Tips Traveling Saat Puasa

By | April 4, 2024

Tips Traveling Saat Puasa – Is it not good in the month of fasting? By following these tips, those of you who have or have not followed Ramadan fasting can still be comforted

Since you are far from home, make your body fit by always fasting. In addition to maintaining the other periods, also make sure that you consume nutritious foods before dawn, to keep your stamina in

Tips Traveling Saat Puasa

To a village where the majority of the inhabitants are non-Muslims, but they are trying to find a place with a large number of Muslims. Search the local ifta menu to find a variety of halal foods. After all, you can also feel another experience of feeling the warmth and traditions of the month of Ramadan in a new place, right?

Lama Durasi Puasa Di Negara Dunia Dan Tips Traveling Saat Puasa

Apart from visiting Muslim areas, there are other ways to experience a different sense of Ramadan, namely by visiting iconic local mosques. In addition to enriching your knowledge, if you are lucky, you can also deliver ta’jil and try to break the new fast of the ifta tradition, where you come from. Interesting offer, right?

The work during the day, which you have decided, can be ngabuburit or preparing ifta menus or even visiting several places. Usually in fasting temptations, it is a way to buy snacks. If you are fast, you will certainly not be tempted to buy this or that, yes

Fasting, try to make yourself comfortable all day. If your plan is to visit and use many places

Outside! So before you go out, don’t forget to remember the time to break fast and pay fast. Especially when

Terapkan 6 Tips Ini Agar Puasa Lancar Selama Traveling

For the majority of non-Muslims, you rarely hear the call to prayer and to forget to break your fast. It is better, however, to prepare everything at home.

When fasting, the sugar content in the body will certainly be lower, so it is not surprising that your body weakens faster, especially when you are fasting.

. Therefore, so that your travel activities are not disturbed, do not forget to bring a vitamin and consume it when you break your fast and at first light so that your body can remain fit.

Walking during the day usually makes people feel thirsty and dry. But in fasting, you can consume enough water around this in the morning and breaking your fast. In addition to avoiding heartburn, you also don’t have to worry about being dehydrated when you walk a lot in the middle of a fast.

Tips Traveling Aman Saat Puasa Ramadhan, Bikin Perjalanan Unik

In the morning, in the evening or even at night, so that your body is not directly exposed to the sun, which can dehydrate you and stop you throughout the day.

If you live in an area far from a Muslim environment, make sure you are more careful when buying food for sahur and breaking your fast. There is nothing wrong with always having certain halal food to keep your fast running smoothly throughout the day.

It is different from those who fast, for those who do not fast, or who weigh themselves, it is useful to have in your bag when you go out during the day, especially if you are fasting.

As generally Muslim areas. It could be that many restaurants will be closed during the month of Ramadan. For those who struggle to find food during the day, it is better to prepare the meal that you bought at night

Cara Puasa Tetap Lancar Selama Traveling Atau Bepergian Jauh!

Or bread Do not forget that local residents do not eat in public, especially in areas where the Islamic religion is prevalent.

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Bukan Jadi Penghalang! Simak 7 Tips Tetap Aktif Saat Puasa Ketika Melakukan Travelling

Brand Choices, Stories, Love & Relationships, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Inspiration, Beauty, Latest Promotions, Tips, Trending, Women The hardest thing when traveling on a fast is deciding what to eat and drink. Fasting, however, is not something that can ruin a holiday event. As long as you know that the system is running fast, all problems can be solved correctly.

So, what are the tips? What can you do, what is not recommended? Check out the review below!

It is impossible to travel fasting. That’s it, the customer needs a customer service. Because there will be a fasting time and a sahur time. When you go on vacation then you buy, right?

Well, one of the ways to prevent not running out of money during the holidays in the month of fasting is to slightly overspend the holiday budget. I was also told to come to the outdoor spot. Usually the food that is around the price of the city in the area is also much higher.

Tips Aman Traveling Saat Puasa

Indeed, there is no indication of where the “correct” place is for the holidays during the fasting month. However, look for places in the city that support fasting. For example, places in the city are easier to reach by vehicle.

. It doesn’t matter, it’s just that too much activity on a fast day will certainly make you thirsty more easily.

The best option is to visit an area where the ambient temperature is cooler and colder, such as staying in a mountainous area. High altitude areas tend to provide much cooler ambient temperatures.

Because in the morning and in the evening you cannot eat food and drink while fasting. Yes, you try to eat sahur food on your holidays. Food at dawn is energy reserved for a day of fasting.

Tips Jalani Puasa: Traveling Saat Jalani Puasa Ramadhan Agar Menyenangkan, Lakukan 5 Hal Berikut

To keep your body fit, you can increase your intake of vitamins or health supplements. If your body stays fit during your travels and holidays, you can enjoy it too.