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By | June 13, 2023


Melt away stress with a therapeutic treatment at The Ritz-Carlton Spa & Health Club. Surrounded by a lush garden on the eighth floor of the hotel, this peaceful retreat inspires effortless relaxation with a full menu of beauty and relaxation treatments. Enhanced with bespoke organic products, including local Indonesian spices, this luxurious retreat offers a complete spectrum of wellness services, including two relaxation rooms, a sauna, deep soaking tub, steam rooms, cold plunge pools and a fully equipped fitness center with an outdoor pool and walking trail. Immerse yourself in an oasis of well-being in the energetic heart of central Jakarta.

Hotel Travel Spa Jakarta

Call +62 21 2550 1888 for more information about this signature spa in Jakarta or to book a spa treatment.

Away Spa By W Bangkok

Discover a therapeutic experience with an aromatherapy foot bath, body and facial massage, followed by a unique self-heating body wrap that is sure to ease heavy stress away. The natural self-heating bubble wrap is rich in copper, magnesium, calcium and zinc, providing a real sense of relaxation, health and well-being, leaving skin hydrated, nourished, glowing and smooth. In collaboration with Pevonia Botanica, Desert Heat Body Energizing promises to mineralize, strengthen and energize body and mind.

Rejuvenate with glowing moisture with The Thesera Treatments. Hailed as the latest beauty breakthrough from South Korea, the treatments help reveal beauty from within. “Thesera L” lifts mature skin with the help of melt thread and the TDN Cell Lifting Technology within the 5 systematic programs. “Thesera H” hydrates and strengthens the skin’s natural water barrier using the Water Channel 4Way system. Enjoy a newfound radiance with the invigorating treatments.

Enjoy an eclectic experience of Indonesia with the Pacific Nusantara Massage. Immerse yourself in an archipelago of relaxation as our skilled therapists deliver positive energy through long strokes inspired by traditional Indonesian massage technique, designed to increase flexibility and circulation. The massage targets areas of stress and tension and is an absolute delight for tired, tense and aching muscles.5 Best Sex Massage Parlors In Jakarta Last Updated: September 19, 2022 | in Asia | Indonesia | indonesian girls | Jakarta

If you want to have sex quickly and easily in Jakarta, the “massage parlors” are the best and most discreet place to go.

The Day Residence, Jakarta

I use quotes (“”) because guys obviously don’t go there for a good body massage – in most places that part doesn’t even exist, it really works more like this: you walk into the salon, pick a girl, pay a flat fee up front, follow her to the room, shower, have sex, shower again and leave.

Often referred to as One Stop Entertainments, many of these venues have more to offer than just a quick time with the girls: almost all of the big and reputable places have a spa, meaning you can swim, relax and even hit the sauna or steam room before going to the 2nd floor where all the girls are.

Sometimes they even have some kind of sexy coyote shows at night – Malio Hotel is the best example of this with their popular “Malio Club”, a large and super modern go-go bar with about 50 girls getting completely naked (and yes, they are also available for “short time”).

I’m not exactly sure how many of these sex clubs there are in Jakarta, but trust me, they are literally there

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Of them scattered throughout this huge city. So for this guide, I’ve picked out the 5 best salons right now, i.e. the ones that not only have the hottest girls on average, but also the best overall entertainment and facilities, as well as a few that offer good value for money.

Malio Hotel is the most famous, but also the most expensive “one stop entertainment” in Jakarta. It’s super modern and not only do they have girls available for short periods of time, but also a really nice spa (including lockers), a strip club and even karaoke rooms.

More than 100 girls work in Malio – most of them are Indonesian (3 different categories: 800,000/1, 100,000/1, 600,000), but they also have a few Chinese (2,000,000/2,200,000), Vietnamese ( 1,600k/1,800k) and even Uzbek girls (2,300k). They’re pretty damn hot and light skinned for the most part, so if you leave that place without having fucked anyone here, you can’t afford the prices, or you’re gay.

The main action takes place in the main hall on the 2nd floor – many benches with numerous girls sitting around waiting to be picked. You can have a drink and even order food here, and they also have sexy dance shows every night from 8pm. Busty girls will walk around asking you to buy them an injection for 50k so you can put your face between their breasts.

The Ritz Carlton Bahrain Hotel & Spa

They also have more average massage girls in the next room (it’s a bar with live music where the girls sit on the couches). They cost 420k or 620k including body to body massage.

The entrance fee of 100,000 to the spa is included if you enter the service of one of the girls.

Hotel Travel is such a unique place, a favorite among many sex tourists here in Jakarta. It may not have a spa and the facilities are not as new and modern as other salons (old air conditioners etc), but the prices here are really unbelievable:

They only charge 350,000 for one girl (1 shot, means you can have sex once) or 450,000 for two girls (2 shots, means you can have sex twice).

Vega Hotel Gading Serpong, Serpong

Yes, that’s right, you can get a threesome here, for a price that can hardly be found anywhere else in Southeast Asia. And it’s not that the ladies here are ugly mothers in their early thirties – no, the girls are mostly in their early twenties and very, very attractive. It’s quite possible that you’ve been there once, and then don’t even bother going to another place, just because you can’t get your money’s worth anywhere else.

The Classic Hotel offers a similar great value to the Hotel Travel (see above), and also employs about 100 girls (all Indonesian, mainly from East Java and Sulawesi).

The salon is on the 2nd floor – so don’t make the mistake and walk downstairs where they have another spa that only offers massage (no sex). When you walk into the main room, one of five mamasans will try to get your attention (each looking after a different group of 15-20 ladies). Don’t be pressured – you might as well sit down somewhere and order a beer first (a large Bintang costs 70k) and take your time looking at all the girls.

They have live music here every night from 9pm which is horribly loud in my opinion. Rather come earlier, and they also have nice pool tables in the back.

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Like all the other salons on this list, the Emporium Hotel is located in North Jakarta. It’s owned by the same people who also run Malio Hotel (see above) and that means it has a similarly beautiful and modern style and some of the hottest women you can imagine – but also a painfully high price tag:

Their girls are divided into 2 categories (according to their age and attractiveness: 1,065k and 1,265k). The price includes the use of the spa.

There are mainly local (and wealthy) Indonesian men who visit Emporium, while most Bules (white men) prefer Hotel Travel and Classic Hotel.

A place few foreigners know about is Starmoon Bar in the local red light district on Jalan Pangeran Jayakarta. There are about a dozen of these “Bar, Massage & KTV” types here, but Starmoon is known for its huge roster of girls (I counted 55).

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta From S$ 46. Jakarta Hotel Deals & Reviews

They have a typical “fishbowl” style here, meaning the girls all sit close together behind a glass front and smile eagerly at you, hoping you pick them.

The sex prices here are as follows: 330,000 for the girls with the green label and 380,000 for the girls with the red label.

If you have never been to such a “massage parlor” before, let me give you a brief overview of how it usually “works” in these places:

You walk into the salon and the lady at the reception gives you a locker key, which has 2 functions: First, of course, to lock your valuables when you go to the spa, and also to keep all your purchases during your visit (drinks, food, girls).

Mercure Jakarta Batavia, Jakarta

After you have taken a relaxing bath and/or sauna session, walk to the rooms where the girls hang out (usually upstairs). There will be a male or female manager (papasan/mamasan) who will take care of both the ladies and the male customers. He will tell you the different types and prices of girls and so will you