Hotel Assistant Travel Jobs

By | February 22, 2023

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Do you want to chart a career path that will take you on constant journeys to new and exciting places? These travel jobs are some of the best ways to travel and earn money at the same time, opening up your daily life to new opportunities and countless adventures.

Hotel Assistant Travel Jobs

With a willingness to learn, retrain, and connect, you can land one of these jobs and create a life full of so much more excitement and experience than a location-dependent job.

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Which is no disrespect to experts in these fields, these jobs have more opportunities to get due to high demand and ease of setup through services like Upwork to get started and find a job right away.

For most of these roles, you’re expected to work remotely, and whether it’s gigs and freelance or full-time, they all offer plenty of opportunities to travel and work from anywhere.

Arguably the best “portable job”, copywriters and bloggers research and create content on a variety of topics. You can edit introductory articles, homepages, blog content, sales texts or news.

Writing jobs are usually done on a freelance basis. This will allow you to work at a time that is convenient for you and minimize disruptions caused by changing time zones. It also requires relatively few tools: all you need is a laptop with word processing software and an internet connection.

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Smaller businesses may rely solely on spelling and grammar checks, but larger companies and public figures need to ensure that everything they post meets high standards.

Often, editing goes beyond simple grammatical errors: it may include rewriting or reformulating sections to make them sound better, clarifying ambiguous sections, or setting out a consistent standard. Meanwhile, fact-checkers usually require in-depth knowledge of a specific field.

As with copywriting, editing can usually be done independently and with little financial outlay. As the work requires more attention to detail, it may also be necessary to provide a quiet space.

Transcribers listen carefully to voice recordings and video clips and record everything that is said so that they can be reviewed later. Most transcription jobs are done on a freelance basis.

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Typically, transcription clients are webinar development companies, advertising agencies, or YouTube creators who want to develop subtitles. However, specialized transcriptionists may also deal with depositions, conferences, or law enforcement interviews.

Transcription usually requires “peak periods” but offers flexible schedules. The job itself does not require you to work online all the time, as you will only need it to download and upload the files you are working on. That being said, you’ll need a laptop and a quality headset.

Regardless of your profession, once you see your client base multiply, there’s an excellent chance to start losing papers (and therefore opportunities) in the process.

Traditionally, this was handled by full-time assistants. However, many of these tasks can be handled remotely by anyone with a good internet connection and the ability to multitask.

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Virtual assistants often make appointments, do bookkeeping, invoice customers, send email reminders, and work with suppliers.

This job is ideal for anyone who travels in the same time zone. You will need a laptop and a reliable smartphone with a data package. These two basic tools should be enough for most tasks on the go.

Companies’ social media accounts offer them meaningful ways to communicate with their audience or advertise their services. However, monitoring them can be time-consuming, which is why most companies outsource this task to a social media manager or social media agency.

You will need to engage with fans and followers, promote special offers, and share relevant content for a specific brand.

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Depending on your workload, you can provide these services with your smartphone and internet connection. If you ever need to create a small infographic, you can use lightweight tools like Canva that work even on small laptops.

Many company boards or subscription-only forums still favor the human pair of eyes, ensuring everything stays friendly and to the point.

As a forum moderator, you may need to check whenever something is reported, but you may also need to intervene in private arguments, impose bans, or try to initiate specific discussions.

Forums are used 24/7, so they usually require moderators available in different time zones. If you are traveling far from home, this can become a selling point for your services.

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This type of work requires almost no equipment, but is often great for outgoing people who like to build peace around themselves.

Help desk agents are the people behind the wait signals and “talk to us” boxes that we interact with on a daily basis. Whenever an automated bot can’t solve something, it’s usually referred to as someone who has access to instructions, great interpersonal skills, and a knack for problem solving.

Support jobs usually require you to spend several hours in front of a computer, so they are not suitable for people who are always on the go.

However, a few shifts a week can be a great way to earn extra money while on an extended trip or sabbatical. In addition to a laptop, you may need a headset.

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Stock photos fill the internet and almost all the content we consume. Being able to create something beautiful but obscure enough for different brands to use requires a particular sense of beauty – as well as a decent camera.

Traveling will give you access to exotic places, extraordinary landscapes and diverse faces. You can turn this into a selling point! In addition, you will be able to upload your photos to the portal you work with without approaching customers yourself. This can generate passive income and allows you to disconnect completely.

For these jobs, entry-level jobs are higher because they require a specialized skill, such as knowledge of a programming language.

However, if you want to retrain and gain experience, over time these jobs can provide you with a steady income while giving you the freedom to do them remotely, from anywhere.

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While a degree in translation is not necessary, a translator must be proficient in at least two languages. You will also need to pay attention to detail and enjoy the nuances behind local expressions and idioms.

Translation is both about building cultural bridges and simply transcribing content into a new language – something that is often dear to wandering souls. Also, like copywriting, it can be done with a laptop and a semi-stable internet connection.

If you sign up with a translation agency, you can usually receive a semi-constant flow of projects and work on them at odd hours.

Interpreting, which is often more difficult than interpreting, usually yields better hourly rates. You will have to listen to what is said in one language and repeat it in another with only a few seconds delay. This will usually require some degree of specialized training.

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Conferences usually take up most of a long weekend. These critical periods can be very intense, but they can be done remotely, giving you some free time to disconnect or explore.

On the other hand, you will need to secure a quiet space with a constant internet connection, such as a coworking space.

Unlike copywriters and bloggers, technical writers tend to stick to one field they already have experience in. The biggest markets are STEM or financial publications that need content aimed at other professionals, not a general audience.

Typically, companies looking for technical writers prefer to look for people with prior degrees or extensive experience in a specific field.

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Technical writing offers the same flexibility as regular blogging, but with much higher rates. If you’re taking a sabbatical after years in a corporate position, this can be a nice compromise: you’ll still be able to apply your knowledge, but you’ll own your time.

Almost every remote job list needs to include a few words about web development. This is a sought-after field that requires specialized training and is often outsourced. Most clients are unaware of what is needed to build or maintain a website, or never communicate beyond a video call.

Web development is often project-based, so you may not need to log in at specific times and instead deliver work by a certain date. It can also bring relatively large payouts in a short period of time.

That said, you’ll have to invest in a more sophisticated laptop: a cheap netbook may not support some of the programs you’ll use on a daily basis.

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Software engineers create or maintain computer programs and databases. Many of them are not publicly available and are tailored to the internal systems of a particular company. Others are testing or debugging software that is about to be updated or released.

This is a highly specialized field that can be done entirely from a computer. As a result, most companies are willing to let their software engineers work remotely.

Since most positions are usually paid, this is not an ideal job for backpackers. On the other hand,