June Travel Destinations Asia

By | October 24, 2023

June Travel Destinations Asia – I love Asia and I’m always looking for different places to visit in Asia and the best time to go to Asia! Along with my travel blogger friends I have put together a list of the best places to visit in Asia in July and a list of the best places to visit in Asia in August so you can plan your summer vacation!

July and August bring the summer holidays for people in the Northern Hemisphere and whether you’re looking to go on a family holiday over the summer holidays, you’re studying and just have a summer break, or you just want to get away from the summer. And with the crowds at popular European vacation destinations, you might want to spend the summer in Asia.

June Travel Destinations Asia

However, July and August usually bring the rainy and monsoon season in many parts of Asia and if you are like me this is not what you want from a trip!

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A few years ago, I was personally wondering where to travel in Asia in August so I reached out to my travel blogging friends to get ideas, opinions and experiences of traveling to Asia during the summer months and below are all the recommendations I got back. Best Places to Visit in Asia in July and Best Places to Visit in August in Asia!

Indonesia is the clear winner as the best place to travel in July and August because of the weather!

Blue skies and less rainy days on many Indonesian islands make it the perfect country for a summer vacation destination.

For example, I was in Gili Trawangan during Christmas and although it was hot, December is the start of the rainy season so we had a terrible rain on Christmas day! Where there is practically no rain in May, June, July, August and September.

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In this list of places to visit in Asia in July and August, I have recommendations for places in South East Asia, East Asia, Central Asia and the subcontinent so if you have a bit of flexibility you can visit some real gems in July. and August in Asia.

Generally, I’ve tried to pick places where the weather is comfortable, although it can be, and most likely will be, very hot, it won’t really be humid which is terrible weather to travel in!

Also, some countries change depending on where you are, for example, Pakistan is very different in July and August. In Lahore and Islamabad where you will fly, it is unbearably hot but once you fly into the mountains of northern Pakistan, it is beautiful weather!

I have also tried to choose places from the rainy season because usually the rainy season in Asia comes in July and August in many countries so planning a summer vacation in Asia can be difficult!

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Unfortunately you can’t really do a 2 week India tour in July or August visiting Delhi, Rajasthan and the Taj Mahal!

However, sometimes the heat and little rain isn’t so bad and can really benefit your trip because in the low season you’ll avoid the crowds and get better prices by visiting these destinations during the Asian summer months!

The Gili Islands in Indonesia are beautiful all year round but for the best weather in the Gili Islands, I recommend visiting in July. Days are warm and sunny and perfect for relaxing on the beach or snorkeling.

The peak season runs between June and August and during these months, you can almost guarantee sunny dry weather.

Of The Best Surf Spots In Asia

There are 3 islands to choose from and I recommend Gili Air, especially if you are visiting in July. Gili Air is much quieter than Gili Trawangan which is busy all year round but especially during the peak season. Gili Air, in contrast, is surrounded by hotels and beach bars, so even if all the hotels are fully booked, it doesn’t feel crowded. However, I recommend booking in advance.

Gili Meno is also an option but in my opinion, it is a bit too quiet with only 1 or 2 restaurants. However, it makes a great place to escape for the day and you can catch boats between the islands.

Gili Meno is probably the most beautiful but maybe a little boring if you plan to stay more than a day or two. Gili Air, in my opinion, has the perfect mix of quiet beaches with the option to find a lively bar if you fancy some cocktails.

Spend your days sunbathing, snorkeling, cycling around the island, enjoying good food and trying a massage or yoga. The Gili Islands are one of the best places to visit in July and I recommend visiting at least 4 or 5 days in your Indonesia itinerary.

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A good option is to visit Bali during July and August because the weather is excellent. The weather is warm and there is little chance of rain. It is high season but not peak season like Christmas time when prices are very high and the weather is not so good.

August is the best time to enjoy Bali because of all the wonderful festivals. Buleleng Festival, Bali International Kite Festival, Ubud Village Jazz Festival and Sanur Village Festival are just some of the events on offer. Festivals in Bali are a great way to experience local Balinese culture and cuisine.

In August it’s school term in Australia so you’ll experience fewer Australian holidaymakers with your kids. It’s definitely a summer holiday for Northern Hemisphere families but with the long distance to travel to Bali you don’t really notice many kids.

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The weather is sunny and not too humid when exploring Bali during July and August.

It’s not far from Sumba Island in Indonesia! This gorgeous island boasts a rugged coastline lined with palm trees and untouched by development. July and August are the best time to visit Sumba Island as there is no rain or wind and you can enjoy long sunny days at the beach. These months bring with them the best swell if you are looking to surf in uncrowded waters.

Sumba Island is a short flight from Bali and while it doesn’t have the high traffic of tourists like other Indonesian islands, people quickly discover the beauty that lies within Sumba. It is an adventure lover’s dream destination with an abundance of towering waterfalls, picturesque lakes, hidden caves and traditional villages.

All these unique culture and rich history make Sumba Island an ideal destination if you are looking to visit Asia in July or August. There isn’t much tourist information online so be sure to check out this travel guide to Sumba before your visit.

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Usually visited by boat from Bali or Lombok (although you can also take a domestic flight from Denpasar Airport to Labuan Bajo, Ende or Maumere), Flores and Komodo are among those destinations in Indonesia that should be on any traveler’s list that makes it proud. .

Although July and August are both good times to visit Komodo Islands, August is a bit better if we consider the weather. That said, make sure before you go that these islands are open for tourism when you plan to go.

The country’s government – ​​like many others in Southeast Asia – has already taken action against mass tourism and the degradation of some of its islands; Closing them briefly for cleaning and revitalization.

Once there, there are many possibilities to do in Komodo. From visiting Komodo National Park and getting up close to the mighty Komodo dragons with a park guide, to exploring other islands in the region such as the beautiful Pulau Padar (pictured here), Rinca Island, and Pink Beach – which is much less pink. Rather than showing saturated Instagram images.

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The small Balinese village of Munduk is a wonderful destination for outdoor lovers in Indonesia. It’s a peaceful escape from some of Bali’s busiest destinations, such as Ubud and Kuta, making it a great addition to a Bali itinerary.

July and August are some of the busiest months in Bali, making it the best time to visit Munduk to get away from the crowds. On top of that, July and August are the least rainy months in the village, meaning bad weather is unlikely to hamper your stay.

One of the most popular things to do in Munduk is to go hiking through the beautiful nature. Undoubtedly the best trek to do is the Munduk Waterfall Trek, which starts from the village and visits 3 nearby waterfalls over a period of a few hours. Other treks are also possible, be it through paddy fields or to other small waterfalls.

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