Where To Travel Alone In Asia

By | January 14, 2023

Where To Travel Alone In Asia – Get inspired to plan your next solo trip with this list of the best places to travel alone in Asia

Do you want to take your first trip alone, but not sure where to go? Given that there are so many options and considerations, choosing your solo travel destination can be a difficult task.

Where To Travel Alone In Asia

To help you make this sometimes difficult choice, we’ll consider why Asia is a great choice for solo travelers and list some of the best places to travel alone in Asia.

The Best Places To Travel Alone In Asia: Solo Travel Guide

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There is no magic formula and determining your perfect place to travel alone should take into account a carefully balanced recipe of the following ingredients:

I argue that there is no such thing as a definitive list of perfect solo travel destinations, but, as with many other life decisions, it comes down to balancing competing priorities. That said, it’s good to have some ideas and inspiration for beginners.

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Tips For Surviving Solo Travel

Public transport and infrastructure are better in some destinations, and other places offer a particularly lively and friendly local culture. If your travel budget is a consideration, the cost of living in some countries is lower than in others.

With this in mind, and with the help of fellow travel writers, I have compiled a list of the best places to travel alone in Asia. From traveling by train in Japan to quality beach time on one of Thailand’s idyllic islands, I’ve got you covered.

While Cambodia’s dark past is recent, there is so much to experience and learn during a visit to the country that you will leave here enriched and with new perspectives on the world. From seeing ancient ruins left by the mighty Khmer Empire to the 20th century horrors of the Khmer Rouge, every day in Cambodia is full of nuance and growth.

Cambodia might seem daunting to a solo traveller, but if you take normal, health precautions, the country is one of the best places in Asia to travel alone.

The Best Places To Visit In Indonesia

Although the small island of Bali is the most famous destination, there is so much more to explore. The variety of cultures and landscapes in this country is amazing; every island, from Sumatra and Java to Sulawesi and Flores, gives a different experience.

Hike active volcanoes, explore the rainforest in search of wild orangutans and elephants, relax on deserted beaches, dive among pristine coral reefs, or discover an island in the largest volcanic lake in the world – Lake Toba. In Sumatra alone there is an amazing array of cultures, cuisines, landscapes and languages ​​to lose yourself in.

The best time to visit Sumatra (and elsewhere in Indonesia) is during the peak of the dry season, in June, July and August. This is the peak season for tourists, but the joy of visiting lesser-known areas like Sumatra is that you rarely run into crowds.

Learn at least a few key words and phrases in Indonesian. Outside the tourist hotspots, English cannot be spoken.

Safest Places To Travel Alone For Women In Asia

Indonesian is super easy to learn, and the ability to communicate will make your life easier and help you have a more authentic local experience.

It is an incredibly diverse country with vast desert areas, jungles, canyons and stunning islands, and is home to the highest mountain in the Middle East, Mount Damavand at 5,610 meters. In addition, the architecture is beyond beautiful.

There are endless things to add to your Iran trip with amazing mosques and shrines found in every city and you can follow the ancient Silk Road through old caravanserais and bazaars.

A translation app between English and Farsi is helpful when traveling to Iran because you will meet people who do not speak English. However, people are so friendly and you can go a long way with sign language and a smile.

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Make sure you are open to connecting with people and you will have the time of your life.

It offers a soothing blend of the ancient and the modern, preserving its rich culture and historical heritage while embracing innovation and technological advancements. Japan is also home to some of the best food on the planet, from OsakatoFukuoka’s legendary Hakata Ramen to okonomiyakiin.

Recent solo travel articles point to Japan as an ideal destination for first-time solo travelers. And as a solo traveler, you will not be viewed with suspicion or pity because you are traveling alone.

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Safest Places To Travel Alone For Women In Asia

Malaysiais a criminally underrated solo travel destination that offers a diversity of cultures and landscapes and has a rich historical heritage.

Peninsular Malaysia is more developed, and more touristic, and includes the capital, Kuala Lumpur, along with other popular destinations, including Melaka and Penang.

In contrast, East Malaysia is quieter and may appeal to those with a more adventurous nature. This side of the country has white sand-fringed islands that offer sensational diving into the jungles of Borneo.

Malaysia is a large county; try not to do too much. Unless you have a lot of time available, choose between East Malaysia or Western (Peninsula) Malaysia.

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The best time of year to visit Western (Peninsula) Malaysia is during the dry season between November and February. To escape the monsoon season, you should travel to East Malaysia between March and September.

If you are looking to escape from human civilization and reconnect with nature and wide open spaces, there is no better place than Mongolia.

Summer is the best time to visit Mongolia as the weather can be unbearably cold at other times of the year. Fortunately, Mongolia is quite far off the beaten track, so you don’t have to worry about crowds in Mongolia’s attractions even in high season.

In such a large and sparsely populated country, there is very little public transport, and often no real roads to speak of. To explore the country, most visitors end up with a budget tour of the capital, Ulaanbaatar. These usually consist of five to eight tourists, and transport is by minivan or old Soviet off-road vans.

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Bring a sense of adventure! Accommodation is usually in gers (Mongolian yurts), either in ger camps built specifically for tourists or in a nomadic family extra ger.

Expect to use squat toilets and go several days without showering. Even in the tourist camps there are not many luxuries. Mongolia is best suited for budget travelers who don’t require a lot of creature comforts.

If you are someone who enjoys nature, history, architecture and culture, Pakistan is one of the best places to travel alone in Asia.

This country has something to offer for every type of traveler. If you are looking for adventure, go on a hike in the northern part of the country, such as the Hunza Valley in Gilgit. The views of the mountains there are absolutely incredible.

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For delicious local cuisine and majestic architecture, be sure to spend a few days in Lahore, the cultural and food capital of the country.

One of the best places to visit in Lahoreis the Badshahi Mosque, an amazing jewel of the Mughal Empire. You will not only be amazed by the impressive architecture of the mosque, but you can also enjoy exquisite local dishes at the famous Fort Road Food Street nearby.

Take a local guide or go around with a local friend if you want to visit Lahore. It can be a big problem to get alone in this city, because the tourism sector is not developed there at all!

A trip to Hongdae, Seoul or the famous Haedong Yonggungsa Templein Busan is all you need to discover the rich culture and friendly people of South Korea. If you want to discover the beautiful nature of this country, go to Jeju Island and you will discover unusual beaches, hidden waterfalls and intriguing lava tubes.

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You should consider that South Korea is quite expensive. Much like its neighbor Japan, prices here are two or three times higher than in destinations in Southeast Asia. If you’re on a budget, you should consider skipping South Korea.

Sri Lanka is one of the pearls of Asia. An island paradise bursting with beauty at every corner, a trip to Sri Lanka will satisfy all types of solo travelers.

There is so much to see and do, from pristine beaches with plenty of snorkelling opportunities, and ethical safari experiences, to ancient temples, Buddhas and many World Heritage sites.

There are two monsoon seasons that occur on each side of the island and, right in the middle, the weather is cooler in “Little England”, where the tea fields flourish and the waterfalls climb the mountains. Sri Lanka is a great place to visit from August to October, but every month of the year has its advantages.

Best Places To Visit In Asia In July & August!

Sri Lanka is one of the rare places where you can rent a tuk-tuk and drive yourself around the country. This is an awesome way to get around and you will interact with locals, see sights that are off