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By | December 25, 2023

Hotel And Travel – A hacker tracked as TA558 has increased his activity this year, running phishing campaigns targeting numerous hotels and firms in the hospitality and travel space.

The threat actor uses a set of 15 different malware families, typically remote access trojans (RATs), to gain access to target systems, perform surveillance, steal key data, and ultimately extort money from customers.

Hotel And Travel

TA558 has been active since at least 2018, but Proofpoint has recently seen an increase in its activities, possibly related to the recovery of tourism after two years of COVID-19 restrictions.

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In 2022, TA558 switched from using macro-linked documents in its phishing emails and adopted RAR and ISO file attachments or embedded URLs in messages.

Similar changes have been seen with other threat actors in response to Microsoft’s decision to block VBA and XL4 Office macros, which hackers historically used to upload, drop, and install malware through malicious documents.

The phishing emails that initiate the chain of infection are written in English, Spanish and Portuguese, targeting companies in North America, Western Europe and Latin America.

The subjects of the email revolve around making a reservation for the target organization, claiming to come from conference organizers, travel agents, and other sources that recipients cannot easily remove.

Silk Central Hotel & Travel

Victims who click on the URL in the message body, which is supposed to be a backup link, will receive an ISO file from a remote source.

The archive contains a batch file that launches a PowerShell script that eventually drops the RAT payload on the victim’s computer and creates a scheduled task for persistence.

In most Proofpoint cases observed this year, the payload was AsyncRAT or Loda, while Revenge RAT, XtremeRAT, CaptureTela, and BluStealer were also deployed to a lesser degree.

For example, a 2022 campaign used QuickBooks invoice lures instead of room reservations and exclusively dropped the Revenge RAT.

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After compromising hotel systems with RAT malware, TA558 moves deeper into the network to steal customer data, stored credit card information, and modify customer websites to divert reservation payments.

In July 2022, The Marino Boutique Hotel in Lisbon, Portugal had its account hacked and the intruder stole €500,000 in four days from unsuspecting customers who paid to book a room.

While the involvement of TA558, in that case, was not proven, it is consistent with the threat actor’s TTPs and intent and at least provides an example of how they could monetize their access to hotel systems.

Other ways for TA558 to make money would be to sell or use stolen credit card details, sell customer PII, blackmail high interest individuals or sell access to the compromised hotel network to ransomware gangs .

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Bill Toulas Bill Toulas is a technology writer and infosec news reporter with over a decade of experience working for various online publications. An open source advocate and Linux enthusiast, he currently finds enjoyment in tracking hacks, malware campaigns and data breach incidents, as well as exploring the intricate ways in which technology is rapidly transforming our lives. When it comes to spending vacations with family then most individuals are thinking about traveling or touring. Here, people choose to visit one country or another. Generally, these types of places are available with many tourist attractions and some beautiful places.

If you are planning for these types of trips, then you should look at some basic factors. Mainly these factors are becoming useful to get a good travel experience and sort out some issues. The following paragraphs are completely based on such factors.

Before going on a trip, travelers should do proper research. Here those interested should do research about the country or country they are visiting. During the research, you should focus on the following factors such as:

All these are some key factors that you may face during a trip. In the research, you should collect complete details about these.

Hotel And Travel

In another country, no one has his own house to stay. For such a task, they have to consider the way of some specific places like hotels. Hotel reservation is one of the most complicated tasks. You should book the hotels in advance by which you can avoid the hassles that may create problems after visiting here.

If you book a hotel in advance, then you need to visit only that particular place. Here interested parties can consider online resource mode for such bookings. On the Internet you can see different types of hotels with different services.

Not all hotels can be considered good. Forgetting the best hotel, you should take help from basic factors like:

Based on such factors, individuals can do many things easier. With it, you can experience an unforgettable trip.

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By following these steps to book a ride, you can make the process quick and easy – without compromising on any essential factors.

The main factor in choosing travel accommodation remains location and proximity to areas where travel is concentrated. A convenient location means much more than being close to the airport or the city center.

Whether you need to take clients out for dinner or want to explore the best of your destination during your down time, choosing the right neighborhood for your home base is essential. allows you to filter hotels and properties within a certain distance of specific areas, zip codes and even landmarks. You can also book based on public transport, not just proximity.

Hotels More Dependent Than Ever On Online Travel Intermediaries For Bookings

With meetings ahead, you and your team will want to start the day off right. The best hotels for travelers offer a healthy and delicious breakfast to make you feel ready to face the challenges.

With for , you can filter to search for hotel chains where breakfast is included in your rates.

Having healthy and nutritious options for all meals and snacks is a key factor that sets the best travel hotels apart. Staying healthy is one of the most difficult aspects of corporate travel.

Given that airports are filled with tempting quick and easy options and dinners are often satisfying, choosing hotels that offer healthy options is a great idea. Also check the restaurants and cafes in the area, as travelers often dine outside their accommodation.

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More and more people see physical and mental well-being as a priority in their lives and want to maintain their daily routine when traveling to . Exercising and taking care of their bodies can be essential to some people’s mental and physical well-being. It even increases productivity, something essential for corporate travel.

Accommodations with a focus on providing quality fitness equipment and wellness spaces are a high priority. Hotels near the center are often in busier areas of the city that may not allow for the best night’s sleep.

Therefore, it can be helpful to choose a hotel in a quieter neighborhood, or with windows that don’t overlook the streets, to ensure you’re well rested for a productive day at work.

There is nothing more frustrating than your connection dropping in the middle of a conference call. While most hotels include Wi-Fi in the room rate, there are still some that require you to pay extra for high-speed connections.

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Whether you’re catching up on emails after meeting a client, attending a convention, or rushing between meetings, you’ll want to be able to access the Internet without hassle.

Look for a hotel that offers high-speed internet at no extra cost. If you need to call from your home, it’s worth checking in advance if there is a workspace suitable for you to do so.

A productive hotel can be equipped with a well-lit desk that is comfortable and