Hotel Ugly Tour

By | April 1, 2023

Hotel Ugly Tour – NHMO: Hello guys, nice to talk to you today. Well, first of all, “Who is Hotel Ugly”, in your own words?

Hotel Ugly: I’d say Hotel Ugly is the culmination of a musical passion product created by both of us. From the music to doing anything and everything for the band, it’s a part of us and we try to make it as true to who we really are as we can. This is us personified through music.

Hotel Ugly Tour

Hotel Ugly: The band’s name is based on a real hotel located in downtown Bryan, Texas. While the name of the actual hotel is not Hotel Ugly it was a big inspiration for the name. The reasoning behind why we chose “Hotel Ugly” is a secret we have yet to share. We like to keep it under wraps to keep the mystery of the name alive.

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Hotel Ugly: The band originally formed in 2019 as a way for us to work together in art as brothers. Both of us in music crave something new and true to us. Once the music starts to flow it’s natural to try and push more tones. We also just follow our dreams and hope that one day they will come true.

Hotel Ugly: The band first formed in 2019 as a way for us to collaborate as artistic brothers. Both of us in music crave something new and true to us. Once the music starts to flow it’s natural to try and push more tones. We also just follow our dreams and hope that one day they will come true.

Hotel Ugly: So, we are brothers, we have the same mom and dad. Mike had a good 3 years of life living in New Jersey before Chris was born. Before Chris was born, our parents moved to Florida and we spent 9 years of our lives there. We moved to Houston around ’08/’09 and have called the Houston area home ever since. We both loved growing up in Texas where we both thought when someone asked, “where is home”.

NHMO: What was your favorite hobby when you were young? Favorite Christmas and why? I know, Christmas is a way.

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Ugly Hotel: Since we were kids, music, games and video games were our past times. Eventually we reached an age where we realized that music is not just something to pass the time but our dream lifestyle. Shout out to our dad because we are trying to become pro soccer players like him. We still have time so maybe we can make it happen if Dynamo wants to sign us.

Hotel Ugly: We have a lot of artistic influences not only in music but in general creation. In music there is so much, From Tame Impala to Guns and Roses. We try to pull inspiration from wherever we like. In terms of image and creation, we really love Tyler the Creator and Blink 182. They both have images and art that are very unapologetically “them”. We wish we could describe that in our own ugly way.

Chris: Blink 182, I’ve been listening to them almost every day since I was in 6th grade.

Chris: At the time the pandemic hit, me and mike were living together so in a way it almost brought us closer together and we were forced to pump tunes. Having to be alone together means we can spend more time working together. It was definitely a difficult time for all of us but looking back on it, we were able to make the best out of it and make some killer records.

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NHMO: Between the two of you, do you have any passions or extra interests outside of making music?

Hotel Ugly: We definitely have passions outside of music. We are both creators at the end of the day. We’re talking about potentially creating clothing lines, making films, directing a movie, and a whole load of other things that surround us using every creative medium we can. to express ourselves. As far as hobbies go, we both still enjoy playing soccer, playing video games, League of Legends, FIFA and Call of Duty are some of our favorites.

Hotel Ugly: A typical day in the studio is not even a day. Most of our best, creative sessions happen late at night. It was a different vibe back then. We spend anywhere from 1 to 12 hours creating a song, composing instruments and writing lyrics. Some days are more creative than others but if the vibe is there it’s good to spend all night locking down to finish a song.

Hotel Ugly: The craziest inspiration for a song is probably the one we haven’t released yet. It is heavily inspired by the imagery of western folk tales with a super psychedelic touch. It’s also one of the most fun to write because of the headspace we put ourselves in to inspire the lyrics. For things like that you have to use your imagination and write from a fictional place in your head. We may or may not also have a song coming soon about a mannequin. But that’s all we can say about that (laughs).

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NHMO: You have a song titled “Shut Up My Mom Is Calling” How do your parents feel about your musical aspirations?

Hotel Ugly: Our parents are super supportive of our musical journey; They always support us and are our number one fans. Our dad even toured our first 4 sold out shows. It is wonderful to be apart of this chapter of our lives.

Hotel Ugly: The first time our dad heard our music was great. His reaction to hearing his sons make music, and it was actually great, is a memory we will never forget. He was over the moon and has always supported us ever since.

NHMO: People turn to your music through streaming services like Spotify. What do you think appeals to new listeners?

Hotel Ugly Makes Hot 100 Debut With ‘shut Up My Moms Calling’

Hotel Ugly: Our only explanation for how we got so many new listeners is that the music must be really good (laughs). It’s good to know we’re doing something right, musically. Also, when the algorithm started picking up some of our songs, it really gave us exposure to continue to gain listeners and fans organically which is something we’re proud of because at the time that we have almost no budget to promote on Instagram Let alone a big platform like Spotify. It’s a blessing and it all comes naturally.

Hotel Ugly: Right now we have a lot of songs in our vault waiting to be released. We’re still not sure how big of a project we want to release but for now we’re happy to release singles until we decide.

NHMO: Many of the tracks we’ve heard from you guys sound like soundtracks. Will there be more visuals or short films in the near future?

Ugly sa Hotel: We really like to create more visuals surrounding our songs, we have so many ideas that we’re sitting around. If we can expand this vision further, we would love nothing more than to have a movie’s worth of visual content to accompany our music. This is one of the many directions we hope to take Hotel Ugly in the future. We also have a killer videography and creative team waiting for the moment. Shout out to Adrian, Sammy, and Purp!

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NHMO: Let’s talk about your upcoming show in Houston. But first, how would you describe your relationship with the city?

Ugly Hotel: The Houston area is our home, where we spent most of our childhood. Unfortunately, the music scene for our genre doesn’t seem to be popping in Houston but we hope to help pave the way and inspire other Houston musicians along the way. We love almost everything this city has to offer and want nothing more than to put it on the map when it comes to indie music.

Hotel Ugly: The Houston show was a dream come true, selling out Warehouse Live in our hometown was something we could never have dreamed of. Houston fans are amazing, some of the best crowd energy. We are very blessed to be able to preform and be loved by the people of Houston and it is something we will both be forever grateful for. Our peeps in Houston are not fans they are family to us.

Hotel Ugly: Big shoutout to our live drummer Raymon a.k.a Ray Ray a.k.a. Big Sexy. Also, a big shoutout to the rest of our studio family. We couldn’t have done it without the men’s support, nothing but love! Thank you so much to everyone who listens to our music. You make this possible, we love each and every one of you more than you know and allow us to live our dream! We love you!

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