Most Underrated Travel Destinations

By | April 26, 2023

Most Underrated Travel Destinations – Looking for somewhere unique and unexpected to go this year? After two wild years, nothing feels better or more exciting than getting on a plane or staying in a hotel for the first time you’ve been in a while. Here are 20 rare and amazing places that are open for tourism! Our guide to less than 20 lesser-known and visited destinations for the adventurous traveler.

As travel requirements are constantly changing, I haven’t included the details of many places in this post, because they will change and change somewhere before I publish this! But all places are open for tourism with a simple test and/or vaccination. (Any state that has quarantine requirements is not considered “open”.) See more information about your destination on the US State Gov Travel Site here.

Most Underrated Travel Destinations

Want to take a trip to Cabo – but with fewer, better beaches, less traffic AND half the price or less? Then Loreto should be your next destination. Located on the Gulf of California side of Baja, Loreto is a few hours north of Cabo – but there are flights here from LA, San Francisco, Phoenix, Dallas, and several cities within Mexico. The flight from LA is only 90 minutes, and the water is clear and the most Caribbean aqua-blue I’ve seen anywhere in Baja – as well as amazing food, a beautiful and historic town, and tons of hiking and nature nearby to explore. If you love swimming and beaches, summer and spring are the best times to visit. If you’re into history, hiking, nature, sightseeing, and whale watching – winter is the best (winter temperatures are usually in the 60s-70s, but the water is swimmable.)

Bray Makes Time Out List Of The World’s Most Underrated Travel Destinations For 2023

For example this beach town is expensive – we stayed at a very nice hotel in Loreto (about $150-200 a night), and one evening we ordered a large pizza and two glasses of wine from the hotel – and the total cost was less than $20. We are already planning a return trip! You can read my full guide with all the details here.

Tourism in Oman has been growing over the past few years, but it is still a place that many people do not really know about, or put it on the map. From endless orange sand dunes to pristine beaches with crystal clear waters, our trip through Oman was one of the biggest highlights of this year, and I still have so much to share! The Middle East is very safe to drive, the people are very friendly (even in the markets, the sellers were the most aggressive I have seen anywhere), and within a few hours, the country has everything from warm blue waters to tropical climates. rivers, endless orange sand dunes, historic villages, and high mountain peaks.

Don’t miss my full Oman Road 7-10 Day tour to see more of how amazing this country is. Immerse yourself in the beautiful beaches with the Daymaniyat Island Guide, and everything you need to know about the famous Wadi Shab Oasis tour. Afraid to drive? I answer all your questions here: Is it good to rent a car in Oman?

Our trip to Ireland this summer was the first country we’ve been to since before the Plague – and seeing somewhere new and beautiful felt GREAT! We booked a trip at the last minute when they just opened their borders to Americans, and over a week passed through the island. The road that runs up and down the West Coast of Ireland is called the Wild Atlantic Way, and it’s a winding, windy, spectacular route through some of the most beautiful cliffs and countryside we’ve ever seen. One of the benefits of traveling across the country at this time was that many of the famous places were quieter than usual – we arrived at the mountains of Moher at sunset and had the place all to ourselves.

Most Underrated Destinations For Lgbt Travellers

The Irish people are known to be very friendly and kind, and this history was shared by everyone we met while traveling – people were leaning over tables to talk to us when they saw how we spoke in America and wanted to hear about what traveling was like and what we thought. of the world. There were some restrictions in place in August and almost everyone we spoke to was very apologetic that the press center wasn’t as fun as usual due to the restrictions, but we still had an amazing time. Ireland has a very high vaccination coverage and is ready and welcoming!

There is more to Alaska than snow and ice – and South East Alaska is a GREAT place to visit. We came here in the summer and were just amazed by the natural beauty and the kind people we met in old town Sitka – which is a wonderful place to visit in the summer. Dive deeper with my complete guide to Sitka here.

Currently, Sitka is best known as a cruise ship port, but the town is a great place to stay for a few days – there are amazing walks, beautiful scenery, local seafood, beautiful restaurants and cafes to visit, in the deep sea. fishing, and tons of cool animal activities (I had so much fun with my bear photos from Bear Castle!) Want to read more? Click here for 15 fun things to do in Sitka.

Just a two-hour drive from the famous Cabo San Lucas (and a direct flight from several West Coast cities), La Paz, Mexico is the more popular sister destination to Cabo in Baja California. A famous town with cool restaurants, an amazing variety of food and street-tacos, a beautiful view of the city, and one of the most beautiful beaches in Mexico – the amazing Balandra Bay – La Paz has it all.

Best Hidden Gems In Europe: 21 Unique Places To Visit In 2023

If you’re looking for an amazing way on a budget, to not travel too far, or you’re trying to squeeze in a beautiful place without traveling half the world – La Paz is an amazing place to visit, and that’s where we go. spent the week that would have been our wedding in 2020!

To Paris!), The Loire Valley in Central France is a dream of beautiful fairytale villages, wine tasting, vineyards, amazing food, history, art, and lots of beautiful castles! It’s the perfect destination for a dreamy, romantic spring or summer getaway.

Escape to Nantes (a quick hop from Paris), rent a car, and drive through the countryside for a week or two, ending up in Paris. What do you love more than wearing your most beautiful dresses and drinking good wine in the refreshing squares and small villages of France? And where do you live? Beautiful little local places and real CASLES. There are many wonderful chateaus (French word for castle) that you can stay in throughout the region. Although France doesn’t have a reputation for being the friendliest people, we found that everyone we met outside of Paris (and I say this as someone who LOVES Paris), was friendly and welcoming and easy to talk to. It’s been a few months since our trip through France and we’re still dreaming about it!

Although Vienna is a popular city in Europe, it doesn’t get the credit it deserves among the big hitters. The city feels like Paris, mixed with the charming little villages of Germany. It is a fun, exciting city full of history, architecture and art. If you’ve covered Paris, Rome, London, etc., add Vienna to your next European trip and you’ll be wondering why it took you so long to get here! I’ve put together the best places to hit in my Instagram Guide, and one place you shouldn’t miss is Schonbrunn’s Palace of Versaille.

The World’s Most Underrated Islands Worthy Of Your Bucket List

Of all of Hawaii’s main islands, the Big Island is by far the least developed. Overshadowed by the presence and popularity of Oahu, the vacation resort of Maui, and the popular resort of Kauai, the island of Hawaii is rarely found on the first or second trip to Hawaii – but everyone is missing it here! Between endless lava fields, and an airport beach with some of Hawaii’s most beautiful waters, one of the greenest sand beaches in the world, volcanoes, and spectacular hikes, the Big Island is an adventure in itself. It’s also our favorite place in all of Hawaii.

Not sure which island is right for you? See: Which island in Hawaii should I visit? Travel guide.

Having spent a lot of time traveling within the US over the years, we have