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Travel Hotel Discounts – TravelGet 10% off local hotels with and EastVest Bank February 24, 2019 Phantasm Darkstar 0 Comments

Enjoy 10% discount on Philippine hotels using your EastVest Bank credit, debit or prepaid card when you book from February 15 to March 15, 2019.

Travel Hotel Discounts

1. The Promotion is open to all EastVest credit card, debit and prepaid card users in good standing (“Cardholders” and “Cardholders”).

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2. The reservation period is from February 15 to March 15, 2019. The stay period is from February 15 to September 15, 2019.

3. Cardholders can enjoy a 10% discount on local hotel accommodation if they book during the booking period using their EastVest credit, debit or prepaid card. In addition, the period of stay must be within the above dates.

4. To avail the discount, the cardholder must go to and select one of the available hotels that are eligible for the promotion.

6. The cardholder must enter the first 6 digits of their eligible EastVest credit, debit or prepaid card on the Booking Details page and use the same card for payment.

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7. The offer cannot be applied retroactively. reserves the right to cancel reservations resulting from fraudulent transactions.

8. By joining this promotion, the Cardholder confirms that they have read, understood and agree to the mechanics of the promotion, including but not limited to these Terms and Conditions.

9. The terms and conditions specified in the Terms and Conditions governing the issuance and use of EastVest credit, debit and prepaid cards apply.

10. For any concerns or inquiries regarding the offer, the cardholder may call the hotline at (02) 304-5555 or email [email protected]. For any inquiry or concern regarding the Promotional or Card Account, Cardholders may contact EastVest Customer Service at (02) 888-1700 or by email at [email protected].

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11. All questions or disputes regarding the Cardholder’s eligibility for the Promotion shall be resolved by EastVest. In the event of disputes regarding the promotion, the decision of EastVest and will be final subject to the approval of the DTI.

Accounts should not be delinquent (ie for credit cards), not under investigation for suspected fraudulent activity, those whose EastVest credit, debit and prepaid cards have not been reported lost or stolen, and those who have not otherwise violated any which of the Terms and Conditions governing the issuance and use of EastVest credit, debit and prepaid cards.

Graduated nurse and emergency medical technician by profession. Instructor, psychic, freelance model and makeup artist. He is a bit of a geek and has a wide range of interests: from gaming, music, adventure, travel, fashion and food, to medical research, surgery, emergency, psychology and the paranormal. Always play to try new things and learn new ways of doing things. Airline employees often get discounted hotel rates, but anyone can negotiate a better deal. Blogging room? Check travel agency and hotel websites, then call the front desk directly, not the 800 number, to compare prices. Ask about special offers and promotional packages or extras such as meals and spa treatments. Hotels that cater to business travelers often have lower rates on weekends. You can also ask about discounts for multiple nights or money-saving extras like complimentary breakfast or free in-room Wi-Fi.

Hotels and resorts often offer perks to regular guests and members of their rewards programs. These programs are generally free to join and the benefits can be worth the effort. If this is your second visit to a particular hotel or chain, please let the front desk know. Repeat guests are sometimes treated like royalty, as are people celebrating birthdays or wedding anniversaries.

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When you arrive, ask again about incentives. Like airplane seats, hotel rooms are perishable goods. If premium rooms are still not sold, you may be able to upgrade for less than you booked in advance.

Hotel contracts stipulate that crews may not be accommodated in noisy accommodations near ice machines, elevators, and service areas. Adjacent rooms transmit sound through doors and may pose a greater security risk. Since the cost is the same for most rooms in the category, location can make the difference between a memorable stay or a miserable stay. Check out the floor plan layout online or ask ahead of time.

If you are less than satisfied with the room assignment, it is best to request a change before unpacking your bags and using the shower.

FA TIP: For our last visit to Barbados, I blogged about a regular room, although there was plenty of premium accommodation available. When checking in, I mentioned that it was my husband’s first trip to the island and I really hoped he would want to come back. That comment may have triggered the free upgrade we got, although I was prepared to ask the manager if we could pay a bit more for a superior room.

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