Travel Hotel Security Camera

By | February 17, 2023

Travel Hotel Security Camera – Here’s a look at how this affordable home security camera can be used to enhance the security of your devices while traveling to work. While not designed for this purpose, the Wyze Cam has the right features to make it possible. Unlike many other options on the market

Safety is a big concern for me when I travel for work. Sometimes I can pack things I need for work. But I often have to carry a lot of equipment. This means sometimes I have to leave my device at the hotel. the trunk of a rented car or sometimes in a locked office The best tactic in these situations is to learn the appropriate time and place to do this. and overall awareness of your surroundings. You should also always insure your equipment for travel. Business insurance is one of the most important things an independent business owner should have. My insurance company Hill & Usher has worldwide coverage included in my package. and gives me a lot of confidence when I travel. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help much when your device is lost halfway and you still have work to do.

Travel Hotel Security Camera

That is why I started looking for security options. There are many possible options such as tamper proof bags. Sophisticated locks, cameras, GPS devices, and even web services. Actual help ranges and prices all depend on what you are trying to keep your device safe.

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One day when exploring the Microcenter smart technology space in my area. I found a possible solution. I’m a big fanatic when it comes to smart home technology. and has been coding and designing his own solutions for quite some time. Standing on the shelf was a smart security camera I had never heard of for $25. At that price, I grabbed one to test thinking maybe I could hack it to create a mobile security device. My own. It turns out that the Wyze Cam already includes all the essential features I was looking for.

Made by Wyze Labs in Seattle, the Wyze Cam is a smart home camera like any other camera. most in the market The biggest difference is the fact that it sells for around $25 or $20 plus shipping from their website. It connects to your WiFi network, records in 1080p, has night vision. motion detection and two-way audio capabilities. It has a decent mobile app that allows live streaming and recording of 12-second events using AWS saving time for 14 days for free. Its features are in line with all of its competitors. But all these great features are not what makes this device useful as a portable security camera for travel.

For beginners The device measures approximately two inches squared with a folding magnetic base that allows the camera to look in any direction. This is essential for stuffing in my suitcase while traveling and stashing it in the corner of a hotel room or car. It’s powered by USB, so it easily plugs into any outlet. but more importantly It means it can be powered by battery bank. The ability to not be confined to a wall outlet with the camera hidden is a huge advantage. It also makes it possible to leave the camera in a parked car or trunk. I have tested this with several banks. And it looks like an Anker 10000mah power bank depending on your setup. I can record continuously for about 20 hours.

The Wyze Cam is unlike any other smart home camera on the market. There is a MicroSD card slot that can be used for continuous recording. This is important because if you want to use it as a mobile security device. You must be able to place the camera in a location where you cannot access WiFi, as long as the camera is initialized and set up on the WiFi network with the MicroSD card installed and all set up. You can then unplug it and take it with you. when you turn on the camera The camera will start recording according to the parameters you set. You can have it continuously record directly to the SD card, or you can set it to only record based on motion detection.

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Of course, when using a device like this You will lose all WiFi features such as viewing, in-app playback on your phone, live streaming, and notifications. To view footage All you need to do is pull out the SD card or reconnect the camera to your network. You will then be ready to use in the app.

It’s $25, a 32GB SD card, and a battery bank, two of which most of us already have as accessories. You can have a chance to catch or even get your lost device. If staying in a hotel Video proof of other guests or even the staff receiving your belongings will help get them back. If nothing else, it will speed up the claim process.

I have been testing cameras like this for several months. I was so impressed that I grabbed another one and started using it to patrol my bike, which I now have parked on the side of the road. I have been using this second camera for over 4 months now with very few minor issues, all of which are related to router issues. In all these cases The camera continues to record I couldn’t log in to the camera remotely in the app until I got home and reset the camera. Wyze also works with Alexa, so you can watch on any Alexa video device. I’m connected to my Firestick TV, and whenever I hear something on the street in front of me, I just ask Alexa to show it to me.

Are these the best WiFi smart home cameras on the market? Probably not, but it’s affordable. full of features And it’s pretty convincing, in my experience. Wyze Labs recently announced a NAS device called the Maxdrive, which will connect directly to your router’s Ethernet port. This will allow you to record continuously from all your devices directly to the Maxdrive. They also mentioned an outdoor version of the camera on the horizon. Such great new products, combined with the huge community on the Wyze forums and Reddit, made me think I might invest more in cameras as an in-depth security system for my studio space.

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There’s a lot more to be said about the Wyze Cam and even Wyze Labs, but I wanted this article to be about using the device as a portable security device when traveling. If the camera seems interesting to you and you want a more in-depth review. Please let us know in the comments.

Michael DeStefano is a commercial/editary photographer focusing on outdoor lifestyles and adventures from Boston, Massachusetts. He combines his passion for outdoor sports such as hiking and surfing with his work. he when not traveling or outdoors He is always on the lookout for new technology devices. Are you afraid that hidden cameras might spy on you when you travel? In 2020, concerns about spycams in hotels and vacation rentals will no longer be far-fetched.

Throughout the year 2019, various news revealing new trends When a traveler discovers hidden cameras in their accommodations, these covert devices are usually cleverly embedded in seemingly innocuous items such as smoke detectors, alarm clocks, phone chargers. or even shampoo bottles and deodorant sticks in the past year Only a handful of places where spy cameras have been discovered include Sydney hostels, Miami Airbnb and hotels since Tehri. India to Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and from Zhengzhou, China, to San Francisco and Minneapolis in South Korea, criminal gangs were arrested after secretly filming and live-streaming the actions of their guests. Motel over 1,600 people

Randy Andrews, video security expert and founder of Logan Security Consulting, which created the popular Hidden Camera Detector app for the iPhone, says innovation and accessibility are driving the spy camera epidemic. “Technology is getting smaller,” Andrews said. “We’re talking about a pinhead-sized camera lens.”

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The smallest hidden camera Andrew had ever seen was embedded within the cross of a Phillips head screw. “Look with the naked eye It just blends and is invisible,” he said.

For many travelers, the most worrying trend is the proliferation of hidden cameras in the United States. And we see them selling on Chinese sites like Alibaba. Now, of course, Amazon and eBay are blatantly selling,” Andrews said.

In fact, a quick search for A “hidden spy camera” on reveals thousands of daily items for sale with built-in micro cameras. Most of these products are under $100; For example, there is a USB wall charger for $28.87.