Tips Traveling Balita

By | July 22, 2023

Tips Traveling Balita – Of course, clothes are the first thing to bring. Bring clothes to your holiday destination. Prepare clothes

However, wherever Mama goes, she always prepares coats and blankets as well as socks to keep out when the wind is cold. This is to protect your toddler from colds or flu.

Tips Traveling Balita

It is enough to bring a drink bottle and standard utensils on vacation. Bring a handy food container for your toddler that never runs out and can be re-eaten at any time, whether in the car or on the go. Because babies can usually eat only small amounts, but often?

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Although it may not sound healthy, food may be a top priority for Mama when taking her toddler on vacation.

As for the food itself, in fact, small children can eat at the hotel or restaurant that Mama eats, of course, there are many dishes, there are also dishes that can be eaten. For snacks, Mama can buy fruit cakes or baby cakes at the small supermarket or the nearest supermarket.

Fast food is only a backup if Mama can’t find the nearest supermarket or mall and your toddler is too hungry to be distracted.

The only medicine your mother gives you is standard medicine, such as febrifuge, diarrhea medicine, antiemetics, or if your child has any of these conditions, you can get these.

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But make sure your toddler is on time for a vacation. Because if he is sick, the holiday does not really feel good. Take care of her physical condition before going on vacation, Ma.

Of course, this one thing can not be separated from your toddler, Mom. However, do not do it too much with toys or your suitcase will be full of toys. Just take his favorite toy, the smaller the better.

The toys here are just to calm your toddler when he’s bored or keep him active while on the go. If your child is easily bored, you can find other ways, such as singing while traveling, watching a movie on your device, or inviting him or her to chat.

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Tips Traveling Dengan Anak (balita)

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