Hotel Room Travel Locks

By | January 16, 2023

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Home security door lock Portable travel door lock for Airbnb hotel room bedroom adds extra security.

Hotel Room Travel Locks

?? Super easy installation—portable door locks require no drilling or screwing. As thin as an envelope, this compact portable door latch can be easily installed or removed in seconds, making it an essential tool for security and privacy when traveling. The metal plate has a hole that secures it to the strike plate while the door is open. Then close the door and make sure the latch is engaged. Grabbing the red key, the metal knob on it is pushed through the corresponding holder on the screen. then finish the lock ?? Light and small—The portable door lock comes with a nice bag that you can carry it anywhere you want, the iron piece is only 5.12×1.6×0.45 inches, the chain length is more than 4.7 inches It’s not, and the door security locks weigh 4.2 ounces. At this size, it can fit in most pants pockets or in a bag without taking up too much space. As easy as it is to install, our portable door lock is sure to be a great choice for the best portable door lock. Strength and Durability—The entire interior door lock system is made of stainless steel and molded plastic. Don’t mistake its small size for its power though. The home security portable door lock is made of solid stainless steel and has high strength. As you lock the door, nothing can get in, let alone a sharp blow or a strong push. As for durability, this door lock is made of thick stainless steel, its anti-rust feature supports it against rust. Effective with doors that open inward — the only requirement for the lock to work is that the door is hinged and opens inward. A little extra security can bring a lot of peace of mind, especially for frequent travelers. Our indoor portable security door lock gives you more safety, security and privacy. It is a portable industrial door security device that prevents unnecessary penetration of your doors. You can easily get all the security you need at home or away? Widely Used Door Locks—Do you need some privacy in that place that has no locks? Do you find yourself in a bathroom without a lock? Kids knocking on your bedroom door? Need an easy-to-install lock plus you can bring it anywhere? This portable door lock for security may be the answer to all those questions that secure your home and room from forced entry. You don’t have to worry about spending it, the portable door jammer security lock is very cheap and affordable.

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