Hotel Travel Kaskus 2022

By | February 7, 2024

Hotel Travel Kaskus 2022 – Some people still have the nature of not wanting to miss out when they visit hotels, so most of them make strange shapes with hotel things. They often do this when they want to check out, then surprise a hotel housekeeper when they want to clean up. This activity is very mischievous and often makes the mistress of the house laugh. Random activities like this are good because they are more positive.

Instead of messing up the hotel through vandalism, i.e. messing up various types of items and making it dirty, it is better to leave it immediately. Just start in an artistic way to give the housekeeper a smile, as in the following example, which shows what you can do before leaving the hotel. Curious to know what this is, let’s see the next topic!

Hotel Travel Kaskus 2022

You can fold a towel like this when you are leaving the hotel, which will surprise the housekeeper when she finds a foreign object, even if it is just a towel made this way. Make a doll like this one and put it on the bed so it becomes the housekeeper’s first concern. However, to make a towel like this one, it seems like long hours of flight are needed and not everyone can do it.

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Gansis can also form a towel in such a way that it looks like this crocodile. In the mouth, block it with a TV remote so that it looks like the crocodile is opening its jaws. Looks like it took more than 1 towel to make this alligator. You can add accessories to the crocodile’s back using leftover leaves or flowers available at the hotel.

Shape the towel into a doll and place it over the toilet bowl. When checking the bathroom, the housekeeper will be in a state of shock at the sight of this manifestation. Add a light newspaper or magazine above his hand to give the impression that he is pooping even more.

It’s pretty cool, huh, a towel that’s formed into a relaxed pose of a scarecrow. It would seem that the shape of such a towel is no less interesting to apply. Add a magazine or newspaper to the side to make this scarecrow’s relaxed pose even more pronounced.

If you are still an amateur at forming towels, then this lobster mold is for you. Shape the towel by folding it down the middle to form a shape like this. After that, add eyes, either from beads or from any small objects that you find in the hotel. Voila! be lobsters

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This form is perfect for beginners who want to surprise the hostess. Once you’ve formed the snail, don’t forget to add bead eyes or whatever you find in the room. In your opinion, this shape looks more like a snail or a duck, right?

If more towels are available, you can make a much larger Komodo dragon. Due to its large size, to support its jaw so that it opens, you need something larger than a remote control, for example a box of tissues. Add two bottle caps for the big eyes to make the towel doll more lively.

If you order more towels, you can apply the birthday cake mold. This shape is relatively easy by rolling up towels and stacking them to form a celebratory cake that rises high. It looks like this form requires trial and error to keep your balance so the towel doesn’t fall over.

Let’s go! with a few creative ideas, towels can be turned into a pair of swans. But to make this shape, you need two towels. You can provide props to distinguish between female and male swans, as in the example above, where a scattering of flowers is a sign that the female swan is on the right.

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Apparently some towels can be turned into a somewhat similar teddy bear. Looking from afar, the housekeeper might think that this doll is the original doll that was left behind. Until finally, when he got closer, it turned out to be just a towel. The housekeeper must have been furious after accosting him.

From afar, when the maid is cleaning the room, this doll will definitely surprise you. Especially if the towel doll is given fake paper eyes. So this doll will make the housekeeper even more shocked and scared for a while. Until she finally realized that the ghost was just a towel arranged like that.

With more effort, you can conjure a towel to become a hanging orangutan as pictured above. It’s just that the process is quite difficult and time consuming if you don’t know the step by step. This orangutan can be hung on a hanger so it looks very similar to the original. Adding artificial eyes will embellish the towel doll. Gansis can use anything as his eyes.

These are 12 positive things you can do before leaving your hotel. Rather than cluttering up and dirtying the whole room, it’s better to take advantage of existing items to surprise the hostess. In this way, we make the everyday life of a housewife not boring.

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All reports received will be processed within 1-7 business days. We log the IP of the report for security reasons. Anyone who makes a false report will be subject to banned sanctions. The location is quite far from the city center of Bogor. Located in the middle of a luxury residential area and close to a golf course. The condition of the room you receive is an old room, although I was told that the available rooms are new rooms that have been renovated. Because it’s Ramadan, the breakfast you get is sahur and only a few types. The pool is relatively narrow, with a lot of people swimming at the same time.

All areas of this hotel are very clean. The employees are so nice. The check-in and check-out process is quick. Love the view from room 1111. Immaculate bed linen, towels and curtains. Loved the design, very stylish, very instagrammable. I find the pool too small, so I use the novotel pool. Yes, you can also take advantage of Novotel facilities. It is located next to the ibis. I would love to stay here again some day.

I had a very pleasant stay here. The staff were very friendly at check-in, although the room wasn’t quite ready since I arrived at the hotel very early before 12pm and it was peak season. The beautiful architecture of the hotel makes me feel pleasure to stay in this hotel. The swimming pool is amazing and has a very unique concept. The room is huge and very clean, and the bathroom is also big. This hotel not only has amazing service and architecture, but also serves delicious meals like other neo hotels serve. Unfortunately the WiFi speed was very low and the bath towel needed changing and the water heater didn’t get very hot at some point. Overall this hotel is very good and I recommend staying!

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