Tips Traveling Di Trenggalek

By | September 20, 2023

Tips Traveling Di Trenggalek – Trenggalek Regency is one of the areas on the south coast of East Java Province. Maybe for some people, they are still not familiar with Trenggalek Regency because it is not the center of city or government in East Java like Surabaya and other cities.

Geographically, Trenggalek borders Pacitan to the west, Tulungagung to the east and Ponorogo to the north. With this geographical position, Trenggalek offers amazing natural attractions, especially the beach.

Tips Traveling Di Trenggalek

But not only the beach, Treanggalek also has tours that invite tourists to come there. Thus, it is appropriate that Trenggalek is called a hidden paradise in East Java.

Destinasi Wisata Alam Eksotis Di Trenggalek, Jawa Timur

The first tourist spot in Trenggalek is Prigi Beach. Prigi Beach is located far from Trenggalek city center which is about 48 km away. Prigi beach has white sand which adds beauty to this beach.

This beach is divided into 2 areas, namely the western side as a tourist spot and the eastern side as a pier for fishermen. So, for those who want to travel and buy fresh fish, you can come directly to Prigi Beach.

In addition, while at Prigi Beach, you can play in the sand, swim and do sports like playing ball. What makes Prigi beach different from other beaches is that you can fish on this beach. In addition, support facilities such as buoys, food stalls and accommodation are also available.

The second tourist spot in Trenggalek is Damas Beach. Damas beach is not far from Prigi beach which is about 5 km. Damas beach has exotic and natural black sand. This beach has relatively calm and relaxing waves, so you can swim and surf calmly.

Menelusuri Labirin Batu Ala Trenggalek

Although it is a bit far from the city center, Pelang Beach has a charming natural charm. The stretch of white sand is wide, the sea water is very clear and there are hills around the beach so that you can enjoy the panoramic beauty of this beach from the top of the hill. So you can see a very charming and amazing view of the beach.

Blado Beach is a very suitable beach for surfing as it has relatively large waves. Apart from surfing, you can relax and explore along the beach on foot while feeling the cool breeze at Blado Beach.

The panorama from Nmpangang Beach is truly breathtaking. When you are at this beach, you can relax on the beach while enjoying the beach panorama. In addition, you can swim and kite with the fishermen. Accommodation is also provided around this beach.

As the name suggests, Pasir Putih Beach has a charming stretch of white sand. The sea water is very clear and surrounded by green panoramas. In addition, there are rocks at the corner of the beach that add beauty to this beach. While there, you can relax on the beach, swim, and rent a fishing boat to sail ashore. The facilities provided at this beach are quite complete and safe.

Pantai Prigi Images, Stock Photos & Vectors

Unlike Bali and Banyuwangi, which have turtle hatcheries, Trenggalek also has beaches to protect. Taman Kili-kili Beach is a beach used for turtle breeding. Starting with the gray turtle, the hawksbill turtle, the leatherback turtle and the green turtle. Here you can see these turtles being bred to add insight into the animals.

This mangrove forest area is managed by Kejung Samodra Monitoring Community Group (POKMASWAS). Plant seeds are planted in this place so that if damaged, it can be replaced immediately.

Here you can learn about how to cultivate mangroves. In addition, you can also explore the mangrove forest area using the bridge provided. So you can take pictures and enjoy the natural panorama of the mangrove forest.

In addition to beach tourism facilities, Trenggalek also has cave tourism facilities that are well known to many tourists. Lowo Cave consists of 9 large and high rooms. A series of stalactites and stalagmites add to the beauty of Lowo cave.

Wisata Greenpark ( Taman Hijau ) Trenggalek

To explore the cave, tourists can use the bridge built by the manager to make it easier for visitors to enjoy the cave. In addition, there is lighting inside the cave so that you can clearly see the beauty of Lowo cave.

Each tourist destination should offer souvenirs specific to each region. In Trenggalek itself, you can visit several craft industries to make souvenirs.

Craft industries in Trenggalek include hand-painted batik, black marble, embroidery and woven bamboo crafts. Of course, the craft made has the characteristics of a souvenir from Trenggalek Regency.

One of the favorite tours in Trenggalek Regency is Karanggongso Beach. You can enjoy a very beautiful panorama of the beach. In addition, you can swim using a fishing boat. So you can feel like you are sailing and enjoy the beach.

Rekomendasi Tempat Kemah Di Trenggalek Yang Romantis Dan Instagramable

The charm of this beach is still very natural to enjoy. There are many coconut trees growing around the beach which makes the view and atmosphere more beautiful. In addition, you can see the sunset from this beach which is very beautiful. So don’t miss it!

The charm of Ngadipuro Beach is no longer in doubt. A beach with the charm of beautiful natural beauty and very pleasing to the eye. The waves at this beach are so calm that you can swim comfortably and safely.

This beach offers a natural charm unlike any other. You can surf on this beach with relatively big waves. In addition, this beach is also very cool as it is covered with coconut trees and adds beauty to the beach.

If you are a nature lover and love to take fun pictures, you must come to Gembes Hill. If you visit this hill, you will not be disappointed because it offers a very beautiful natural panorama and you can see Trenggalek town from the top of the hill. In addition, you can see a very beautiful view of the beach from the top.

Trenggalek Punya Agrowisata Peninggalan Belanda Sebagus Ini, Tahu?

The most popular tourist spot in Trenggalek is Banyu Nget. This tourist destination is conceptualized for nature tourism, education and games. So it is suitable as a family tour.

So these are the tourist spots in Trenggalek. No less interesting than other tours in East Java, right? Let’s love this country by traveling around Indonesia and getting to know the culture of each region.

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, Trenggalek – Trenggalek tourist attractions are known to very few people. Trenggalek Tourism will present beautiful and charming mountain peaks with beautiful natural beauty such as waterfalls, beaches, parks to visit.

Trenggalek is a regency in East Java. Trenggalek is also known for Alen-alen culinary offerings and rujak uyup. As a region known for its food, of course, it is not far from tourism.

Trenggalek Regency has only one drawback, which is the absence of an active volcano. Almost all the mountains in Trenggalek Regency are still.

Tempat Wisata Trenggalek Yang Siap Anda Jelajahi, Lengkap Dengan Alamatnya

Trenggalek Regency consists of 2 different climates, dry and rainy. Usually, the dry season often occurs between May and August. In Trenggalek, there are no means of transport, such as stations.

Interested in Trenggalek tourist attractions? Below summarizes the latest 2022 Trenggalek tourism reports from various sources.

The first Trenggalek tour is Pelang Beach or Pelangi Beach. This beautiful beach is located in Wonocoyo Village, Panggul District, Trenggalek Regency. Pelang Beach has an area of ​​about 20 ha, located about 56 km southwest of Trenggalek town.

It is one of the unspoilt beaches and is famous for its big waves and it is decorated with big rocks that add to the aesthetic value of this beach.

Potret Pantai Ngampiran Trenggalek

The second Trenggalek tour is the white sand Karanggongso beach. Karanggongso Beach, often called Trenggalek White Sand Beach, is a beautiful white sand beach located in Watulimo District, Trenggalek Regency, East Java.

The waves at this beach are relatively calm, making it perfect for swimming and bathing with the family. Thick trees also grow along the coast, adding to the cool beach air during the day.

The next Trenggalek tourist attraction is Prigi Beach, the other most popular white sand beach in the area.

Prigi Beach is located in Tasikmadu village, Watulimo district, about 48 km south of Trenggalek town, with a land area of ​​12 ha.

Wisata Pantai Di Trenggalek Terbaik 2022, Ada Surga Tersembunyi

Prigi Beach is one of the most visited natural attractions equipped with parking spaces, campsites, sports facilities, hotels and restaurants. Also interesting is the souvenir of various types of smoked fish (tuna, grouper, mackerel, etc.). It also has the Archipelago Fishing Harbor (PPN Prigi) and a fish auction.

Experience a more exciting vacation with culinary seafood while swimming, playing with the sand at this Trenggalek beach tourist destination.

Its name is Mount Prongos, which is about 550 meters above sea level. This mountain has an unusually beautiful view from the height.

There is a beautiful and uniquely cool pine forest. You can also enjoy its charm from a view post accompanied by a mountain view.

Harga Tiket Bukit Banyon Trenggalek Dan Fasilitasnya

Forest places are quite interesting to visit. Especially like the mangrove forest which looks beautiful and even more attractive

Not only that, visitors can explore the beauty of Jengkrong Beach by boat. You can hunt for cool places for photography. It is located in Karanggangu, Watulimo District.

The next Trenggalek tourist attraction is Banyon Hill. Then on this hill you can see the natural exoticism of the mountains like a country above the clouds with its various beauties.

You can see the view of the sunrise and also the sea of ​​mist which is pretty epic. Seeing the sunset here is not at all exotic.

Pantai Tempat Liburan Baru Di Trenggalek

After night, Banyon Hill will look very beautiful with twinkling lights on the residential areas.

There is