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By | June 6, 2023

Hotel Travel Travel – Finding the perfect travel accommodation can be the key to getting the most out of your corporate trip. However, with such a variety of properties to choose from, it’s easy to feel lost. Booking hotels isn’t complicated with for , but there’s more than meets the eye if you really want to optimize your trip.

By following these steps for booking a trip, you can make the process quick and simple – without compromising any essential factors.

Hotel Travel Travel

The key factor in choosing travel accommodations remains location and proximity to the areas the trip is focused on. A convenient location means a lot more than being close to the airport or downtown.

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Whether you want to take clients out for dinner or want to explore the best of your destination in your downtime, choosing the right neighborhood for your home base is key. for you allows you to filter hotels and properties within a certain distance from certain areas, zip codes and even landmarks. You can also book based on public transport, not just proximity.

With meetings ahead, you and your team will want to start the day off right. The best hotels for travelers offer a healthy, delicious breakfast to help you feel ready to face the challenges ahead.

With for , you can filter to search for hotel chains where breakfast is included in your rates.

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Having healthy and nutritious options for all meals and snacks is a key factor that sets the best travel hotels apart. Staying healthy is one of the most difficult aspects of corporate travel.

Since airports are full of tempting quick and easy options and dinners are often delicious, choosing hotels that provide healthy options is a great idea. Also check out the restaurants and cafes in the area, as travelers often dine outside their accommodation.

More and more people see physical and mental well-being as a priority in their lives and want to maintain their daily routine when traveling to . Exercising and taking care of their bodies can be imperative to some people’s mental and physical well-being. It even boosts productivity, a must for corporate travel.

Accommodations with an emphasis on providing quality fitness equipment and wellness facilities are given high priority. Hotels near the center are often located in busier areas of the city that may not allow for the best sleep.

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So it can be helpful to choose a hotel in a quieter neighborhood or with windows that don’t face the streets to ensure you’re rested for a productive day at work.

There is nothing more frustrating than having your connection drop in the middle of a conference call. While most hotels include Wi-Fi in the room rate, there are still some that require you to pay extra for a high-speed connection.

Whether you’re catching up on emails after meeting with a client, attending a conference, or rushing between meetings, you’ll want to be able to get online without the hassle.

Look for a hotel that offers high-speed internet at no extra cost. If you need to call from your accommodation, it’s worth checking in advance whether there is sufficient work space to do so.

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A productive hotel can be equipped with a well-lit office that is comfortable and has plenty of power outlets and excellent Wi-Fi.

Nowadays, more and more travelers are choosing unique experiences in boutique hotels over more “traditional” hotels. The benefits of more unique experiences include less crowding, a cultural feel, personalized touches, a diverse range of services and better value for money.

Taking an unforgettable trip is the best way to build relationships, close deals and attend important events. It can also help you and your team learn about other cultures, find new opportunities and promote your own.

This is where technology comes into play. Many travelers want to stay in hotels where they can use an app to check in and check out. Most hotels now offer technology and automation that streamlines the guest experience from start to finish, which is becoming an expectation for most corporate travelers.

Contactless Hotel Employs Just Two Members Of Staff

New technology and automation can also help with booking. Regardless of who makes the actual booking, predefined preferences tied to a loyalty number can ensure travelers get the type of experience they want.

After a full day of meetings and work, you want to get somewhere to relax and prepare for a new working day.

The need for rest and relaxation could be met by finding a quiet, comfortable room with a good-sized bed and quality bedding. A common area is an added bonus that helps everyone relax with a drink at the end of each day.

You can find properties with the right amenities for you, from well-appointed bathrooms, spa and wellness facilities, and a pool to a beautiful view to wake up to.

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A travel policy is a set of rules that specifically describe how travel should be conducted. Typically, a company’s travel manager, human resources manager, legal team or office manager is responsible for writing a company’s travel policy. Read our full guide to travel policy compliance here.

Make corporate travel simpler with for . With these articles, you’ll stay up-to-date with the latest travel trends and learn how to improve your corporate travel policy.

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We all have our preferences when it comes to personal travel, and while some travelers are eager to leave With the novel coronavirus bringing travel to a standstill, leading luxury hotel managers in Hong Kong and mainland China tell us how they are adapting to a time of uncertainty.

Within weeks of the mysterious virus emerging in January 2020, the world went into lockdown, starting with mainland China, where the pathogen was first identified, and Hong Kong, where it quickly spread. While every industry has been affected, travel has been hit particularly hard. After years of record numbers of travelers, tourism came to a screeching halt.

At its peak in January 2019, Hong Kong received nearly 6.8 million visitors per month, 5.5 million of which came from mainland China. By January 2020, the number of monthly visitors had more than halved to 3.2 million people, a decline exacerbated by mass protests in the city since mid-2019. By March 2020, when the borders were closed, visitor numbers were down 99% to just 82,000 visitors for the month compared to a year ago.

At the low point, many hotels in mainland China were temporarily closed, while occupancy fell to single digits in Hong Kong. “Covid-19 presents us with some of the most unpredictable and challenging scenarios we have encountered in our lifetime,” says Jill Goh, general manager of The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong.

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Although the situation is improving, Goh remains cautious about predictions: “[While] everyone is looking forward to an improvement in the situation, it is too early to speculate on future trends and demographics.” With the region among the first globally to slowly reopen for business, hotels are grappling with what guests might want and expect when they resume travel, and several trends are already emerging.

In the short term, health and safety remain top of mind for travelers. To ease concerns, a number of luxury chains have launched campaigns to reassure guests by partnering with reputable healthcare institutions. Among the highest profile is Lead With Care, a partnership between Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and Johns Hopkins Medicine International to develop an enhanced health and safety program at all of its properties. When the program was announced on social media, it was easily the most popular Four Seasons Instagram post compared to the previous three months.

Bill Taylor, regional vice president and general manager of Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong says: “Our experience here has proven beyond doubt that guests are quick to recognize and fully appreciate the additional health and hygiene measures that have been taken, whether it’s increased hygiene. temperature checks, social distancing protocols or provision and use of face masks and gloves to visitors and staff”.

Implicit in this is the need to build trust and confidence among consumers who want to travel again. Taylor further predicts: “People will be cautious and gravitate towards choosing location, experiences and especially brands they trust.” In uncertain times, name recognition will be an asset to entice guests to stay.

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IHG Hotels & Resorts, which includes InterContinental properties, has issued the Clean Promise, a set of updated hygiene protocols developed