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By | February 28, 2023

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Copenhagen might not be the first place that comes to mind when you’re planning your next European adventure, whether that’s because it’s a bit further away or because Denmark is traditionally quite expensive. But the purpose of this Copenhagen guide is to give you my top 10 Copenhagen tips to make the most of your trip to Copenhagen. These tips cover everything from Copenhagen budget tips to what to eat and where to stay during your visit to Copenhagen.

Travel Tips Copenhagen

My number one tip for Copenhagen is to buy the Copenhagen Card. These tickets are perfect for a short trip to Copenhagen, whether you’re visiting for a day, a long weekend or a whole week. You can buy a card that covers 24, 48, 72, 96 or 120 hours. The Copenhagen Card includes free public transport, free entry to over 80 attractions and activities, discounts at restaurants and a free guidebook in the app.

Copenhagen Travel Guide: Insider Tips

I bought a 72 hour card for my 3 days in Copenhagen which cost me 102 euros. During that time I visited six attractions, took public transport all over the city every day, plus took the regional train to Frederiksborg Castle, rented a bike and went on a canal tour – all for the price of this ticket.

Visit the Copenhagen Card website and you can calculate which tickets you want to buy and how much money you will save.

Without a card, you would pay 164 euros for all this. With the card, you pay only 102 euros for the price of the card for 72 hours. This does not include any other discounts you may receive at restaurants, bars, bike rentals or tours.

Renting a bike in Copenhagen was my favorite way to explore the city. I got a discount on my bike rental at City Tours Nyhavn Bicycle with my Copenhagen Card.

Copenhagen Travel Guide Tips: Best Things To Do And See

The regular price is 90kr for half a day (£10) or 120kr (£14) for a full day. I was able to rent a bike for 100 kroner (£11) for the whole day with the Copenhagen Card.

I know that cycling in a foreign city is not fun for everyone, but the great thing about Copenhagen and Denmark in general is that most people get around by bike, so cyclists are respected on the roads, and there are also very wide and good ones. -maintained bike lanes on most roads and bike paths throughout the city.

I used the bike to get to know my neighbors around Copenhagen and also spent a nice afternoon cycling along the waterfront to see the famous Little Mermaid statue.

It was not only saving money, but also a change to experience the Danish hygge feeling in a beautiful Copenhagen apartment. If you are visiting with a partner or friends, this is definitely the best accommodation option compared to the high prices of hotels in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Travel Guide: How To Spend A Weekend In The Happiest City In The World

We stayed in a great neighborhood called Frederiksberg, which I would definitely recommend, it’s cheap to stay in, the area is lovely and it’s only 8 minutes to the city center by train, which is free with the Copenhagen Card.

Our Airbnb also had a kitchen, so we were able to save money and cook there ourselves.

Did you know that Sweden is just a short train ride from Copenhagen? You can take a day trip from Copenhagen to Malmö, Sweden for just £20, taking a train that crosses the famous Øresund Bridge. The journey lasts only half an hour, and who wouldn’t like to be able to include another country on the trip so easily?!

Malmö is a small city with beautiful architecture. Be sure to check out Lille Torgi, the old town square where you can enjoy a drink or lunch and watch the world go by.

Best Things To Do In Copenhagen In Winter

Head to Malmö Castle and explore the gardens too. Don’t miss the beautiful Castle Cafe/Slottstradgardens Kafe for a light bite.

Conversely, check out the ultra-modern Turning Torso building. His high-rise looks like a tower block twisted out of shape.

Did you go to Copenhagen without walking along the colorful Nyhavn waterfront? Nyhavn is hard to miss, it’s in the city center and the colorful buildings are full of cafes, bars and restaurants, full of people to meet and socialize with even in the colder months!

I spent a long time here, not only photographing the colorful buildings, but also enjoying the atmosphere.

Copenhagen & Denmark Travel Guide • Organically Becca

It is a very expensive part of the city, so although I don’t recommend eating here, drinking in the sunshine and enjoying the atmosphere is definitely in the top 10 for Copenhagen.

What once started as a very basic food for working people is now a Danish staple and you can find this meal all over Copenhagen and Denmark.

This traditional Scandinavian meal is basically an open sandwich on rye bread with various toppings such as cheese, cold cuts, spreads and other toppings.

You’ll find cheap pub versions and high-end five-star versions, but they’re a great lunch and definitely worth a try when you’re in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Travel Guide: 4 Days Of Hygge And World Class Dining

A body of water runs through Copenhagen, which flows out of the sea and out again. The city covers this body of water on both sides, with plenty of bridges or water taxis crossing it.

Along the western waterfront, start at Nyhavn and walk or cycle north. This will take you past Amalienborg Palace where you will see the changing of the guard at noon. Continue up the waterfront enjoying the scenery until you reach Kastellet. It is a unique star-shaped fort that is free to enter and often hosts free events or concerts.

Continue north a bit and you will come to the famous statue of the Little Mermaid. This is probably the most famous landmark in Copenhagen, although I have to say it was much smaller than I expected!

When walking back to Nyhavn, walk or cycle across the pedestrian-only Inderhavnsbroen bridge. This waterfront is much more industrial and you’ll find cool and quirky art galleries, pop-up shops, cafes, bars and beach restaurants to spend the evening.

Copenhagen Travel Guide

Christiania was founded in 1971 by homeless people in an old military district. It is now home to over 1,000 members and is independent of the Danish government. They have no taxes and operate under the rules of fairness and equality. There are other rules, the most important of which are no violence, no running, no cars or no photos. They promote an environmentally friendly lifestyle and try to live sustainably. With creative classes, yoga and meditation, quirky cafes and marijuana use, it’s considered a “hippie” commune, often admired by other Danes as a successful attempt to create a new society.

With lots of street art, decorations, colorful buildings and lively activities, it really is a joyful place to visit.

People here are very friendly and welcoming, unless they think you are taking photos, which is strictly prohibited. So put down your phone, grab a local coffee and explore Christiania.

Maybe not something you would normally associate with Copenhagen, but it was one of the most fun and authentic nights of my trip. We stumbled upon a small pub called Hvide Lamb (White Lamb) where local bands play jazz every night. It’s a small, smoky, laid-back bar in town, but it was so much fun and everyone was so friendly and excited to see the band play.

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Probably Copenhagen’s most famous attraction. Tivoli Gardens is an amusement park and gardens that feature shows, concerts and events throughout the year. The summer months are famous for Tivoli’s rides and attractions and outdoor shows. In winter, the Christmas lights are truly spectacular.

The park is open from May to early January, so if you’re planning to visit between January and April, be aware that you won’t be able to visit Tivoli.

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Copenhagen Travel Guide

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