Tips Travel Solo Untuk Perempuan

By | May 21, 2024

Tips Travel Solo Untuk Perempuan – Hello ladies, have you ever crossed your mind to travel solo or solo? Of course, there are many issues, especially for friends who are difficult to convince their parents. As a woman traveling alone, safety issues are definitely the number one thing to consider.

I once asked many of my friends, both men and women, if they could properly handle various obstacles in their journey. To be honest, I’ve never really traveled alone myself, but what if I got on a plane alone, walked around a big city alone for the first time, or walked around the airport alone?

Tips Travel Solo Untuk Perempuan

When I went to Vietnam before, I had friends, but after we arrived in Hue, I often went to tourist spots and shops alone. On her way to India, she was alone from Phamatwati Airport to Sota Airport. They also went to South Jakarta, waiting for an online motorcycle taxi and then meeting their friends.

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Combining advice from my fellow solo travelers and based on my very own little experience, here are some tips for women to stay safe when traveling solo.

Before you leave, it’s best to say goodbye to your family first. At least let them know where you want to go. Also inform your close friends, this action is taken when something untoward happens.

When you reach your destination, also inform your family (father, mother, brothers/sisters) that you have arrived safely. For example, if you have an itinerary, you can also tell them.

Well, this is also very important to consider. If something happens that causes you to lose important documents such as passports, ID cards, driver’s licenses, etc., you still have copies and can prove that you actually own these documents if requested when reporting lost items.

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You can take photos to keep on your cell phone, but if you’re worried about losing your cell phone and your documents being misused, just save them to online storage like Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.

Nowadays, easy access to information on the Internet is supported, if you have never been to that place, search for various information on the Internet. This may be a provision to avoid culture shock.

When you arrive at your destination, you can ask questions and introduce yourself to the locals, eh! But don’t believe it right away! If there is a guide service there, you can ask their help.

Well, girls have to be careful… if you are offered a free ride and something doesn’t feel right, you should just say no. If someone asks you out to dinner or out, it’s okay to say no if you’re uncomfortable.

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For some people or in certain countries, a dinner party is the same as a day. So be wise! If you need help, ask a professional, such as the police. Also remember to save emergency contacts if in Indonesia 110, 119, 112, etc.

You have to be able to adapt or adjust, don’t come off as flashy as if you’re telling a bunch of people that this is your first visit.

Especially when it comes to clothing, don’t wear clothes that invite everyone’s attention. Also avoid wearing excessive jewelry such as gold bracelets, gold necklaces, gold or diamond rings, you want to travel, not an invitation. Just enough jewelry, don’t be too flashy! If you are used to wearing a gold ring, it doesn’t matter if you only wear one, just keep it safe so it won’t get lost or stolen.

Of course we need peace, being in a quiet place is refreshing. However, if you do not know much about the place, it is better to avoid it. Especially at night.

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The key is to stay alert without ruining your trip. Just because there are more people doesn’t necessarily mean it’s safer, if you’re in a crowded place you can call for help sooner if something happens because there are more people. It can be more difficult if it’s in a quiet area, especially if the cell phone signal there is cut off or non-existent. Females single or solitary. It is undeniable that many women today choose to travel alone. Most of them choose to travel alone for business and pleasure.

Although the main causes of women are more or less than men, women need to think about more aspects than men.

Get as much information as possible about the intended destination, especially if you are going on vacation abroad. A new place with different religious beliefs and culture can be somewhat overwhelming.

Perhaps, you should adjust your dress and manners to suit the lives of the people there. Don’t be surprised if what is considered sexual harassment in one country is considered a social norm in another.

Never Have I Ever (travel Edition)

When you arrive at the hotel, try to get to know the staff who take care of visitors. They are responsible for controlling the process of entering and exiting a building. If you arrive at the hotel at night, ask them if you can ask them to escort you to your room.

If possible, ask for a room on a higher level, close to the elevators, but away from emergency exits, stairs and construction work.

When you go to the front desk, take a hotel card with the hotel’s name, address and phone number. Make sure this card is with you at all times. If in a cubicle, make sure the door has a peephole and a deadbolt.

Prepare two copies of necessary travel documents. One copy to use during the trip and one to keep at home for family or friends.

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Pack things wisely. Make sure the bag is light and easy to carry everywhere. This will keep you from becoming a target for thieves and fraudsters. Avoid carrying large and expensive bags.

Lock all bags and use closed bag tags with official addresses, not home addresses. Just bring a credit card and don’t keep all your money in one place.

Find out in advance about the means of transport available at the destination, especially if you want to pass through. Travel agents can help you make the safest choices and prepare what you need.

If you rent a car, use the map well. Write down your directions in advance and don’t forget to bring your guide phone with you.

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Review the map of the places you will visit. Learn as many routes as you can so you don’t look like a lost traveler.

With planning and advice from a professional travel agent, your vacation or business trip will be hassle-free.

Hadigo Travel & Tours is a site that offers quality vacation packages. Provides online holiday booking services throughout Malaysia. You can now book holidays online. Have you seen the movie Eat Love? Based on the memoir of the same name, this film tells the story of a woman who leaves the life she knows and travels the world alone for a year. Learning to enjoy life in Italy, meditating in India and falling in love in Bali made him discover who he was.

For some people, going solo can be a life-changing experience. At the very least, this experience presents its own challenges that you may not get if you want to be with other people. If you don’t have friends, you have to rely on yourself to solve the problems you face during the trip. For a female solo er, this is a challenge in itself. To that end, Wego has some tips to help you, adventurous women, be better prepared to face the challenges of solo travel.

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The Internet can be your helper in various situations, for example, tracking the route when traveling alone in a taxi. That way, you can tell right away if the driver has taken you off course. These days there are many ways to keep you online abroad, from signing up for a data roaming package, to buying a local SIM card, to renting a WiFi router.

Update your friends and family regularly during your trip to let them know you’re safe. When taking a taxi or meeting someone, try to provide information about the vehicle you are riding in and the name of your driver or friend. Updating social media with photos and stories from your vacation can be a way to leave your mark on the internet so your friends and family don’t worry.

Before booking a place to stay, read several reviews to make sure the place you choose and the area are safe for women. Choosing a place with good reviews from a woman can be a good start. If you’re thinking of staying at a local homestay like Couchsurfing or renting an Airbnb, also read reviews about your host. You really don’t want to live with a host who is annoying or worse, has bad intentions for you?

Chatting with new people is fun, but if you feel uncomfortable, you shouldn’t share any information. This includes the story of wanting to be alone. Some people may use this exposed information to commit crimes. If you get angry when strangers try to approach you, you can also tell that your friend or partner is waiting for you.

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This tip is useful if you lose money or important documents. Keep money in different places outside of your wallet, such as your shirt pocket and the bag you left at the hotel. Also keep important documents like passports and ticket confirmation and landing place original documents in a separate place. To be extra careful, save soft copies of documents via email or in cloud storage like Dropbox or Google Drive.

No matter how tight your travel budget is, set aside some money in case you have to go over budget for various reasons. For example, the accommodation you ordered is not what you expected and you want to move to a more comfortable accommodation. An emergency fund can be cash that you carry with you or debit and credit cards that work at your vacation destination.

You may find sightings in some areas such as Middle Eastern countries.