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By | September 15, 2023

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Maybe the holidays are the best time of the year. Whether you prefer city trips or beach trips, your vacation should be unforgettable and a wonderful experience. You can double your happiness if you travel cheap and save money. We’ve put together 9 tips on how you can actually travel for less.

Travel Tips Examples

If you start saving money early, you can accumulate it in a few weeks or months. Set yourself a budget goal that you want to achieve. You will be more motivated knowing that the money for your next vacation is already budgeted in.

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If you don’t have children in school, you can travel without any problems during the holiday season. Travel is usually cheaper at that time. Especially from January to March, sometimes until April, you can travel well and for less, and in some countries it is already warm. If you have children in school, you can see if it is cheaper to travel or fly from other regions or states.

You know the trick: It’s especially crowded and especially expensive in the cities in the main and most popular areas. If you want a good meal without spending too much, start looking more towards the side streets and local restaurants that are not known from the center. Doing so can save you money.

If you don’t want to go out to eat every night and spend a lot of money on your vacation, rent a vacation home or apartment and cook for yourself. If that’s too much work for you, check out the local supermarket. Many offer food to go at a low cost. Farmers markets also offer a wide selection of affordable local produce.

It’s best to explore a city on foot. That way you get to know your vacation spot better and see things you can’t see from the bus, train or subway. Start walking now and save on your public transport fare. Join a free walking tour. A local guide shows you around town, and in the end you pay only as much as you want and for what. benefit of the tour to you.

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You don’t always stay in a hotel. Hostels are no longer just for young adults. Another option is AirBnB apartments. Here, you have the opportunity to connect with the people of the village and stay for a low price. Couchsurfing is also growing in popularity. Spend the night for free with strangers who may offer you a place to sleep. Just pay them back with a small tip and cook for the host, for example. As a housekeeper, you have the opportunity to look after other people’s houses while you live there for free.

You can save endlessly before your trip by entering discount codes when you book. There are countless online portals where you can find discount codes. You can ask about discounts even at the resort itself. Most hotels have information sheets out there that often have discount codes and promotions. Use and save on different activities.

Try something completely different and write your plane blind, do something called blind writing. Just enter your travel period and vacation category (for example ‘sun and sand’ or ‘shopping’), and that’s it. You pay a fixed price for the return trip. Only after the deal is done will you know where you are going. Hotel and airport transfers are not included in the price of blind tickets, however.

So that there are no additional, unexpected costs that suddenly occur at your destination, plan in advance and get information about the additional costs to expect. This includes fees, tourist taxes or fares for transportation during your vacation. You may also need to check your health insurance. In celebration of Earth Day we conducted a survey and found that more than 86% of respondents wanted the climate to be better. environment when travelling. Just one flight from London to Sydney emits about 5 tons of carbon dioxide. That’s about half of the average human’s annual carbon footprint.

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Travel can be an amazing experience, but it can also have a huge environmental cost. At Generali Global Assistance, we love travel with the motto “take only pictures, leave only footprints.” There are many easy ways to plan a comfortable trip with sustainable travel options and enjoy your vacation even more.

Your carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere from your daily activities. The amount depends on things like how you travel or the temperature of your home—but small changes can go a long way!

Visiting somewhere new is a great opportunity to walk more – it’s the best way to see the sights and the environment! If walking is not an option, look for public buses, public transportation and taxi or ride-sharing companies. These are all great opportunities to live like a local and much more fun than driving around alone in a rental car.

Food has a carbon footprint, so eat local and seasonal produce that didn’t travel far to get to your plate! Ask your concierge, or use the online services included with your travel insurance plan, to find local farmers markets or restaurants have local food. You can get a real taste for the local culture and the environment.

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Also, it can be tempting to over-order when you eat out but try to prioritize not wasting food.

Some travel to change lives. Others travel to change the world. Whatever you choose, choose a great destination and remember Mother Nature by reducing your carbon footprint and leave only footprints on vacation with these sustainable travel tips.

Before leaving home, adjust your air conditioner, turn down the water heater and unplug any electronics that run on power, even if they are off.

Some travel to change lives. Others travel to change the world. Whatever you decide, choose a nice place and remember Mother Nature by reducing your carbon footprint and leaving only footprints while you travel.

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