Holiday Destination Asia

By | July 30, 2023

Holiday Destination Asia – It’s hard to say which continent you’ll find the best beaches in the world, but Asia is definitely a contender for the top spot. From the islands of Indonesia to the shallow reefs of the Philippines, the well-trodden beaches of Thailand and everything in between, Asia has some of the softest, whitest sand and clearest blue oceans on Earth.

Whether you’re after a romantic honeymoon beach or a beach to relax on your last backpacking trip, one of these beaches in Asia will win you over. Many of these beautiful Asian beaches offer activities such as snorkeling, diving, coral conservation, and swimming with whale sharks, so dig out your swimsuit and sunnies.

Holiday Destination Asia

A beautiful day at Pink Beach in Komodo National Park. This is one of the most exotic beaches in Asia.

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It is only because of the unique nature of this beach that it makes it to the top of the list.

Not only does this create fantastic photo opportunities, it’s something you won’t find anywhere else.

Under the shade of palm trees and hills that offer breath-taking views if you want to go for a walk, the sand is as soft as you imagine and pink from the microscopic red organisms that wash ashore.

Easily the most famous island (and beach) in the Philippines, Boracay is 7km of postcard-perfect white sand – and in fact, its main beach is called “White Beach” for that very reason.

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The government has temporarily closed Boracay for six months to restore it to its former glory, so now is the perfect time to visit it, once again seeing it almost completely inaccessible.

Beach yoga, kite-surfing and diving are all on offer among other activities, and at night the bars and restaurants come alive with live music, firecrackers and dancers to entertain you into the evening.

Aerial view of El Nido’s tropical lagoon with a sandy beach surrounded by mountains. This stunning scenery makes it one of the best beaches to escape to in Southeast Asia.

Some of these include Korong Beach and Nakpan, which are great places to stay while taking a boat trip around the islands.

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Visiting the beaches of Palawan will make you feel as close to a desert island as possible: rocky cliffs, white desert sand and reefs filled with thousands of colorful fish.

Besides the lush jungles and soft sand, you will have more than 20 different dive sites and this is the perfect place to explore if you are a beginner.

If you’re wondering where you heard about Koh Phangan, it’s famous for its “Full Moon Parties” that attract tourists from all over.

There is no better place in Asia to make friends, have fun and feel the sand in your toes.

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During the day, beach volleyball, jet skiing and other water sports easily fill your agenda, or you can just sit back and enjoy the sunshine.

Separated from the main part of the island by a long boat ride and separated from the nearest town by a humid 30-minute trek through the jungle, there is nothing to do here but relax.

WiFi is extremely sporadic, although hostels usually turn it on for a few hours a day, making it a great place to meet new people.

You may not find adrenaline sports, but you will find great food, fun parties, and most importantly, bioluminescent plankton (best seen at night when the sky is clear).

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Each one is amazing and all are very budget friendly, but for a special occasion, booking an overwater bungalow here is an unforgettable experience.

Nestled in the middle of shallow, crystal clear waters, the Maldives Islands are all host to some of the best beaches, sunsets and leisure activities in the world.

Whether you want to have dinner on the beach (or actually in the water!), to plant corals on the reefs or jump out of your bed into the ocean, you will find it all here.

You’ll find some of Asia’s most beautiful beaches on Indonesia’s Gili Meno Island, one of the three Gili Islands.

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Gili Air makes the list because it’s a little more remote than the others, so it’s a lot quieter, with a quieter beach hammock atmosphere.

You won’t find many parties here, but you will find chilled beach bars, great snorkeling and fresh food.

As with many places in Indonesia, the best way to get around is by bike, so grab your beach gear and head to the nearest stretch of sand for yoga, SUP (paddleboarding) and cocktails.

The beautiful Mirissa Beach in Sri Lanka, with its turquoise water, is a paradise on the Asian coast and one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka.

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A remote island of tears under India, Sri Lanka has no shortage of beautiful beaches, but the best is in Mirissa.

Golden sand lined with palm trees, surf shops, beach clubs and coffee bars is a tourist’s dream.

Alternatively, you can get a massage or an Ayurvedic treatment at one of the beach salons before tucking into fresh seafood for lunch.

It’s a popular spot for digital nomads, so you’ll also find strong WiFi, great lattes, smoothie bowls and brunch teas.

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Located on Bantayan Island, Sandira Beach is more of a hidden local gem than many on the tourist trail, and many miss it when visiting Cebu.

The best way to get around the island is to rent a scooter, which will allow you to make the most of your time.

Since many of the hotels here have bungalows and beach huts, it’s best to stay here for a few nights and wake up to paradise.

The display of tail boats on Phi Phi Le Island makes it one of the best beaches in Asia to photograph.

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Although it is not a beach, it cannot be forgotten from the list, because all the beautiful islands that make up this archipelago have amazing stretches of sand.

The best ones to visit include Maya Bay (which has its own place on this list), Monkey Beach and Mosquito Island.

As the name suggests, Monkey Beach is home to a number of small and friendly monkeys who will happily play with you and steal your sun on the beach.

Mosquito Beach, while having the disadvantage of requiring bug spray, is home to some of the best diving spots in Thailand, including a beautiful shipwreck that you can explore.

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Named after the butterflies that flutter in the surrounding flora, you can also spot fish, crabs and even colorful dolphins here.

Because Butterfly Beach is more secluded than many others in Goa, the marine and coastal life is more protected so you can see wildlife in a more natural environment.

The tropical beach of Railay in Thailand is famous for its tourist restaurants, making it one of the most attractive beaches in Asia to visit.

Located in Krabi, Railay Beach is only accessible by boat, so it is not crowded with tourists in cars or cars.

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Activities here (besides relaxing) include boat trips around the islands, rock climbing on the spectacular limestone cliffs (try this tour), and exploring the nearby Queen’s Cave.

Head to the Railay Beach viewpoint for a spectacular view across the coast before sunset, but make sure you wear trainers.

Named after its abundance of Pom Pom trees, this tiny island off Malaysia is regularly reported as one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

If you’re an avid diver or even a beginner, you won’t find a better place to dive or a more diverse and abundant array of tropical fish and marine life.

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There are actually seven islands in the area, so even if they weren’t off the beaten path (they are!), you’ll be sure to find an empty stretch of golden sand to yourself.

Attracting tourists since it was used as a filming location for “The Beach with Leonardo DiCaprio”, Maya Bay unfortunately had to close for a long time due to the large number of visitors.

However, it opened daily for a limited number of people, which is great news, as if you get there, you will experience it fresh and in all its glory.

The coral reefs are back, the sand is clean and even the sharks are back in the area, so enjoy this beautiful island. Check out this tour.

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Another of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia is Cua Dai Beach in Hoi An, Vietnam, especially at sunset.

This beach is connected to another (An Bang Beach) and you can walk from one end to the other in an hour or two.

Just outside the historic city of Hoi An, it’s the perfect place to relax after a day of history (and shopping for custom-made clothes).

With sun loungers and beach umbrellas and located next to many local restaurants and bars, head here for stunning sunsets and dinner with a view.

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Perhentian consists of two islands: Besar (big) and Kesil (small). Both have amazing beaches, but which one to choose depends on your budget.

On the other hand, Kesil is a quiet stop for tourists,