Travel Tips Egypt Clothing

By | June 16, 2023

Travel Tips Egypt Clothing – One of the most exciting parts of the journey is experiencing different lifestyles, customs and traditions that are different from our own. And what better way to travel to the center of Egyptian civilization! You have booked your trip and you are ready, but you want to respect the local culture. Here are some tips on cultural norms and what to wear in Egypt.

Egyptian society is more conservative in some places than in others. West Coast arms and legs are acceptable at tourist hotels in places like Sharm el Sheikh and Hurghada. However, while traveling and visiting other parts of the country, the selection of local Egyptian clothing is appropriate for religious and traditional reasons. Choosing the right attire will make you and your landlord more comfortable and allow for a real connection with the Egyptians. Proper dress is not only applicable to women. Most Egyptian men also covered their arms and did not wear shorts that stretched above the knees.

Travel Tips Egypt Clothing

Packing tips include long pants for men and long skirts or trousers along with loose and long sleeves for women. Avoid showing leaks or open jackets. If you swim in a conservation area, shorts or leggings and a jacket are best, and you will not feel as uncomfortable in the water as you would like to if you show off a lot of faces.

The Ultimate Egypt Travel Guide For Women

If you are going to visit a mosque on your tour, women should wear a large scarf to cover your hair and shoulders when entering. Some mosques can provide you with an Abaya, a loose and comfortable garment that will cover you from head to toe. Scarves are also useful for other conservation areas where your guidance will help you perceive, and as a bonus, scarves protect you from the sun and sand. Shoes must be removed before entering the church. People also go barefoot in many houses and dining areas, especially where you will sit on the floor. See what others are doing and get your clues from this

Choose clothes made from natural fibers – cotton, linen, silk or a mix of these. White or light colors reflect the heat, dark colors will make you feel stronger. For women, especially if you want to respect the local tradition of modest dress is not as difficult as it first seems. Long loose layers can be as easy as shorts and jackets and you will not need extra sunscreen. Especially in the height of summer, a loose-fitting shirt is better than a tank top or a bra under a cotton jacket. You will see a tank top next to you as the loose-fitting jacket allows air to escape.

Always take an extra layer of clothing, even if Egypt is where you think the weather is hot. Early winter morning excursions anywhere in the country can be a bit chilly. Night in the desert can be very cold and temperatures in some places can drop by 20 degrees from the highest daytime temperatures to the lowest at night.

You will see Egyptian women wearing different levels of clothing, some dressed in the same way as others, completely covered except Eyes. Bedouin and Siwa women cover differently and more than most. You will be glad to find the woman behind the cover has a lot to offer if you have a conversation and see Go beyond worries based on appearance. They are curious and may have some doubts about you and your life as well.

What To Wear In Egypt As A Woman: The Ultimate Packing List

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Egypt Packing List: What To Wear In Egypt As A Woman Traveler

Any cookies that may not be specifically needed for a website to function and are specifically used to collect users’ personal data through advertising, advertising, and other embedded content are called unnecessary cookies. . It’s necessary to get user approval before running these cookies on your site.Will and I have just returned from a two-week trip to Egypt. This trip caused a whirlwind of emotions and hurt the feeling that I was not ready. . I feel like the resource I rely on (blog, guidebook, online forum.

We spent 5 days in Cairo, 4 days in Aswan and 7 days in Luxor. We challenged ourselves to one more pack for the duration of the trip and (somehow?) Succeeded. Below is a brief list of my personal Egyptian packaging list, along with some clothing ideas for Egypt.

My husband and I explore Egypt. Here are the clothes I packed to Egypt (in a bag) Hope it helps!

Conservative dress is the best way to dress in Egypt. During our first two days in Cairo we hired a local guide and I quickly learned to cover up because I felt I was getting too much unwanted attention (honestly, I felt right). Judged). The tourism industry in Egypt is suffering like crazy and the locals have never seen their way lost by foreigners (save for popular tourist destinations such as the pyramids and a few mosques).

Essential Things To Know Before Traveling To Egypt

In my experience, 99% of local women are completely covered (wearing hijabs + niqabs). To be respectful, I measured the local atmosphere and if women were covered I would follow. And so I found myself covering my head with a scarf 99% of the time while exploring Cairo.

In Aswan, I had a different experience because we spent most of our time recharging and staying at the hotel. ). To keep it simple, we signed up for a tour through the outdoor hotel and visited the top three attractions in the city. So my dress reflected most of the tourists who intended to respect my body were covered but my head was not.

In Aswan we saw the temples of Philae, the unfinished Obelisk and the high dams. Philae Temple is full of tourists and the dress code seems simpler. I asked our guide if I should cover my head and she answered confidently, “No.” I followed and did not feel uncomfortable at all, but probably because she was nearby.

In Luxor we spent most of our time at the hotel and started the tour with a guide (booking via hotel). As in Aswan, I asked if I should wash my hair and he said it was not necessary, so I did not. I was not comfortable walking around the place because he was around, but still felt unwanted. From local men.

The Best Time To Visit Egypt In 2023

All in all, I read a lot of stories from female passengers who said that packing to go to Egypt was not as difficult as they expected. They talked about Egypt adapting to tourists and okay with foreigners dressed differently. However, what I found during the trip to Egypt was that the old tradition was still true and the only way to feel comfortable playing the game rather than trying to change it. . For what it’s worth, I felt most comfortable when I was completely hidden in Egypt. Unless there is a mentor.

What to wear in Egypt for men: Men should not wear shorts (only little boys wear shorts) – Long sleeves and long pants are the norm regardless of temperature. What to wear in Egypt for women: Women should cover their bodies as much as possible. 99% of local women are covered from head to toe and some even wear gloves.

Frankly, yes. Especially while adjusting to the culture during the first week of travel. I do not like looking at (what feels like

Man) We went through even though I was dressed conservatively and had my hair completely covered. Cairo was especially difficult for me, but we were smarter when it came to Aswan and Luxor.

Best Things To Do In Egypt

We started hiring hotel tour guides and spent most of our days attached to the hotel was very frustrating.