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By | June 1, 2023

Travel Accommodation Vouchers – Gift Vouchers are a great idea if you can’t decide what to buy that special someone. By purchasing one of our gift vouchers, you are guaranteed to ensure that your gift is one that will not be returned!

Cairns Holiday Specialists offers a wide selection of gift ideas from accommodation to tours and activities in Cairns & Tropical North Queensland.

Travel Accommodation Vouchers

So regardless of age, hobbies and interests you are sure to find something suitable for the occasion for your friends, relatives or colleagues, giving them the opportunity to get what they want.

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A birthday is indeed a special occasion to be celebrated but sometimes our busy schedule doesn’t give us time to stop and reflect on what we have done or achieved since our birth so it’s nice to receive an unexpected gift from a close friend. or a relative who remembers your special birthday. It’s even better when you receive a gift voucher that gives you the opportunity to go and choose your own gift and use it at a time that suits your busy schedule. Cairns and Tropical North Queensland have plenty of tours, activities and attractions to choose from which make for even more exciting and memorable gift ideas

It can be very difficult to buy the happy couple wedding gifts because the modern bride and groom seem to either already have everything they want or they may have told the guests that there is no need for gifts. As a guest at their wedding, you may feel that you still want to give a gift but you’re not sure what they need, so it’s always safe to buy some sort of gift voucher card so they can make their own purchasing choices. . Cairns Holiday Specialists have gift voucher cards that can be redeemed for holiday accommodation or for any tour or attraction in the region and this is great if the couple is local or intending to spend their honeymoon on the Great Barrier Reef

Gift vouchers for accommodation or tours are now a very popular and very safe gift to give to newlyweds. They may already have everything they need for their home and may have spent a lot of money on weddings and would prefer their guests to add to their honeymoon with gift card vouchers they can redeem for holiday accommodation or tours or attractions in and around Cairns and the Great Barrier Reef

Cairns & the Great Barrier Reef is a great holiday destination to spend Chinese New Year with your loved ones, family and friends and there is no better gift exchange than giving than a Cairns Holiday Specialist Gift Card Voucher. With their personalized gift card, they can book their holiday stay or day trip and join the local Cairns Chinese community to celebrate Chinese New Year in the city with Lion dances, Dragon dances, fireworks and a huge celebration of Chinese banquet dinners and more

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In Scotland, the New Year’s celebration is called “Hogmanay” and the Scots have a very rich heritage going back to Viking times with this event. And in France New Year’s Eve is called “la Saint-Sylvestre” with lots of house parties, boat cruises and vacations abroad to bring in the New Year with a party on New Year’s day called “Reveillion” and this is when gifts are exchanged with family and friends- friends In Thailand, New Year falls around April and is called “Songkran” and is celebrated for 3 long days and people also exchange gifts for loved ones and business partners during this time. So, as you can see, people in the world like to give gifts to each other

As Diwali is one of the biggest and brightest Hindu festivals to celebrate the arrival of the new year, all family, friends and business associates just love to gather during the Diwali period to celebrate, relax, share and give gifts to each other.

We all love receiving gifts but when it’s not something you thought of for yourself, it’s quite difficult to show appreciation on your face when you first unwrap the Diwali gift.

By giving your special loved one, family or friend a gift voucher from Cairns Holiday Specialists, everyone will be smiling when they unwrap their gift. Vouchers can be used to redeem some Great Barrier Reef holiday accommodation or local day trips in Cairns and can be used within 12 months. So please look to buy Gift Card Vouchers for Diwali

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Cairns and Tropical North Queensland are very popular places for couples to hide away in peace and quiet. There is a wide variety of luxury and budget hotels and resorts from Cairns and Palm Cove to Port Douglas where they can relax with each other by the pool and just do whatever they want before the excitement of the new baby’s arrival. Depending on the trimester couples can also enjoy spa treatments together and spend days snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef and exploring tropical islands and generally just enjoying the sunshine. All expectant parents will just enjoy the opportunity of a babymoon and a gift voucher for some holiday accommodation or a visit to the Great Barrier Reef will be much appreciated by both.

As humans, we all love reasons to celebrate milestones and milestones so we track the time to make sure we can pop that cork or take a well-earned break once we reach that anniversary date. The idea of ​​gifting for anniversaries is part of that annual celebration and a gift card or gift voucher is a great way to congratulate your parents on their wedding anniversary or a loved one for achieving a personal milestone. Take a look at the Cairns Holiday Specialists website for some overnight stays or day trip experiences you can buy, or why not just buy a gift voucher of a certain denomination so the recipient can choose their own hotel or tour. Gift vouchers are the perfect gift for any occasion.

September is Australia’s biggest wedding month so much so that it might as well be known as the “Month of Love” and Cairns and Tropical North Queensland is one of Australia’s most desirable wedding destinations, so we’ve got lovebirds everywhere.

When you’re in love, it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world, nothing is more perfect and you want nothing more than to shower your loved ones with gifts and appreciation to make you feel the way you do and thank them in its own special way.

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So why not give them a Cairns Holiday Specialist Gift Voucher so you can both enjoy a relaxing weekend together or a Great Barrier Reef trip to a tropical island for some precious relaxation time. Who knew it might give you a chance to pop a question?

If you see a loved one, colleague or friend working tirelessly towards a goal with lots of sweat and tears and they achieve it then why not reward them with a little gift voucher for an overnight stay in Cairns and Tropical North Queensland or a day trip so they can put down their tools or pens and relax and enjoy their accomplishments. You can all put some money together and buy a 12 month gift certificate card for a certain amount of money and then the gift recipient can choose where they want to stay or what day trip or overnight activity they want to redeem and bask in their success. Gift voucher recognition done well will be a special reward that will be remembered

“Just Because” gifts are a great way to just say “thank you” to someone for being there, thank you for your help, I love you, or I’m thinking of you. You don’t need a reason to give a gift because a gift comes from the heart and when you give a gift for no commercially promoted reason then it makes it even more special to the gift giver and gift recipient.

You might know someone who hasn’t been to the Great Barrier Reef but you know it’s on their bucket list and they’ve probably had some ups and downs lately so you want to surprise them and buy them a gift voucher. You may want to donate to a local Cairns charity event so gift vouchers are a great way to make a donation.

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There are so many reasons and so many opportunities to simply give gifts of kindness and appreciation

Have you ever dreamed of winning a vacation? We think most people have so we have gift vouchers that can be used to give a