Hotel Vs Travel Trailer

By | May 7, 2023

Hotel Vs Travel Trailer – Tired of paying exorbitant fees for hotel rooms? Are you ready to follow your own itinerary and go on a journey? If so, investing in a travel trailer/caravan or motorhome (also known as a Recreational Vehicle RV) may be a good option for you. With more young people discovering the joys of caravanning, the unique convenience of a second-wheeler has led to an increase in bookings in recent months.

However, you can be sure to choose a travel trailer (towed behind your car) or a motorhome (self-contained vehicle) for your upcoming domestic travel adventures. In this article, we’ll outline the key differences between the two—along with their pros and cons—to help you make an informed choice.

Hotel Vs Travel Trailer

What are the differences between caravans/trailers and motorhomes? As mentioned above, the main difference is that a trailer is towed by a vehicle – for example, your own car – whereas a motorhome is an independent vehicle with its own engine and cabin. A static caravan is a larger, self-contained mobile home that is usually stored on a holiday park, making it perfect for returning to your favorite holiday destination over time.

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How you feel about backing up can obviously be a deciding factor. For example, with a motorhome, you’ll be able to tow bikes, luggage, or even another vehicle behind you; however, if you choose a trailer or caravan, you will only be towing it behind your vehicle.

If you think you’re worried about towing something, choose a motor home. Driving while towing a vehicle requires skill, patience and experience, so if you are unsure or worried about it, it makes more sense to opt for a motorized or static caravan.

In general, trailers are cheaper to buy outright than motorhomes. However, quality is almost always reflected in price, so if you choose a top-of-the-line trailer or motorhome, it’s more likely to hold its value.

If you are looking to invest, a static caravan may be the best option. Vacancies and new sites are rarely available at the UK’s most popular holiday resorts, but if you’re lucky enough to secure one, your mobile home is guaranteed to appreciate in value.

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If you are willing to tow one behind your vehicle, choosing a trailer/caravan may be the most cost-effective option for your family. Nothing compares to the flexibility of simply driving to your vacation destination and having everything you need with you. You’ll also enjoy better fuel economy with towing and easier recovery in the event of mechanical problems.

Likewise, if there’s a particular place you see yourself returning to every year, investing in your own static caravan may be the best way to go. If you choose an RV or Motorhome, you can even rent it out to others when you’re not using it – so it’s potentially profitable. At just 950 pounds dry, the Hitch Hotel Traveler is a versatile, lightweight camper. must be towed by electric and small vehicles

The Hitch Hotel Traveler creates as small a car + trailer footprint as possible while still having plenty of room for two campers.

The front end of the Traveler looks a bit more rugged and sleeker than the prototype version that Hitch Hotel showed off in 2020.

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The passenger cabin extends to just over 7 feet when open, offering enough length for two people to stretch out.

We last heard from Hitch Hotel when the COVID-19 pandemic began disrupting life as we know it in March 2020. At the time, a California company was raising money to develop a telescopic mini trailer called the Traveller. Needless to say, his timing proved less than ideal, making it difficult to market. Now he has successfully made it to the other side and launched the expandable Traveler. The unique camper folds up in seconds, creating one of the smallest camping trailer footprints out there and quickly grows into a camper, sleeping two comfortably. At less than $10,000 to start, this is an interesting micro-camping option.

Before the Traveler, the Hitch Hotel hit the scene in 2018 with a different style of “trailer” that was collapsible, mounted directly on top of the hitch without the need for its own wheels, and extended to create plenty of space in the camper. camping couple. At first, things went well – along with the buzz that comes with creating something truly different, Hitch Hotel raised over $170,000 in a successful Kickstarter campaign.

But then he hit the wall. As they worked to market the collapsible camper box, the design became increasingly heavy, from 240 pounds (109 kg) to over 380 pounds (172 kg), thus requiring a Class III dam. Hitch Hotel encountered a small, lightweight, affordable camper that required a large, expensive SUV or truck as an escort vehicle, and simply didn’t see much of a market for it.

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So the team at Hitch Hotel solved the problem by designing the Traveller, placing a telescopic fiberglass box on a wheeled chassis to create a more traditional trailer. In 2020, the company planned to offer the original wheel-less Hitch Hotel Classic and the wheeled Traveler caravan side-by-side, but with the added lock-in and supply chain challenges that immediately followed, it only offered the more versatile and globally-sold Traveler … at least for now.

Although 380 lb is a lot to carry directly in the trunk of a vehicle, it is remarkably light for the entire trailer body. Once folded into full-wheel trailer form, the Traveler tips the scales at 950 lb (431 kg) empty, joining a pretty solid list of this year’s small, ultra-light camping trailers with a 1,000-pound undercarriage. The vehicle selection is expanding to include not only large American SUVs and trucks, but crossovers, small hatchbacks and sedans, and electric vehicles from around the world.

The Hiker is only 7.8 feet (2.4 m) long when fully extended in camp and with its folding tow bar lowered in the suspended position. With the trunk closed and the tow bar folded, it is only 3.5 feet (107 cm) long, easily stored in the garage or in front of the house. It stands 6 feet (1.8 m) tall and stretches the same 6 feet wide.

The fiberglass trailer is ready to fulfill the split role of cargo trailer and hard sided camping shelter. On the way to the campsite, the owners use it as a special cargo trailer with all the usual car camping equipment – tables, chairs, stoves, pots, pans, etc. can be filled with The 1,800 lb (816 kg) torsion axle leaves 850 lb (385 kg) of payload for gear, and a removable front cargo box offers additional storage space.

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At camp, owners unload their gear, get the Traveler’s body into camp shape, and sleep inside as a more comfortable, insulated, above-ground alternative to a tent. The process takes only a few minutes and consists of dropping the support legs and sliding the expansion segments. Campers then enter the cabin through a tall rear door that lifts open and can be locked from the inside or outside.

The fiberglass interior is covered in marine-grade canvas with padded insulation. A standard 60-Ah battery powers the roof fan, LED light and two USB ports. Along with a two-way roof vent, the Traveler’s three locking dual-pane screen windows help circulate interior air. A mattress is not included in the standard package, so owners will want to pack their own folding, rolling or inflatable sleeping pads.

The 2023 Hitch Hotel is available to order now for a base price of $9,800. Additional upgrades include a 100-Ah lithium battery, memory foam mattress, power locking system, battery-powered air conditioner and diesel heater. Hitch Hotel is also working on adding a galley, onboard water tank and portable toilet options.

As for the original concept of the upright camper, Hitch Hotel still hopes to launch a version of it in the future, but those hopes ultimately depend on how well things go with the Traveler.

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