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By | March 25, 2023

Tips Travel Blog – There are many things I wish I knew about travel blogging for beginners. I know a lot about travel blogging, but not much about blogging in the travel niche.

Here are nine simple tips I think you should know about being a travel blogger before you start.

Tips Travel Blog

The technology that you can work on, the emotional obstacles are a little more difficult to overcome.

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Don’t just be a travel photographer. Look for unusual photo opportunities and for simple photos like signs, transport, someone carrying a backpack or food. All of these images can be used to fill any type of post.

After recently writing our budget trip to Africa post, I was kicking myself for not taking pictures of food and transportation options during our trip in Africa. So I need them to share what I talked about in my post about traveling to Africa.

Solution: Always keep your eyes open for unusual shots. Think about the type of blog posts you will be writing and make a list of images that will work well with them.

Look carefully for these shots. Read our tips on how to improve your photography and tips for photographing people.

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Hindsight is the best. If I had it my way, I would be more careful with my notebooks when I travel the world.

I usually go a day at a time without writing anything, and then I feel lazy and think what’s the point?

Now I struggle to remember details from some of my best travel stories. For the adventures that I have a diary of, they have helped me tremendously in creating stories for our travel blog.

Solution: Carry a notebook and pencil with you everywhere. Write details of all the places you visit, stay at and transport you to. Keep receipts in your book so you have a billing record.

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Write down the contact details of someone you meet and might want to speak or write about. Use every special time to book the special times of trains and buses.

This is my biggest travel blogging regret and my only must-know tip. I set my permalink template based on category/postname, not thinking about the fact that I will have a competition template for my blog.

What this means is that my URL is too long. But worse, now I have limited access to my group. I can’t move them as my blog evolves because it will change my URL of the post that has already been published. This really sucks.

Solution: Although this category’s permalink structure has SEO benefits, I think you’re better off going to the date/subscribe structure instead.

Make Your WordPress Travel Blog A Success

Having a well-designed template (which you can change if needed) is the best way for your readers to find what they are looking for quickly.

NB: I have now changed my permalink structure and we lost all our social certificates on our posts in the past year. Hello. At least now it’s set for X next year.

If you want to create a travel blog, it will not be easy. It will take up a lot of your time, and I mean every minute of it.

While I can go on and on about the many principles of success, I will cut short from the beginning to say, do not think about blogging if you are not dedicated and ready to use many hours of the day and night promise. do this work in order to rise to the top.

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It doesn’t matter what your field or business, it will be 20% of people who will have 80% of success. It’s called the Pareto Principle. Why this? Because those who fall in the 20% are ready to do the rest 80% are not.

I’m still amazed by the travel bloggers who say they’re not in it for the money and accuse people of dishonesty and selling out. Unless you’re just documenting your experiences for your family and friends, then you’ve chosen a hobby that will shape your life.

Why would you put in all the time and effort required to make it work if you don’t want a reward from it?

We intend to make money from this travel blog. At the same time, we do this because it is our passion and we want to inspire others. If we don’t make money from this, we have to leave, and then I don’t help others.

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Solution: Blog about your passion, love what you do. If you don’t do that you will find time to commit to an attack. Believe that you deserve to be rewarded for your time and effort, and for the value you bring to others.

While I love that many of my readers come from the travel blogging community, I also love that I have many readers who don’t. There will be limits to your success when your only readers are those who swim in the same niche pool as you.

Travel bloggers are busy, they don’t have time to read and promote everyone’s work, and they already know a lot about travel. We came into this field with the goal of being part of the 20%, this means being creative to find a way to welcome in cars from other places.

Solution: Look outside your niche for people who haven’t traveled yet, but are looking for ways to get inspired and share the potential. They are waiting to hear from you.

How To Succeed As A Travel Blogger: My Top 10 Tips

Story ideas often come from what someone says, such as my report that 80% of travelers run away from something. They can come from the thoughts you have while in the moon walking in the forest like my friends on the trail.

Don’t look for the usual corners like “Best places to visit while in Bangkok.” Try new things. Try to be different. Be careful to record everything you encounter while traveling.

You never know that the smallest of details can color a potential blog post. The goal is, not only a source of information, but inspiration as well.

We have been having serious problems with the speed of our site recently. We thought getting a new blog design would fix this problem, but it only seems to make it worse. We were pulling our hair out trying to fix it.

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Slow loading times for your site can kill your traffic numbers. We live in a think-it-now society. People don’t have time to waste waiting for pages to load. They will click out very quickly.

For me SEO is like pulling out my teeth one by one. I detest writing to him and worrying about him. I like to encourage, provide information and relationships, which is why we always do big on social media of business.

We didn’t rely on SEO, and we understand now that we paid a little for it. Google gives us a little love, which means a little new and free traffic from this site. We are now doing more to learn and improve this.

Solution: Have your blogs designed with speed in mind. Reduce the number of plugs you use, smush your photos.

Top Tips For Travelling Solo!

For SEO purposes, work hard to make your on page SEO as tight as possible, link in your own content and work to get the backlinks you need from guest posts, interviews and follow-up. Yoast is a great plugin to use for on page SEO.

Since then we have put a lot of effort into SEO and we get more than 350,000 visits every month from Google and earn five figures a month in income. This is an important part of your business, especially with the decline of social media.

YTravel previously used the KeySearch Seo Tool. We found that it got us better results in a faster and more accurate way.

If you want advanced SEO, use SEMRush. It is the most powerful SEO tool ever and has incredible results, not only in optimizing our site, but also in our search results. search engine visibility and keywords, but also helps us look good to customers while revealing the ROI we provide them. Yes this makes us work harder!

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Having a website search engines tend to involve a lot of different things. Optimizing your posts is not enough. I recently made a comprehensive website using the Blog Fixer tool, which saved me 131 hours AND cleaned up over 10,000 errors!! These errors are bad signals for google, which makes it ignore your site!

There are many great people we have met in the travel blogging community since we started who have given their own tips on how to travel well blogging.

It’s like being on the road again and meeting all the happy, friendly beings who have many inspirations