Tips For Traveling Internationally

By | July 15, 2023

Tips For Traveling Internationally – Flying to a new destination in a new country or continent involves a lot of meticulous planning. Buying cheap international plane tickets to your favorite destinations is just one of the things you should do before traveling abroad. Our blog post will shed light on 7 essential tips for flying internationally for a hassle-free travel experience.

Always book your flights and hotels at least three months in advance to take advantage of the lowest fares. Indian Eagle is your online source for booking the cheapest flights from USA to India. Our alternative date deals can help you save even more if you’re flexible with your itineraries.

Tips For Traveling Internationally

Another good tip for flying internationally is before your scheduled international flight departs, make sure there are no travel advisories or warnings against your intended international location. There is a high risk of traveling to places affected by these warnings because most travel insurance companies do not cover countries with travel warnings.

International Travel Tips (even During The Pandemic)

Having valid travel insurance before traveling internationally can help you cover out-of-pocket expenses in the event of medical health emergencies, trip cancellations, flight delays and mishandling of luggage. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the policy well before buying it so that the policy can really help in an unpleasant incident away from home.

Do not exchange your foreign currency for local currency, even at authorized currency exchange units, because they can really scam you out of your money, as the exchange rates they offer are very high. You’re better off withdrawing money from standard ATMs with your international debit card, as the exchange rates through them are much lower and it’s cheaper.

Just a word of warning, foreign transaction fees are charged by your debit/credit card issuing bank for all foreign transactions, regardless of whether they are ATM withdrawals or wire transfers. cards Never use a credit card for ATM withdrawals as they incur additional withdrawal fees.

Calling your bank and credit card issuers before leaving for a new country is always prudent because some financial institutions do not accept international use of debit/credit cards without prior activation of the cards. We bet you wouldn’t want to face the embarrassing situation of not being able to use your cards in a new country far from your own.

Tips For Traveling Abroad

Simple and compact packing is the key to hassle-free international travel. Get rid of unwanted baggage and bring what you need; Things like expensive jewelry and stacks of currency notes can be avoided as they attract the attention of thieves.

If carrying such expensive items is unavoidable, make sure to keep them in your carry-on luggage during the long-haul flight for safety. And always remember to carry an extra pair of clothes in your carry-on bag for use in case your checked baggage is lost.

Travelers often do not check the voltage of new places they visit and this could end up in a difficult situation to find the right adapter for their electronic devices if there is a mismatch in the allowed voltage limit of the new country and home . country

For example, travelers flying from the United States to India should note that in India the permitted voltage is 220V as opposed to 110V in the United States.

Tips For First Time International Travelers

Therefore, American travelers need to have the right voltage converters to use their electrical appliances like laptops in India and buying the right converter before flying to India can save a lot of time and stress. This, in our opinion, is one of the best tips for flying internationally.

Opt for the best agency to book flights or get plane tickets directly through the airline – this is what you should choose I traveled 133 days in 2019! Here are my top international travel tips from all my travels.

You may feel a little overwhelmed traveling internationally, especially if it’s your first time or with COVID-19. No need to worry at all. Here are my top international travel tips for going to pretty much any country!

I have been to Europe, Asia and South America (from the US) both alone and with groups and/or one other person. From my repeated travels, these are my top combined tips for international travel.

Safety Tips For Traveling Abroad

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These international travel tips are great to know AFTER you’ve booked your flight, but BEFORE you start traveling abroad.

1. Some countries require vaccinations before departure. Make sure you look for it and do it at least a month in advance.

2. The medicine or supplements you normally take may not be available in the country you are going to. As a result, it’s a good idea to pack your own medications and supplements.

Tips For A Week Of International Travel (packing List)

3. Highlight some of the important places that you will need to consider on Google Maps in advance because you can use this app offline and without data.

4. Ask a family member or friend to watch your house, get your mail, water your plants or even watch your pets.

5. If you don’t have someone to take your mail while you’re away, you can ask the post office to stop sending mail if you’re away for a while.

6. Call your bank and let them know you will be traveling abroad. Also, find out how much the international call rate costs to use your credit or debit card abroad.

Ways To Prepare For Your Next Big Trip Abroad [checklist]

If you have good credit and no financial problems, you may want to consider opening a new credit card. You can earn points that you can use to travel and have 0% international exchange rate fees.

7. Find out if your health insurance covers overseas travel. If not, you may want to take out travel insurance in case you need medical care while traveling abroad.

9. Decide whether you will extend your current data to foreign countries (can be quite expensive) or receive a pocket wifi at the airport or hotel of arrival.

10. You may want to have the currency of the country you are visiting before you arrive just in case.

International Travel Safety: 5 Security Tips When Traveling Abroad

11. To save money, you might want to look for a house, book an Airbnb, or get a hotel with a site that offers you rewards for future bookings.

Find out what Airbnb is here or book now to get up to $40 off your first time!

12. Buy tickets for places of interest you really want to see in advance because sometimes popular places sell out without tickets ahead of time.

For example, the Anne Frank House is a very popular tourist attraction in Amsterdam. Tickets are booked months in advance.

Tips For Traveling Abroad Over Spring Break

1. If you’re going to be moving from hotel to hotel or even from one country to another quite often, your bag will quickly become cluttered. Packing cubes are the ultimate solution to this!

You can separate your clothes by type, or even better, you can put specific outfits in each packing cube.

For example, you might have clothes in one packing cube for the first half of a trip and another set of clothes in another for the second half of the trip. This way you can keep the second set of clothes clean too.

2. Medicines and supplements can take up a lot of space if you carry them all in their own bottle.

Tips On Traveling Internationally With Kids During The Pandemic

I like to take a specific number of pills in a travel pill. Saves a lot of space.

Note: There are some prescription medications that are best kept in their prescription bottle, as the label acts as a doctor’s permission to have it on you.

3. Your hair appliances may or may not work overseas due to different plug types and voltage around the world.

I recommend this dual-voltage hair straightener for travel, but you might want to read this comprehensive guide to using hair appliances abroad to really understand why you might need a new one for travel.

International Travel Tips? Here Are The Latest Tips For You

4. Clothes tend to wrinkle quite a bit when soaked. Packing cubes can help prevent wrinkles, but I personally like to pack a dual voltage clothes steamer to use when I arrive.

5. The electrical standards of each country differ in voltage. Also, the physical shape of the plug changes from country to country. For this, you will need an adapter.

It’s best to buy a universal adapter that will work in any country, but just to be sure, you can also look at this volts and plugs chart to see if there’s a difference between the country you live in and the country you’re going to.

6. If you’re trying to pack light, there are specific types of clothing that can be mixed and matched for many different occasions.

Big Tips For Traveling Abroad With Kids

7. One of my biggest tips for traveling abroad for women is to pack your own feminine hygiene products. They may not be widely available where you go, especially if you are hiking or in the wilderness.

I highly recommend bringing a menstrual cup because it is needed