Choice Hotel Travel Agent Rates

By | August 2, 2023

Choice Hotel Travel Agent Rates – Travel agents for the most part don’t go above and beyond on any Disney/Maldives/Caribbean/Europe FIT or whatever piggyback vacation you have.

However, professional travel agents are provided with a wealth of experience, lifelong memories, and a career they love. If you love to travel, becoming a travel agent is one way to ensure that travel adventures are woven into the fabric of your life.

Choice Hotel Travel Agent Rates

I often fly ether-verse into my email and ask how to get a travel agent discount. Holy heck here are some amazing travel agent deals and discounts that suppliers offer to active agents. (The operative word here is active agent, but I’ll talk more about that later).

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Below is a comprehensive list of the best travel agent discounts, promotions and rewards programs the industry has to offer.

Doesn’t lie Some travel agents’ rate programs are complicated. But in terms of travel agent discount programs, here’s what you can usually expect:

Am I missing out on various travel agent deals or discount programs? Holler me in the comments below!

Travel agent rates are not a one-size-fits-all deal. So here are a few things you should know about what to expect when shopping for a discount:

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You must be a travel agent to receive travel agent rates and discounts. What makes someone a travel agent? Acknowledgment No. . . Either get your own or coordinate with a hosting agency.

In addition to being a travel agent, you need to sell travel. I know it sounds unbelievable, but often sellers only offer a percentage or loss to the travel agent when they sell a certain threshold of their product. What does this mean? That means the more you sell, the better the discount.

Finally, if you’re in the business of selling travel, your travel discounts are likely to be low to moderate, and may not even justify the cost of getting started selling travel.

Part of developing a niche is getting a handle on who your favorite suppliers are. As you begin to work out which providers you prefer, you can devote your time and energy to studying those providers externally.

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This will help you build the deep product knowledge and supplier relationships required to be a successful reseller. In turn, you will earn more travel agent discounts and rewards as your sales volume increases.

If you’re brand new, travel agents won’t have a long history of previous sales to help you get a quote. But don’t worry. For many providers, they offer special rates, FAMs, and even free travel after completing their training programs.

You need to ensure that you stay current on your suppliers’ certifications so that you can provide your customers with the most up-to-date information as they are updated.

Do I even have to say this? Just in case I did: As you know travel agent prices are in the fine print. Blackout times apply, rates are subject to change (without your permission), and travel agent rates are not guaranteed.

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Yes. They can and do. So when you read the travel agent discount rates below, please check directly with your supplier/BDM for the latest travel agent discount policy.

Yes. Your host won’t get all the glory, don’t worry. By setting up your portal on the site, suppliers know which agent booked what and you get the credit you deserve.

There are a few things to consider if you are looking to host a travel agency. Some providers are called secondary telephone fields. This essentially allows sellers to know which individual agencies (that would be you!) are ordering under the host’s certification.

Long story short, NEST Plus business analyst Maureen Bourcy warns that if that’s the case, “[advisors] should be able to take advantage of the agent discount because the seller sees you as their agent.” It will remain under the long-term host, where all sales are aggregated and any agent can take advantage of the discount even if they have never booked.”

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Another exception is Disney. For specific Disney agencies, the certifying agent receives the assigned theme park tickets and reviews from travel agents. So if you want to get into it, ask your agent how it works!

You can safely assume that travel agent rates are not usable. It’s a “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” scenario.

Any points system that can be exchanged for cash may be taxed if you earn more than $600 in rewards. don’t ask me Ask your accountant to make sure you know the tax implications of cash-out numbers (nothing more fun than a surprise 1099!).

Nothing is sadder than an empty cruise ship. Many suppliers offer discounts closer to departure time. If you want to nail it, it could make the difference between 20% off and 50% off.

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Let’s be honest with ourselves, that’s probably why you’re here, so I won’t try hangover milk anymore. Here’s HAR’s Travel Agent Rate Source, below! Click on the link in the box for more information about pricing. Note that “Parent Brand” and “Seller” may have different links!

Also, things change! As always, check directly with the supplier for current travel agent prices and discounts!

Next, we’ll summarize the different programs for some of the most popular hotels (according to Google).

The chart above shows you what to expect from special travel agent prices and discounts.

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If you really want to compare different prices and programs, you can ask providers about their discounts here:

These questions help gauge the ‘user-friendliness’ and accessibility of a supplier when it comes to travel agents. It may also help you narrow down which providers to focus your time and energy on.

I’d like to dive deeper into hotel pricing from a few travel agents. I will include only a few here, which come up in most searches. They give a good idea of ​​what prices travel agents can expect from hotels.

You may find better travel agent prices if you book your hotel through a tour operator.

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Please note that these hotel programs listed below are hotel direct. Consultants looking for discounted hotel rates may access them directly through the hotel (rather than booking through a tour operator).

Another thing to note is that hotels with educational programs usually offer the best travel rates (higher than standard travel agent rates).

IHG is linked to the download above. Yes! IHG offers a discount of 35% off the best flexible rate. Not for shacks!

But IHG often goes beyond their basic discounts to offer even higher discounts on room rates, discounts on resort services, and other fun things. As of this writing, IHG has special offers ranging from 35% to 50% off. Here you will find IHG’s latest travel agent promotions.

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If you’re a travel agent, becoming a travel agent with IHG is easy. Here’s how you can do it in three steps:

Marriott bought Starwood in 2015. So if you’re looking for a Starwood travel agent, look no further than Marriott. There are two types of rates for Marriott travel agents. Here:

Marriott’s Travel Agent Rate is their blanket travel agent rate program and is available to any accredited travel agent with a valid IATA, ARC, CLIA or TIDS accreditation number. Travel agent rates vary by hotel type and season. Marriott’s travel agent discounts are up to 50% off, but you can usually expect less. (At the time of writing this, the discount was between 10-15% when I searched my hometown.)

Marriott’s travel agents offer unlimited room reservations for up to two nights (subject to availability).

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Marriott’s travel agent rate offer can be used to book two rooms for unlimited nights (subject to availability). How to take advantage of Marriott’s travel agent rate offer:

1. Travel agents need an IATA ARC, CLIA or TIDS number (and proof of ID at check-in) to qualify for Marriott rates.

Marriott’s Fam-Tastic program is designed less for personal entertainment and more for agents to get to know the property. This program is only available at Marriott’s preferred travel agents. If you are with a host agency, you can check their host profile or ask them a question to find out if Marriott is one of the best providers.

In addition to meeting the standard travel agent rate requirements, consultants must also complete the Hotel Excellence Program. Their FAM approval rates offer deeper discounts than their standard travel agent rates, but with more restrictions. Agents can use this speed after completing Core HE! Lessons. This interest is ongoing annually for agents who continue to serve their credit. For Marriott’s Fam-Tastic program, consultants can book a maximum of four nights.

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