Tips Travel Dengan Anak Kecil

By | January 24, 2024

Tips Travel Dengan Anak Kecil – Flying with your little one is definitely not easy. Preparation is really complicated. Not to mention the unpredictable behavior of children.

Whining because of boredom, hunger or poo is something you often encounter when traveling with your baby. Especially fear of heights or differences in weather conditions.

Tips Travel Dengan Anak Kecil

If you are moody, other passengers may also feel uncomfortable and angry. If not properly prepared, things can get worse.

Tips Travel Dengan Anak Kecil

1. Before boarding, don’t forget to stop by the toilet for a diaper change. In this way, you will no longer worry about the diaper leaking due to being full

2. It is recommended to buy a separate seat for your little one. A large space can make it quieter and more comfortable during flight

3. Carry most of the baby’s needs such as milk, diapers, wet wipes, food and snacks. Only if the plane is also delayed

4. Protect toddlers’ ears with earplugs so they don’t get sick from pressure changes. You can also give bottles, pacifiers, snacks or other entertainment

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5. Don’t forget to bring children’s medicines, make sure that the liquid is not more than 100 ml with safe and strong packaging.

6. Come to the airport early, take the kids for a walk. In addition to being happy, he also falls asleep on the plane because he feels that he is running out of energy

7. Small children often cry because they feel bored when boarding a plane. Carry small story books, children’s toys and picture books to distract them

8. Another option to keep young children happy is role-playing. Invite children to imagine themselves as pilots, flight attendants, planes and birds

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10. If you are afraid of upsetting other passengers, you can give them text messages and candy. This way, they will be more predictable

So, with some tips on flying with your little one above, I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable vacation! happy Holidays! Source: Many parents have a phobia when it comes to traveling with little ones, right? Parents who have never had any experience just wondering how to take small children on a trip are scary and cool. In fact, taking small children on this trip is not as difficult as you think. If you plan your vacation carefully and make detailed preparations, hopefully everything will be fine. Let’s take a look at the tips for traveling with babies/children:- 1) Tips for parents and parents first of all about time management. You have to be early in doing everything. Early planning, early packing and early arrival at the airport. Second, you need to really plan your itinerary. That means you have to choose the right place and season. Remember, you are not traveling alone or with a partner, you are traveling with small children. Third, you should not practice the “cloak game” in the “last minute” sense of the word either. “Last minute” for hotel reservations. Naya Later, when you arrive at a new destination, you’ll want to find a place to stay. He caused all kinds of children, more headaches. Besides, you’ve wasted time looking for hotels that you should be saving for other things. For cots/cots, you need to book in advance as not all planes have cots or cots. Fourth, holiday practice (just close first) Mother: just use a chain bag, it is easy to put your passport bag, mobile phone. No need for fancy stuff Before you start packing, you’ll need 2 separate bags to carry your baby or toddler’s needs. 1 heavy bag that you can take anywhere, 1 other regular bag that stays in the hotel. Make sure you have the following items in your baby bag:-1) Appropriate clothes Source: You choose clothes according to the season and it is better to carry 2-3 more clothes. Happy later, you can change your child’s clothes if your child vomits or becomes soiled with impurity. Tips: – Put your child’s clothes and pants in the plastic “Ziplock” so that it does not splash on the clothes / pants and the plastic of the dirty clothes is placed inside. 2) Bring your baby feeding supplies Source: popmama. com If your baby is still breastfeeding, you can skip this tip. If your baby has started bottle feeding, don’t forget to bring milk powder, bottle and thermos. To store powdered milk, you must use a dispenser and a small thermos to drink milk. 3) Bring medicine. But if there is no serious illness, you should also bring fever medicine, cream or gamate oil. Just to be careful, it’s not wrong, right? 4) Snacks Source: Lazada Snacks like biscuits, bread. How your child gets hungry but never reaches the destination or restaurant. Ha, you can use these accessories to cover your belly while you are looking for a restaurant. It can be empty Source: pmjnews This empty plastic will have many uses later. If you say you can’t find a trash can, where are you going to throw your baby’s “nems”? So here’s a spare plastic for trash – little old source: This little old thing is perfect for any round that has a lot of it, for example, like vomit or baby saliva, right? – “compact stroller” Source: pinterest If your baby needs a stroller, it is better to have a compact stroller with you. Our recommendation is that you can look at the brand “pockit”. It only has its advantages and disadvantages. If you use “baby carrier cream”, your shoulders may soften quickly. So it’s up to you – coloring books or new toys Source: Wholesale Facebook Coloring Books To stop your baby from whining or crying, you can give him coloring books to relieve his boredom. . You can also give new toys as long as they don’t make noise or disturb others. For example, clay or Lego can be used. So they are tired before boarding the flight and don’t have enough children. When you board the flight, you may feed them and they sleep full and tired. During the flight:- 1) The last person to board the plane is usually the cabin crew, the priority is to contact the parents who are small. Kids get on the plane first, but that doesn’t mean you have to. It’s just your choice whether to participate or not. Therefore, you must choose to be among the last people to board the plane. Why? Because if you get on first, your little one will quickly get bored and most likely cry because of the crowd of people looking for seats and putting their bags away. However, if you’re one of the last people to board, your little one won’t have to wait long before ‘getting up’ and won’t be too busy, as most of the time everyone is calm and ready to ‘get up’. ) Use a cot/basin Source: FYI ladies and gentlemen, if your baby is still a baby or your toddler needs a cot to sleep in, you can choose a cot when booking your plane ticket. Order a baby or cot. At least 2 weeks before your flight departure date 3) Soothe your crying child with a new toy/coloring book. Bring a coloring book or two just in case. Sleep. Or you give your child a new toy, he will be “excited” to play with the new toy. . They can give you 5) Changing the changing table in the toilet Source: Don’t worry, there is a changing table for parents in the toilet of your plane to change the diapers of the children. You don’t panic, it’s okay if your child “turns white” later. Hehe So, this is a little contribution that we can share with you. We do our best to prepare complete tips and advice for parents and to instill the confidence to take little ones on a trip with them. I hope you have a useful and happy holiday! We share, you 0 0 votes rate the article

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Don’t get too excited about boarding a plane on social media! These Singaporean Tiktokers show you the dangers you’ll face when choosing when your baby feels full or refreshed. The purpose of this work is to prevent children from wandering on the road. If you and your family have to travel, prepare food and supplies for your child.

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When you are tired of carrying your baby all the time, a pram or stroller can be a lifesaver. Choose a stroller that is lightweight, easy to fold, considering the size of the cabin/luggage, and most importantly, make sure it’s age-appropriate for your child.

Always put the child’s safety first. Mothercare Indonesia has a comfortable travel bed that you can use as a bed for your baby on vacation. You don’t need to worry about the hassle of carrying it because

“Are we there yet, Boone?” “How did we get there?” Imagine that your child asks such questions every half hour.

To distract the children so that they don’t get bored

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