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Tips Traveling Sehat – Smart guide 12 most effective tips and tricks to stay healthy while traveling5 min read 12 March 2020

You don’t have to fear going out if you can take care of yourself and follow the 12 tips below to stay healthy while traveling

Tips Traveling Sehat

, you will definitely travel from one place to another. Of course, a lot of things and objects that you touch. Well, who knows germs or germs will stick to your hands.

Tips Tetap Sehat Saat Traveling

Wash your hands with soap for 20-30 seconds with clean water according to WHO guidelines. If there is no water, at least always have it with you

When is the best time to wash your hands? It is recommended to wash your hands before eating or drinking, before going to bed, after using the toilet, after sneezing, and after handling objects in public places.

This can make your body tired, making it more susceptible to various diseases. Taking vitamins can prevent this as it strengthens the immune system.

, the body does more activity and sweats. Especially if you go on vacation in the summer. So drink enough water to keep your body fit.

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If possible, drink more water than usual. Do not be lazy, it is very important to maintain health if

Can you take advantage of this free opportunity to quench your thirst? But if you’re not sure about the purity of the water sources at your vacation spot, buying and drinking bottled water is much better.

There are two things that can make you sick from drinking water straight from the tap. First, the water may be contaminated. Second, there are good bacteria in the body that may not get used to this water source.

Instead of stomach ache or diarrhea, it is better to be alert by drinking bottled mineral water. Medical expenses abroad are not bad, you know! Especially if you don’t have travel insurance.

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While on vacation, we definitely want to try a variety of new foods and drinks, especially regional delicacies. In fact, it’s okay to explore culinary tourism. However, make sure that you already know the content of the food and drink you are consuming.

Adjust according to your body condition, especially if you are allergic to anything. But that’s fine, avoid drinking too much ice or fried foods.

Eat healthy foods like vegetables, sources of protein, etc. Also, avoid buying food from the side of the road, the cleanliness of which is not guaranteed.

The Importance of Getting Enough Sleep While Traveling – Source: Pixabay One of the most important tips and ways to keep your body healthy while traveling is to get enough sleep. Don’t push yourself too hard to explore a lot of places or immerse yourself in chatting with friends on vacation. You need enough sleep to stay in good shape. 8. Prepare medicines when traveling We never know what will happen on a trip. For this, you need to take medical preparations with you during the holidays. Bring some medicine you will need, such as cold medicine, headache medicine, ulcer medicine, and diarrhea medicine. Don’t forget to bring eucalyptus oil too! You also need to bring extra gear, especially if you’re taking a child on a plane. 9. Don’t Eat Late Don’t Eat Late When Traveling – Source: Pixabay Have you tried the tips and tricks above to maintain your health, but ended up eating too late? This is simply wrong! During the holidays, try to eat three times a day at the right time to keep your body healthy. Don’t want your holiday activities to be disrupted by illness? 10. Drinking warm water is better than popsicles

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Drinking ice water must taste really good, especially after you’re tired from exploring vacation spots. But warm water should be drunk more than cold. These tips and ways to stay healthy while traveling will keep you away from sore throats and the flu. 11. Is vaccination before the holidays important? Vaccination or a vaccine may be the right choice to keep your body healthy during the holidays. Also, the type of vaccine you receive must be tailored to the tourist destination you wish to visit. In general, tourists going on holiday abroad need rabies, hepatitis A and B and typhoid vaccines. Vaccines and immunizations must also be planned at least 6 months before going on vacation. You see, some vaccines require more than one injection. 12. Effective ways to prevent tired feet Soak your feet in warm water – Source: Pixabay Holidays will tire your feet because you spend more time walking, climbing or going down a hill. Try to wear comfortable shoes when traveling to protect your feet from getting sick. When you arrive at the hotel, soak your feet in warm water mixed with salt. It is useful for preventing insomnia, treating fungal infections of the feet and eliminating foot odor. These are 12 tips and tricks you need to do to stay healthy during the holidays. Take care of your health and personal hygiene when traveling to avoid various risks of illness. Plan your vacation well in advance to ensure it runs smoothly. If you don’t mind, we will order a travel package from AntaVaya. AntaVaya, the SMART way to travel! During the holidays, our activities can be very hectic. There are many tourist attractions in the new place that you will want to visit. Sometimes we spend our energy playing games, so that we forget to maintain a healthy body, both excited and on vacation

. In fact, in order to fully enjoy your vacation, you need a healthy body. Don’t you just want to stay in a hotel when you’re sick? That’s why it’s important to stay healthy during the holidays! Here are five tips for staying healthy on vacation (Anggraini, 2018).

One way to stay healthy is to eat whole foods. Good food is not always healthy. Remember to eat balanced meals during the holidays to stay healthy. Do not forget to eat fruits with high vitamin content.

When we go on vacation, we sometimes have to stay late in order not to be late and miss the flight or train departure schedule. Even in the middle of the road, it is difficult to sleep comfortably. In fact, one of the consequences of lack of sleep is a decrease in immunity. Lack of sleep can make the body more susceptible to viruses and diseases. Therefore, sleep is very important, especially if

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(Makarim, 2022). Use a travel kit to help your sleep quality stay awake during the holidays. After getting enough sleep and rest, live your vacation fresher.

Taking multivitamins can increase the body’s resistance and health. Multivitamins are especially recommended in conditions where there is a lot of activity. When on vacation, we often feel

And more tired than usual. If you are lazy or often forget to take your pills, you can use Energy Patch. This vitamin patch distributes B-complex vitamins throughout the day, so you don’t have to remind yourself to take a vitamin pill.

During rest, the body needs more water due to intense activity. In airplanes, passengers are also more easily dehydrated due to the lower air pressure. By drinking enough water, we can maintain the fluid balance in the body (Deli Serdang District Health Board, 2019).

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After a day of travel, don’t forget to rest. If your body is tired, don’t push yourself. Instead of getting sick, it is better to rest a little so that you can continue your vacation with good health and enthusiasm!

To stay healthy while on vacation, you can eat a healthy and balanced diet, get enough sleep, take a multivitamin, drink enough water, and take a short break. How are you ready to live the holidays? Don’t forget to take care of your health together! It’s important to stay healthy and fit while traveling, whether it’s traveling or other interests. Therefore, various efforts must be made extra to maintain a healthy body.

Getting sick while away from home is very inconvenient, especially in a pandemic situation. You don’t necessarily know people in a strange place who are close enough to ask for help. Not to mention, your business at this location can also be hampered by an unexpected illness.

Some countries require certain vaccines before entering their country, such as yellow fever, malaria, hepatitis A/B or cholera vaccines. In the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, if you have access to vaccines, it would be better if your body is immune to the virus in the first place.

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To be safe, get vaccinated one month before your trip. This is because most vaccines need time to start protecting your body from viruses.

If you enjoy outdoor activities like camping and hiking, check your first aid supplies (P3K). This preparation must also be done by those who are planning a long trip, especially by land.

Medicines are things that must be in your bag. Stock up on over-the-counter medications for minor colds, headaches, diarrhea, motion sickness, fever, and aches. If you have a special condition, such as asthma or GERD, also bring medicine that you can take if the condition reoccurs at any time.

Stay hydrated on the go. Dehydration is a common problem for hikers. Therefore, always refill the bottle before the water runs out or buy a new drink.

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No matter how young or active you are, sleep can always restore energy. Your body needs rest to compensate for strenuous activities.

Fruits and vegetables should be consumed more often while traveling. Also offer nutrient-rich dry snacks such as nuts and butter

Traveling doesn’t mean sacrificing your exercise routine. At least do a warm up or some simple cardio. You can also practice yoga with video tutorials that can be accessed online.

Try to reduce alcohol consumption when traveling. Your body is adapting to a new environment that may be very different from where you came from. When consuming any kind, say beer or

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Instead of a backpack that has to be carried or a handbag that has to be carried with a full bag, it is worth choosing a suitcase with wheels that is easy to pull or push. This will help you avoid shoulder or back pain.

To check whether the luggage is not too heavy, the easiest way is to test whether the bag can be lifted with one hand. If you can’t, it means your luggage is too heavy