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By | October 7, 2023

Hotel Travel Agent Rates – IHG Hotels offers discounts to travel agents and/or consultants (also known as travel industry professionals). These rates are heavily discounted, but are often not widely available or do not qualify for elite benefits or points.

IHG made this rate eligible (unlike every other hotel program I know of) for stay credits and points a few years ago. You are also eligible for all promotions offered by IHG Rewards Club.

Hotel Travel Agent Rates

The discounts offered vary by hotel and can be up to 40% off. The lowest discount I’ve seen is 9%. Not all hotels may always have this rate available.

Ihg Travel Agent & Consultant Discount Rate

ID requirements are strict. This fare cannot be booked without a valid IATA ID or travel agent ID card.

Rates must be reserved at least one day in advance. Cancellation and/or prepayment requirements are set by the hotel. You should always check before making a reservation.

I’ve used these rates a few times over the years and have always benefited from IHG Rewards Club Ambassador or Elite status along with points/night credits.

Marriott’s travel agent rates are much lower, but unfortunately do not qualify for elite benefits or points. I like this IHG agent ratio.

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The link on IHG’s site was broken, making it difficult to book plans, and we made further updates to our booking engine in late 2020.

*Note: A valid IATAN card or photo ID must be presented upon check-in along with a power of attorney on agency letterhead indicating entitlement to discount.

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IHG One Rewards has launched another offer, this time for point purchases, with an 80% bonus through June 7, 2023….

Select new IHG hotels in Southeast Asia, Korea, Australasia and the South Pacific Islands are offering stay rates…

Preview: Marriott Homes & Villas 40, 000 Bonus Points per stay May 15 – September 9, 2023 (booking May 1 – 3)

IHG Europe & Maldives 23 Apr – 30 Jun 2023 At least 20% off stays (book by 17 May) Most travel agents have a Disney/Maldives/Caribbean/European FIT or what?

Travel Agent Cover Letter

But career travel agents can have rich experiences, memories to last a lifetime, and a job they love. If you love to travel, becoming a travel agent is one way to make your travel adventures weave into the fabric of your life.

Occasionally I get an email that lands in my inbox asking how to access travel agent discounts. There are huge travel agent rates and discounts that suppliers offer to active agents. (The word operative here is active agent, but we’ll get into that in more detail soon).

Below is a comprehensive list of the best travel agent discounts, rates and rewards programs in the industry.

I’m not going to lie. Some travel agency rate programs are complex. But here’s what you can generally expect when it comes to travel agent discount programs:

How To Become A Travel Agent

Missing travel agency rates or discount programs? Shout out to me in the comments below!

Travel agency rates are not one-size-fits-all. So, here are a few things you should know about what to expect when shopping for discounts.

You must be a travel agent to access travel agent rates and discounts. What makes someone a travel agent? Certification Number . . . Whether you get your own or match a host agency.

You need to sell travel products beyond the travel agency. I know this may seem pretty obvious, but often vendors only offer travel agency rates or perks when they sell a certain threshold of their product. What does this mean? This means that the more you sell, the higher the discount rate.

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If you ultimately dabble in travel sales, your travel discounts are likely to be low to moderate, and may not justify the cost of starting travel sales.

Part of developing your niche is figuring out who your preferred providers are. Once you start identifying your favorite vendors, you can focus your time and energy on getting to know them thoroughly.

This allows you to build the deep product knowledge and supplier relationships you need to be a successful seller. As a result, you can earn more travel agent discounts and rewards as your sales increase.

If you’re completely new, you probably won’t have long scrolls through past sales to help you access travel agency rates. But don’t worry. Many suppliers offer special rates, FAM or free travel upon completion of an educational program.

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Keep your supplier certifications up to date so you can check for updates and keep your customers up to date.

Do I need to say this? Just in case I do: As you know, travel agent rates are in small print. Restriction dates apply, rates are subject to change (without permission), and travel agent rates are commission-free.

Yes. They can and can. Therefore, when reading about specific travel agent discounts below, always check with the supplier/BDM directly for the latest travel agent discount policy.

Yes. Your host doesn’t get all the glory. Do not worry. By setting up a login on the portal, suppliers will know which agent has booked what, and you will get the honor you deserve.

Travel Agent Job Description

If you are hosting a travel agency and are looking for travel agency rates, there are a few things to consider. Some vendors use what are called secondary phone fields. This allows vendors to know which individual agency (which will be you!) is booking based on the host’s authorization.

In a nutshell, Maureen Bourcy, business analyst at NEST Plus, says that in these cases, “[advisors] have to meet a booking minimum to take advantage of the agent discount because the vendor considers you as their agent. By default, they no longer have any sales It counts and puts you under the umbrella of a host who can benefit from discounts even if you have never been booked by an agent.”

Another exception is Disney. In the case of a Earmarked Disney agency, the accredited agency receives allocated theme park tickets and travel agent rates and distributes them to agents. So if you want to get into it ask your agency how it works!

It is safe to assume that travel agency rates are non-commissionable. It’s a “you can’t have your cake and eat it too” scenario.

Travel Agent Invoice Template

All point systems that can be redeemed for cash may be subject to tax if you earn more than $600 in bonuses. don’t ask me Ask your accountant to make sure you’re aware of the tax implications of converting points into cash (there’s nothing more fun than an amazing 1099!).

There’s nothing sadder than an empty cruise ship. Many suppliers offer larger discounts closer to the departure date. So, if you’re a nail-biter, it could make the difference between a 20% discount and a 50% discount.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. This is probably why you are here so you won’t be trying to squeeze any more suspense. Below are HAR’s Travel Agent Fares Resources! Click the link in the cell to see more details about the rate. “Parent Brand” and “Vendor” can have different links!

Also things change! As always, contact the supplier directly for the latest travel agency rates and discounts!

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Next, we’ll summarize the different programs for the most popular hotels according to Google.

The chart above gives you a sneak peek at what you can expect for special travel agent rates and discounts.

If you really want to compare different rates and programs, here are some questions you can ask vendors about discounts.

These questions help gauge a vendor’s “user-friendliness” and accessibility when it comes to travel agent discounts. It can also help you narrow down the vendors you want to focus your time and energy on.

Marriott Travel Agent Rates: Save 50% With Fam Tastic Rates!

Let’s take a closer look at some travel agency hotel rates. Here are just a few of the most common in searches. They give travel agents a good idea of ​​the kind of rates they can expect from hotels.

You may be able to find better travel agent rates by booking your hotel through a travel agent.

The hotel programs listed below are offered directly by the hotel. Counselors looking for discounted hotel rates are more likely to book directly with the hotel instead of booking through a travel agent.

Another thing to note is that hotels with educational programs usually offer the best travel rates (higher than standard travel agency rates).

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IHG is included in the download above. yeah! IHG offers basic discounts