Tips Travel Bucket List

By | January 13, 2024

Tips Travel Bucket List – I don’t know about you, but I have so many places I want to visit – that’s why I created my own travel wishlist! But the problem with this list is that it just keeps getting longer and I never go where I want.

Now I know that with all that is going on in the world, travel is becoming rather limited, and in all this uncertainty, I prefer to stay local rather than travel far.

Tips Travel Bucket List

But just because I won’t go all the places I want to go this year doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. In fact, it’s the other way around because it just means I have plenty of time to plan everything out. I’m the master planner because I just love knowing exactly what I’m doing, when I’m doing it, etc.

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I hate to miss something, and while spontaneity is good when you travel, I’m also careful not to miss anything, so I like to research it beforehand. This is something that happened to me when I was younger and went to Rome with my sister. We are both history buffs and went to explore the Colosseum but didn’t realize that if we booked in advance we could take a guided tour and enter the Colosseum in the arena!

Unfortunately we missed it, but it’s the perfect excuse for us to come back in the future! Anyway, that’s just one example I’d like to go back to, but I have hundreds of places I want to visit. Most of them are historical places, I have many castles that are on my travel bucket list. But I have plenty of other locations too, and my travel to-do list is far from over.

Anyway, since I have a lot more free time now is the perfect time to plan how I’ll bump up my wish list once travel becomes a more normal thing, and I hope this is something that everyone will find useful as well!

If you haven’t already, the first thing you need to do is make a list of all the places you want to visit. I have a terrible habit of tagging Luke in my Facebook posts of places I want to go and visit, but then I forget what I tagged him in. So the solution to this problem is to save it all. This can be in a travel notebook, a document on a computer, or just as notes on my phone (I have a lot of notes on my phone about places I want to go).

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Do what you think is best for you. I was thinking of keeping a notebook with all the places I wanted to go, and then maybe making a scrapbook and putting all the photos in it, but I’m a perfectionist and I’d get mad if I accidentally misspelled something or wrote something weird – if I put a pen on it on paper, it has to be perfect. So it’s easier for me to make a note on my phone.

When you jot down these places, you’ll be constantly reminded of them and you’ll be one step closer to your destinations. Of course you’ll have your favourites, these are places you can’t wait to visit so it’s understandable that you’ll put these places ahead of others. Just remember to enjoy your list, you will soon be traveling to everything on the list, you just have to give it time.

Seasons are a very important factor to always consider before booking any trip. If you want to truly enjoy your destination, be sure to avoid peak season as that is when demand is at its peak. Going in high season means it will be much busier and you will have to pay a lot more than in other season.

If you avoid crowds and don’t want to spend too much money, go where it’s less crowded. But don’t forget that sometimes peak season can have a positive side, there will be more things to see and do, so if you don’t mind crowds, that’s a pretty nice little bonus.

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Seasons aren’t just about when seats are booked, of course the weather comes into play as well. If you’re not a fan of the cold or rain, be sure to avoid going out if the weather is known to be bad. For example, in Florida, you may want to avoid walking during hurricane season.

However, if you’re lucky and don’t mind booking a last-minute holiday, then even if you go during the winter season, you may encounter a week-long heatwave. This can be a great way to get away if you’re constantly checking in on what the weather will be like, but of course it’s only something you can really do for a last minute vacation.

Each location will host a special event at some point, so if you’re planning to go somewhere, it’s a good idea to plan your trip to coincide with any unique local events that may be taking place. Of course, if you miss out, you can still have an amazing time, but if you can plan it, then why not make sure you time your travels perfectly with these special events.

Going on a trip and enjoying fairs or festivals in your dream destination can only improve the situation and arouse the excitement of holidays.

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If you don’t know what to look for, check out your local events calendar, which is sure to provide fun and plenty of quirky times! It’s a sure way to make your holiday that much more special and you won’t regret taking the time to plan and find out what the special dates are!

I always spend hours choosing the best accommodation before actually booking it. I double check the reviews, see what they have to offer, where they are located, etc. I just want to make sure this place is perfect (while also affordable).

I remember once I went to Amsterdam for my friend’s birthday, we went there as a group but since she lived in Leiden we got a great AirBnB in Leiden. The house was perfect, but we realized that if we wanted to get to the center of Amsterdam, we would have to spend a fortune on a train ride. We didn’t realize it until it was too late, and while it wasn’t the end of the world, it still meant we needed to budget for travel.

But we said next time we go to the Netherlands we’ll stay in Amsterdam (although Leiden was amazing, it just wasn’t right for what we wanted to do and see).

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We got a really great deal on accommodation though, and I remember that was because we spent ages looking at all the different places we could stay.

Accommodation varies depending on where you are going and where you want to stay. If all you care about is a bed, you will easily find a place. But if you’re a little pickier and want to make sure you have access to all the great restaurants, free wifi, gyms etc then you need to make sure you do your research before booking anywhere!

Finally, one of the most important things you can do is make sure you document your adventure when you’re actually there. Be sure to take as many photos as possible because that way you can look back at all the great things you’ve done in your life.

You can even use these photos to create a scrapbook, which is a great keepsake and can be really fun. Of course, if you don’t like scrapbooking why not just print them out and make a wall collage at home.

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You can always just print out your favorite picture and hang it on the wall – it’s a great way to capture all the memories you’ve made on your adventures.

It’s also very important to document your adventures, if you’re traveling with your family, you’ll want to make sure you capture as many of your children’s growing up moments as possible so you can look back at the photos in the future.

Of course, the memory of going on vacation with your family will still be a fantastic thing, but sometimes it’s nice to look back at pictures of all the places you’ve been.