The Best Places To Visit Affordable Beaches In Southeast Asia

By | June 24, 2023

The average daily budget of a backpacker in Vientiane is US$19.39 (Wade, 2022). The city is a great budget destination for Southeast Asian travelers, with almost everything cheaper than Bangkok and other places like Hanoi or Jakarta. Being a small city, there are not many hotels in Vientiane but luckily most of them are quite cheap and the staff are friendly. The city’s main attractions cost little to nothing, so it should be relatively easy to keep one’s budget intact (Price of Travel, 2021).

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The average daily budget for a backpacker in Luang Prabang is US$21.38 (Wade, 2022). Luang Prabang deserves credit for being one of the most charming cities in Southeast Asia. The mixed colonial architecture and numerous picturesque temples add to the unusually romantic and pleasant atmosphere. There is a good reason why Luang Prabang is the most popular tourist destination in Laos today. The city has more fancy and expensive restaurants than Vientiane or anywhere else in Laos, but there are plenty of cheaper places too. Drinks are also quite cheap in most places, especially for those who like fresh fruit juice or Beerlao (Price of Travel, 2021).

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The average daily budget for a backpacker in Chiang Mai is US$21.80 (Wade, 2022). The northern capital of Thailand is well known to anyone exploring Thailand beyond Bangkok and the islands. Chiang Mai is the hiking and trekking capital of Thailand, so there are many outdoor activities and tours available here. The food in Chiang Mai is another highlight, as many of the famous dishes here are different from those popular in Bangkok. Also, hotels and hostels in Chiang Mai are cheap because many long-term travelers come to stay for weeks or months, which means many foreigners and tourists make Chiang Mai their base (Price of Travel, 2021).

The average daily budget of a backpacker in Hanoi is US$22.44 (Wade, 2022). One of the world’s biggest travel destinations, Hanoi offers a wonderful blend of colonial French and modern Vietnamese at prices that are hard to believe. The Vietnamese capital is still much more traditional than the larger Saigon in the south. There aren’t many places to see, but the city center makes up for it with great food and drink at very low prices (Price of Travel, 2021).

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The average budget for a backpacker in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) is US$24.24 (Wade, 2022). Saigon (officially Ho Chi Minh City) is the largest city in Vietnam, much more spacious and modern than the capital Hanoi. Almost all the buildings in the center are new and it has a very different feel to Hanoi. It’s best to visit both cities if you have the chance and the long train that connects them is a great way to see even more of the country. Saigon is one of Southeast Asia’s most vibrant cities and a fast-moving destination with plenty of attractions to see. In Saigon, thousands of people on motorcycles can be seen in every direction which can be exciting, even if crossing the street is difficult (Price of Travel, 2021). Tip: When crossing the streets with thousands of motorbikes, keep straight and don’t stop. It’s more chaotic if you stop while crossing (Price of Travel, 2021).

The average budget of a backpacker in Jakarta is 25.11 USD (Wade, 2022). Jakarta has an unusual reputation compared to the larger cities in Southeast Asia. Many people recommend skipping it altogether, but it’s the main hub for getting to almost anywhere else in Indonesia except Bali, where many international flights fly directly to the island. Jakarta is huge, crowded, vast and always hot and humid. On a positive note, it has great shopping and nightlife, and things tend to be relatively cheap. While he likes Indonesian food, he can eat very cheaply in Jakarta. There are also plenty of fast food chains and international options, but the best deals are always on the local stuff (Price of Travel, 2021).

The Best Places To Visit And Affordable Beaches In Southeast Asia

The average daily budget of a backpacker in Phnom Penh is US$27.26 (Wade, 2022). Phnom Penh is a great travel destination in Southeast Asia. Cambodia has its own currency, the Cambodian Riel, but all ATMs dispense US dollars and almost everything is priced in USD, so you can probably cope with Riel instead of coins as small change. Generally, Phnom Penh is more expensive than cities in Vietnam and Thailand (Price of Travel, 2021).

The average daily budget for a backpacker in Siem Reap is US$28.25 (Wade, 2022). Siem Reap is the setting for all visits to the amazing Angkor Wat temple complex. Siem Reap is a surprisingly cute little city that is worth at least a few days of travel, especially if you are spending too much time in the big cities. Siem Reap itself is a very pleasant city and easy to visit, with very attractive prices for food, drinks and hotels (Price of Travel, 2021).

The average daily budget of a backpacker in Bali is US$28.65 (Wade, 2022). Bali is a wonderful island with friendly locals and excellent tourist infrastructure. It also has a serious traffic problem, so it’s best to rent a motorbike when getting around. The hillside town of Ubud is the island’s art capital and one of the best places to stay. The Kuta area is full of beaches and parties. Many say that Bali is one of the most magical destinations on the planet and visiting Bali can be a fascinating and spiritual experience. However, Bali has also become touristy, making it easy to have a disappointing visit if you don’t plan your itinerary well (Price of Travel, 2021)