Tips Traveling To Greece

By | November 24, 2023

Tips Traveling To Greece – The birthplace of Western civilization and home to some of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, Greece is truly stunning. Whether you’re looking to soak up the sun, explore the ruins of the past or party the night away, this is easily one of the top spots in Europe.

While places like Santorini and Mykonos can seriously set you back, it’s totally possible to see the best of Greece without breaking the bank.

Tips Traveling To Greece

So, grab your flip flops and camera and let’s take a look at the top tips for traveling Greece on a budget.

What You Need To Know To Stay Safe When In Greece

Unlike many countries, in Greece, you can actually find good prices in the big cities. Staying in Athens and Thessaloniki will give you some of the cheapest accommodation in the country. If you choose a dorm room, you can get a place for less than $20 a night.

Once you start looking at hotels on the islands, the prices will go up significantly. If you come prepared to stay in a bare-bones hostel, you can still make it for around 20 a night if you book in advance.

Like many places in Europe, the so-called “shoulder” season is the best time to visit. When visiting Greece from May to June or September to early October, you’ll still get great weather, but less crowds and better prices.

July and August are peak season and prices are sky high. The heat and crowds can be unbearable, and in fact, many locals leave the city. If you want to get an authentic feel for the culture and mingle with the locals, summer is not the time to do it.

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That said, some places close outside of peak season so you need to plan ahead. Before you book, read my complete guide on when to go to Greece.

There are several different ways to get around Greece. You will find that train and bus services are relatively cheap and convenient for short distances.

However, for longer trips, flights are actually surprisingly affordable. For example, instead of taking a five-hour bus ride, you can take a short flight for as little as $35 and save yourself a lot of time.

Using websites like Skyscanner and other money-saving travel resources makes traveling around Greece very affordable. Look for airlines like Aegean, Olympic, and RyanAir. You can fly from Athens to some of the best Greek islands in an hour. Meanwhile, ferries can take up to ten hours.

The Cyclades Islands In Greece

Once you get to the Greek islands, ferries are a good option. They run regularly and don’t require a cabin for their short journeys, so you can opt for an affordable standard ticket.

If you decide to take a long sea voyage, go to an overnight port such as Blue Star Ferries. They are half the cost of a speedboat and are easy to get comfortable with.

When it comes to short trips around town, there are several apps to use. First, there’s Uber. While Greece doesn’t allow Uber drivers like most countries do, you can still use the app to hail a regular taxi in Athens.

For the rest of Greece, there is an app called Beat (formerly Taxibeat) where you can find reviewed drivers. Taxi travel in Greece is cheap and apps are about the same price as cabs you can find on the street.

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If you are staying in one place for a while, a moped is a good choice. It’s quick, cheap, and the way most locals get around.

For a few different reasons, I highly recommend getting off the beaten path. Tourist traps abound and are a quick way to rack up expenses. You can easily cut 30 percent of your total cost by checking less popular.

Not sure where to go? Check out my quick guide to the best Greek islands on every budget!

For a great view of the turquoise sea, Oia in Santorini has it all – but remember this is a bucket list destination! It is more of a special honeymoon destination than a budget destination.

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Mykonos is the ultimate party beach destination. It is a very beautiful place and although it cannot be overstated, it is the most expensive island in Greece. When it comes to restaurants and hotels, budget options are few and far between. Skip it if you’re looking to save some money.

Lively Mykonos and romantic Santorini are loved the world over, and there are incredible hidden gems where you can save real money.

Get away from the crowds and check out amazing places like Corfu and Milos. Not only are they relatively inexpensive Greek islands, but they will also give you an insight into the authentic local culture.

Greece has some of the best food on earth! As always, street food is a key way to experience the best grub.

How To Plan An Affordable Trip To Greece? Tips And Tricks

You’ll find gyro and souvlaki around every corner. “Gyro” refers to any meat cooked on a vertical bun. Usually, it’s chicken or pork wrapped in a pita with tomatoes, onions and fries. Souvlaki is boneless meat and sometimes some vegetables are thrown in. Neither of these greasy treats will set you back more than €2.50.

One of my favorite treats is spanakopita pastry. You’ll find these spinach and feta delights at bakeries around town for around $2.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Here are my top ten local foods to try in Greece. Greece is a country in Southern Europe known for its ancient ruins, stunning islands, incredible cuisine and countless days of sunny weather throughout the year. So whether you’re planning a weekend break in the capital city of Athens or you’re looking to cross the beautiful country to the island, here are some of the best Greece travel tips to know before your next trip!

Of course, some Greek islands are more famous than others. Santorini, Mykonos, Zakynthos and Crete are some of the first islands that come to mind, but it is worth noting that there are many more islands to visit and stay than this one. In fact, Greece is estimated to have between 166 and 277 inhabited islands.

Tips For Traveling To Greece

It is also worth noting that the islands are spread across two seas; Ionian Sea and Aegean Sea. On the other hand, the inhabited Greek islands can be divided into about eight groups, of which the Cyclades are the most famous.

Ancient Greece is often considered the cradle of arts such as mathematics and philosophy, and it should come as no surprise that the country has countless amazing ruins that you can visit for yourself.

Top ruins to visit in Greece include the Acropolis of Athens (marble ruins dating back more than two millennia), Delphi (an ancient place of worship once dedicated to Apollo, the Greek god of the sun). , and the Palace of Knossos (the largest archaeological site on the island of Crete and one associated with the myth of the Minotaur).

There are a wide range of ferry services and, of course, island hop cruises if you’re looking for a one-stop shop option. You should keep in mind that traveling between islands is more expensive during the holidays

Planning A Trip To Greece

In fact, when you think of wine in Europe, you probably think of the hills of Tuscany in Italy or the medieval hilltop towns around Bordeaux in southwestern France. But what you may not know is that Greece has some of the oldest vineyards in the world.

For as long as people have lived in Greece, they have grown grapes to make wine. In fact, there is evidence that humans cultivated grapes as far back as 4500 BC.

Homer speaks of wine in both the Odyssey and the Iliad, and the earliest attested word in Ancient Greek is οἶνος.

(as well as your flights to reach Greece from anywhere else in the world you are traveling to)

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Getting from one island to another can be very expensive, not to mention that not all islands are the same.

Some of the most expensive places to visit in Greece include the islands of Santorini and Mykonos, and frankly, these should be avoided if you’re trying to visit the country on a budget.

One of the biggest mistakes visitors to Greece make is not taking enough travel time into account. This is especially true if you are looking to visit multiple islands. After all, most of the inhabited islands are spread over an area of ​​two seas.

On my trip to Greece, I traveled via ferry and it took more than half a day to get to some of the islands (so we crossed the water overnight). Some of the islands can take several hours to visit from the port of Piraeus in Athens.

Greece Travel: Tips On Tipping

If in doubt, it is better to plan to visit a few islands or places than to constantly rush.