Tips Traveling Ke Eropa

By | November 5, 2023

Tips Traveling Ke Eropa – There are many ways to save on budget when traveling to Europe. This does not mean that you have to be frugal all the time when traveling to Europe, but you can do some successful tricks and tips to reduce the budget in many areas so that you can splurge on other things, for example shopping or eating in restaurants.

The key to getting cheaper tickets is to buy tickets in advance, a maximum of 1 month before traveling to Europe and for departures during the low season, namely in spring (March-May) and autumn (September-November). Apart from that, you can consider taking a cheap airline to travel to Europe, such as Scoot, which has a Singapore-Athens route. Using cheap airlines for long distance travel is not really that comfortable because you have to sit for 15 hours. The seats are upright and the distance between the benches is narrow. The ticket price does not include meals, so if you want to eat, you have to buy extras. However, if saving a budget is your priority, you can consider this method.

Tips Traveling Ke Eropa

Another budget-saving trick when traveling to Europe is to find affordable accommodation. You can stay in hostels as well as meet other travellers. Platforms you can use include hostelworld and You can also use AirBnb if you are traveling together. The advantages of AirBnb apart from being affordable, the rooms are private but the costs are almost the same as hostels because they are shared by 2 people.

Tips Hemat Budget Traveling Ke Eropa

You can also consider using Couchsurfing, an app to connect with locals in the city you are going to in Europe where you can ask to stay with them for free. Couchsurfing is great for a solo traveler. You can stay in their house/flat, make friends, learn each other’s culture, and of course hang out together. Especially for women, make sure the host has very good reviews, proven reviews are genuine, and proven safe because only bad male Couchsurfing hosts can sexually harass under the pretense of giving rides to female passengers. Travel blogger The Island Girl Adventures also provides tips for female travelers to diligently befriend potential guests on social media for background checks. Make sure the account is valid and there are no suspicious messages!

By applying for a visa yourself, you can save money on a travel budget to Europe of up to 1 million Rupiah, because normally if you use an agent to apply for a visa, you also have to pay an agent fee, right? Indeed, it will take a lot of time and energy to prepare the required documents, but you will also gain knowledge and experience when applying for a visa yourself.

Register yourself as Young Offender Teams to receive a weekly newsletter with interesting information, about leadership, entrepreneurship, career and college that can inspire you to achieve success. I want to share a trip to Western Europe some time ago, to be 20-30 September 2019 And I will share reviews of several accommodations, transportation, exchange rates, etc. Hope it can be useful, especially for those who are determined to start their first solo trip. We apologize for the length, as the copy of the personal note has not been edited.

This is my first solo travel experience as well as my first time visiting Europe. This journey means so much to me, it can be said that it is one of the milestones in my life, because I finally dared to go out of my comfort zone, dare to do things that I thought i couldn’t do them * exaggeration 🤣

Waktu Terbaik Ke Eropa: Jadwal Musim Liburan Low Season 2020, Hemat!

How does it feel to go on a solo trip for the first time? Hmm, actually I’m sorry. Yes, I regret why I only dared to do it now, why not 4 or 5 years ago… but it’s still better to regret being late than regret not starting at all.

This journey started with the temptation of the gledek ticket promotion by a few months ago. Accidentally, a CGK-AMS return ticket was issued with Emirates airline 🤓

Was it from the start that I was confident and immediately confident about solo travel? Oh no of course. I also went through a big internal battle, as well as high levels of turmoil, eating badly, sleeping badly, my mind was not at peace 😤😁 How could I not… I am a village person who still very unfamiliar with travel, especially abroad.

My experience of traveling abroad is very little, I have only been to neighboring countries, and even then it has been more than 5 years ago, I went with my friends and I followed them, without taking part in preparing anything starting from itin , hotel transport , etc. I accepted ok follow where they go .

Tips Traveling Ke Eropa Dengan Anak — Diary Jalan Adeuny

Especially Europe… ahh I used to dream of going there and I didn’t even dare, because then it seemed impossible to go there, alone too. Absolutely, my poor navigation skills too, and I am not familiar with public transport with many routes, it is understandable that there are only angkots without routes in my village.

To be honest, I made the decision to travel solo about a month before leaving, even though the tickets had been bought since March. Because at first I didn’t plan to go alone but together with friends, but for some reason we didn’t go together.

At first, I had given up canceling this trip because I really didn’t feel confident… but it’s also a shame if the tickets are forfeited, because they can’t be re- pay the promo tickets at all.

Thank you very much to the friends in this group, because of this group (International Backpackers) I finally dared to do this first solo trip. Yes, I got a lot of useful information from this group, not only information, but also a kind of motivation and inspiration for newbies like me.

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Advantages of solo travel: More relaxed and free to organize trips as we wish, more flexible schedules, no drama of fighting or fighting with travel buddies, more self-esteem, being able to maximize your own abilities, more focus, trained to be able to solve difficult problems faced and find solutions quickly, to be able to accept every situation that happens, be grateful for it, and learn lessons from it. And certainly become more independent.

One more thing, I become more confident, especially when I have to communicate with other people, my English is a mess, if I have friends around I usually feel embarrassed to talk to people others, but if I’m alone I’m more confident anyway, even if I say something wrong, no one will notice.

The bad thing about solo trips: it’s a hassle when you want to take pictures, even though you’ve brought a mini tripod sometimes you can’t use it, for example when there’s a strong wind or a place that’s a bit vulnerable and also. crowded, for example in Paris, you have to be careful here, fearing that your mobile phone will be stolen by a pickpocket. When you need to go to the toilet, it is also sometimes complicated because there is no one to help take care of your luggage. Some expenses are more expensive because they cannot be shared, for example taxis and hotel rooms. From time to time, I also feel lonely and overwhelmed because I’m alone, especially when I’m tired and everywhere is full of couples hanging around. But it’s more good than bad 😀

Then is my ride smooth and smooth? Of course not.. there were several dramas starting from the preparation and during the trip. Butiii, the dramas make it sweet, make this trip memorable… if everything goes smoothly it’s not even that exciting 💃💃💃

Backpackeran Ke Eropa Sebulan 12 Negara

The first thing I prepared was a visa, there were two visas, a Schengen visa and a United Arab Emirates visa because I took a 23-hour flight in Dubai. I managed to apply for a Schengen visa 2 times, the first through France with a 3 month multiple, and through the Netherlands. Thank God, I received a 1 year multiple (this was moving a lot considering my very little travel history and my passport still empty , only French visa was cancelled). For the UAE visa, I chose the 48H transit visa, apply directly on the Emirates website, the requirements are easy, actually the visa is free but there is a VFS fee of 25 USD.

Next, prepare the trip. This is the hard part for me, although not as hard as the mental preparation. After revising the itinerary many times, taking into account the limited travel time and the landing and return tickets from Amsterdam, the final itinerary was decided on with a fairly easy route for beginners, namely Amsterdam – Bruges – Ghent – Paris – Strasbourg – Zurich – Amsterdam. Although in the end there is a change of path. For itin in the city I had no time to prepare because I had no time.

For transport between cities, everything uses flixbus except Bruges-Ghent by train. The choice to use this flix bus is because there are many timetable options, tickets are quite affordable, and the buses are comfortable and clean. Mostly I take the night bus because it saves time and accommodation. I ordered Flixbus tickets directly from the application.

Next, accommodation, booking this accommodation takes a lot of time because it has changed several times and I have several considerations when choosing accommodation, including: must have a kitchen, luggage storage, strategic location, clean, good reviews, and of course affordable prices. During this trip I used hotels for 3 nights, hostels (dorms) for 3 nights, and airbnb for 1 night.

Persiapan Dan Itinerary Wisata Ke Eropa

For food, I didn’t spend too much because I brought several supplies from Indonesia, including: rice (I bought a kind of instant packaging nasi uduk/nasi liwet, it practically has seasoning, 1 package can be cooked 2-3 times) , rendang (dry and wet), anchovies, and cup meatballs, as well as drink ingredients (coffee, tea, chocolate, etc.). Medicines: anti-wind, instant ginger, vitamins, honey, ulcer medicine, and paracetamol. To cook rice, I brought a d*iso brand plastic pot that can cook rice in the microwave.

Most spending and transactions use CC BCA Visa, Debit BCA Mastercard, and CC BNI Visa. The difference in the rate (euro) between the 2 banks turned out to be very large, BCA’s rates (debit and cc) ranged from 15,700-15,800 while BNI’s were 16,200-16,500. I don’t use cash too many transactions, from Indonesia I brought only €100 (exchange on the money changer T3 Soeta, rate 15,900) and came back with approx.