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By | December 30, 2023

Tips Travel With Pets – Traveling with your dog or cat can be a really rewarding experience. Spending time with our best friends is hard! With the summer holidays fast approaching, there are many of us (here at Petrest!) who are looking forward to spending time with our pooch or kitty. We’ve put together 10 tips to help you, Felix and Fido have a great time on your adventures!

In the summer of 2015, one of our team – Nicole, in Marketing – had the opportunity to go on a 500 mile trip along the North Coast 500 to the Scottish Highlands. Spending two weeks over 1000 miles away

Tips Travel With Pets

South East England across the stunning scenery of the Highlands, with a quick stop on the Isle of Skye, was brilliant. This celebration was made even better by the fact that his two dogs joined him on the trip. Finlay the Manchester Terrier and Nuki the Chihuahua/Pug cross owned by his sister. Nicole’s sister was there too, although she did try to drop her off at the motorway services once or twice!

Tips For Flying With Your Dog In Cabin — K&h Pet Products

Two weeks of driving and camping every night is Nicole’s idea of ​​happiness, and camping with Finlay is one of her favorite pastimes! Nicole’s sister rescued her dog Nucky in China and flew 6,000 miles with him, landing in Switzerland and traveling through Europe to meet Calais. We reached out to Nicole and asked her to help out with this week’s blog post. We think the following tips are really helpful, but it can be interesting and helpful to see what other people recommend. You may find helpful pet travel tips at

Here are our top ten tips, we’ve taken the time to explain why each tip is important, provide real-life insights, and ask Fe and Nicole for advice every step of the way. If you have anything else to add, please let us know in the comment section!

Perhaps the most important thing to do when traveling with your dog is to ensure that your destination (or destinations en route) are pet-friendly.

“When Faye and I traveled in Scotland, we called campsites in advance to check their dog policies. It’s worth noting that many tourist attractions aren’t as dog-friendly as we’d like, but you should always ask! We were able to take Finlay and Nucky around Nessieland on Loch Ness just because we asked at the entrance before we got in!

Tips When Traveling With Your Dogs

“If you really want to go to an attraction that isn’t dog-friendly, see if there’s a dog daycare or kennel nearby. When we camped in Devon, one of the attractions had kennels that we could use at let’s ride the dogs for a few hours, they loved the little party when we got inside!”.

This may be more difficult depending on your travel plans. If you are planning a long car trip, be sure to take your dog on shorter trips so they can get used to the traffic. This is especially true for cats, they don’t naturally like cars, but some ugly cats learn to love it very quickly!

“When Fi was living in China, she was only able to fly from one province to another on the Nuki plane once, but the journey from Shanghai to Switzerland was much longer than what she was used to.

Luckily Nucky was a lucky airplane. Finlay & Nucky are happy enough to have been taken on shorter camping trips before, but we were still wary of signs of distress and we consulted with vets before the trip.”

Essential Tips For Travel With Your Pet

Good research is essential in this area. Travel across the UK does not require any special documents and all vaccinations are recommended only at veterinary clinics. Other countries have different regulations, such as requiring special health and importation documents for interstate travel in the US.

When traveling to the UK from another country with your dog, cat or ferret, you can take advantage of the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS), which allows them to travel to the UK from certain countries without the need for quarantine. This is provided that they have up-to-date and documented vaccinations. The fee suggests keeping all your pet’s documents in duplicate in a folder to travel with you. He also carried Nookie’s documents on a USB stick and had scanned copies stored in a cloud service that could be accessed from any computer.

“Finlay needs medicine every day to keep him healthy, so I made sure he had enough and always had a few extra days.

I strongly recommend that you translate the name of their medication into the language of your destination (or make sure you clearly record the name of the clinic) in case something happens to your supply.

Tips For Safe Travel With Pets

“You’ll want to consider translating all of your pet’s travel and health documents and keep them with your originals.

When Fay arrived at the English border at Calais, we spent a good hour translating documents with the receptionist; It would have been much easier if we had obtained the translations earlier.”

We may not think it, but our dogs can also get sick at home. Sure, they’ll be really happy to travel with their human companions, but they can miss the smells and comforts of home just as much as we do from their own bed. Consider packing your favorite toy and blanket to wrap or let them wear.

When traveling on airlines, the rules can be very strict about what is allowed in carry-on boxes (both in the hold and in the cabin), check with your airline to see what you can carry in your pet’s box allowed because most want a bare box in storage.

Flying With A Dog: What You Need To Know

“When Fi traveled from Shanghai to Switzerland, she kept Nucky’s favorite toy (the Goat!) and her favorite pink blanket in her flight case while she was being transported in the cabin. She also kept some of Nucky’s favorite foods in He had China, sent him home to make the transition to life in England a little easier.

“Finlay has a very favorite blanket that Fi made him when he was a puppy, and a favorite toy called Acid Duck. Yes, they go everywhere with us! Whenever he’s on vacation, it’s Blankee and Acid Duck!”

Depending on your planned activities, you may want to consider special pet safety clothing and equipment. A really simple example of this is special water bottles with a built-in bowl for your dog or a lead or collar to light them up in the dark.

“When Finlay and Nucky go camping, they both have light-up collars so they can be seen in a dark camp.

Dog Travel Safety Tips: How To Keep Your Dog Safe

They are never left in the dark, which gives us an extra safety net if they slip their fingers (more on that below).”

A scheme that is growing in the UK is to use a colour-coding system to show people how friendly your pet is. The bandana lets people see that he needs some space. There are many options for dogs that are really friendly, others that don’t talk to other dogs, as well as deaf and blind dogs. The scheme is backed by big influencers such as the RSPCA, read more here.

“Finlay wears a yellow bandana when he goes out because he’s very shy. He loves his family, but he’s a little scared of people he doesn’t know and doesn’t really want to talk to anyone. He loves other dogs and wants to make friends with all of them. !

For more specialist hobbies like hiking, climbing, canoeing, and more, there’s a variety of dog-related equipment to make your getaways more fun and safer! Don’t forget the glove with action camera attachment to record your adventures too!

Tips For Airplane Travel With Pets

We all know how those last 3-4 hours before going on vacation go. Did we pack the sunscreen? Do the children have raincoats? Have we printed tickets? All these questions and last minute panics can mean we forget things. It’s fair to assume that in most places we can get essential parts for our holidays (for example, that forgotten toothbrush or shampoo), but it’s not always easy to get essential pet items and forget to pack the vital paper for your pet. may mean that neither of you can travel.

“When Fay moved Nookie across the European borders, she had a packing list for herself as well as a separate one for Nookie.

Simple things like food and blankets were on the list, but more important things like travel documents and vaccination records needed to be readily available every time.

“We make sure that Nucky and Finlay have clear throats in the camps when it’s dark. I’m especially vigilant about that because Finlay is known

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