from partnering with popular online travel agencies like Priceline and OTA views and subscriptions are good for business, maybe even important, but they come at a price. With most major OTAs charging high transaction fees and the need to maintain competitive pricing, hotels are looking to augment their OTA strategies with programs aimed at driving direct bookings. . This is especially critical for hotels, as hotels pay higher OTA fees for bookings compared to airlines, while airlines pay the same as round trip fees. .

Given the additional distribution power and reach, OTAs are often considered a useful, albeit expensive, sales and distribution platform. To maintain and increase their market share, hotels are taking advantage of different direct booking services by focusing on things that OTAs cannot provide, such as access to on-site amenities and Loyalty program benefits.

A long-term travel loyalty program with attractive rewards not only encourages customers to book directly, but is beneficial for long-term customer retention. This is especially true for hotels, as customers cannot earn rewards or loyalty program benefits through OTA bookings in the same way that customers with airline bookings can access frequent flyer miles for the flights they booked with OTA. The hotel can provide different access to the pool, free breakfast and other facilities to guests who book directly.

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Traveling is one of life’s greatest adventures, but it also comes with late nights, layovers, and sometimes stressful situations. To stand out from the competition, a strong loyalty program should respond to the needs of travelers and create a seamless connection through the use of smart technology. The Hilton Honors program offers a number of benefits, including free Wi-Fi, complimentary sun loungers and complimentary night views. While these are standard services, their app allows customers to log in and double as a digital key, giving weary travelers a quick and easy way to get into their room faster.

This tangible benefit allows them to connect with their customers and highlight the value of direct booking for hotels. Hotel guests cannot add their loyalty number to their booking and get the same benefits if they book through an OTA. In this way, the hotel encourages customers to book directly for the best experience. However, it is a delicate balance for hotels between building strong relationships with all customers, regardless of their booking method, and encouraging direct bookings to avoid expensive OTA fees.

When it comes to direct bookings, hotels should consider how a strong story can balance the balance. When consumers first use an OTA site to decide on a hotel, they often visit the brand’s site. Comprehensive profile content on an OTA’s website is both a competitive advantage and an incentive for visitors to visit the brand’s website to complete a purchase.

Most OTAs require partner hotels to display all available properties and rooms on their website, and must include high-quality images. In today’s digital world, consumers expect brands to have their own identity.

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With a clear description of the equipment and options available, this story can pay off in many ways. It helps to create a price/value equation that validates the market price, which can help to win bookings from competitors. It can also encourage potential guests to visit the property’s direct booking website and click around, potentially leading them to make a restaurant or spa reservation or learn more about the hotel’s loyalty program, or book directly or no.

The combination of compelling incentives through loyalty programs and broad distribution through OTAs provides a two-pronged strategic approach for hotels to boost direct bookings and maintain strategic relationships with SIN.

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Proper planning across the tourism sector by focusing on consumer travel in the industry can empower small businesses by creating economies of scale. and liquidity on which large companies depend. Some of us long to travel again. But when you search for “best hotels in [insert your location],” you’ll be bombarded with information.

When you click on any website and platform, you can’t suddenly move on to the next step. How do you compare? What is the best platform for what? And which one is the safest?

In this article, we would like to compare nine popular hotel booking sites to see the pros and cons of each site and give you the knowledge to make the best hotel booking decision for you!

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There are three types of online hotel platforms: Online Travel Agency (OTA); Aggregators/Metasearch Engines; and Direct Hotel Reservation Sites, or sites from the service chain itself. In this article we will focus on two categories