August Travel Destinations Asia

By | June 1, 2024

August Travel Destinations Asia – Many destinations are ripe for a summer break in August. For a trip focused around wildlife, consider a safari in Tanzania, which is experiencing its dry season, a trip to Kalimantan to see turtle hatch, or a visit to Brazil’s Pantanal for a shot to see a jaguar.

Elsewhere, their best beaches are in the north and east coast of Sri Lanka, Iceland’s interior has thawed out ready for you to explore on foot by Superjeep, while northern Australia is dry, sunny and comfortably warm for hikes. Alternatively, you might like to live on a hacienda in rural Ecuador or enjoy a family getaway to Mauritius.

August Travel Destinations Asia

August is a great time to visit northern Australia, which experiences dry, sunny and warm conditions, making all areas easily accessible. You can comfortably walk in the national park, relax on the beach while they are at their best, and snorkel around the Great Barrier Reef, which sees gentle currents at this time of year.

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Southern Australia is cooler, so it’s a good time for hiking, although there’s more chance of rain. You will find far fewer visitors than during the country’s summer months, and without the scorching air you will be able to more comfortably explore the interior areas such as the Flinders Ranges.

Watch for turtles on sandy beaches, hike through fruit-laden forests in search of orangutans, enjoy lively festivals… Kalimantan has a lot to offer if you’re planning to come in August. The conditions are hot, humid and dry, making it a good time for beach relaxation and for exploring the shady forests, where the abundance of fruit draws a wealth of wildlife. These favorable conditions make it a popular time to visit, so plan ahead to secure the best jungle and beach hotels.

Elsewhere, you can catch the Kalimantan Art Festival, a week-long celebration of the arts on Labuan Island that falls in August or September.

Sri Lanka’s east coast beaches are at their best in August. The white sand beaches gently slope into the island’s underwater plateau, providing long stretches of shallow calm – ideal for families with young children. Further out to sea, blue and sperm whales migrate here in large numbers at this time of year – take a whale watching trip to see them and you’re also likely to spot dolphins and flying fish.

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You can combine a beach stay with time in Kandy, which celebrates the Kandy Perahera, an annual festival of dancing and parades centered around the Sacred Tooth Relic of Buddha.

In August, everywhere is accessible in Iceland. Snow and ice have melted to reveal a landscape of multicolored sand, twisted black lava fields and the coast dotted with seabirds (for puffins, visit at the beginning of the month, before they migrate to the south).

You can explore on foot with a Superjeep, with a guide who can tell you more about the geology and the typical culture of the country, while enjoying the moderate temperature. Rain is always a possibility here, but it all adds to Iceland’s wild and rugged character. A number of festivals also take place in August, including Reykjavík’s Menningarnótt (Culture Night), when the streets close for street performers and fireworks.

With the country at its driest and the Great Migration herds heading north to cross the Mara River, August is one of the best times to visit Tanzania. You have the chance to see a frantic river crossing, but there are more experiences besides.

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Wildlife is most visible throughout the country as the bush is not dense and animals congregate around the small amount of water that remains in the dry landscape. This is also a good time to do walking safaris because you have a clear view of all the animals nearby. And, you might like to pair a safari with beach time in Zanzibar, which is also dry and sunny.

As Brazil teeters on the cusp of spring, you can enjoy its city with comfortably warm air and mostly clear skies, with less potential visitors than in the summer. It is ideal for beach relaxation on the Green Coast, where the air is balmy without being too hot.

We also recommend visiting the Pantanal in August – dry, warm conditions draw wildlife to the rivers and lagoons, allowing for some excellent sightings of birdlife, primates and, if you’re lucky, apex predators like jaguars.

Pleasant temperatures, warm sea water and humidity-free nights make August a great time to visit Mauritius. You will find sunny and warm days ideal for exploring or relaxing, whether you want to relax and enjoy family time on a sheltered beach, go hiking in the Chamarel Mountains or enjoy the culture and sights of the island’s cities and towns. .

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Stay you can in harmony with Ganesh Chaturthi, the Hindu festival that celebrates Ganesh. You will see a bright statue of an elephant-headed god displayed all over the island, which is then immersed in a body of water.

One of the driest and hottest months to visit mainland Ecuador, August offers blue skies and plenty of sunshine, although showers are always a possibility here. This month is excellent for hiking in cloudforests, looking out for brightly plumed birds, or for exploring the Avenue of Volcanoes. This is also a good time to stay at the hacienda, learn village skills and soak up country life in beautiful surroundings.

You can probably combine Ecuador with time in Peru, which also experiences good weather in August. And, while the waters around the Galapagos can be glistening in August, travel is still possible – watch out for sea lion cubs playing along the shore.

Covering all seven continents, the world of your way shows you how you can see the world with us. It features travel ideas from our specialists and hand-picked accommodations and experiences, and introduces our approach to creating meaningful travel experiences. I love Asia and I’m always looking for different places to visit in Asia and the best time to go to Asia! Together with my travel blogger friends I have put together this list of the best places to visit in Asia in July and the best places to visit in Asia in August to help you plan your summer vacation!

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July and August bring the Summer holidays for people in the Northern Hemisphere and whether you want to go on a family vacation during the Summer holidays, you are studying and it’s just summer, or you want to get away from the heat. and crowds in popular European holiday destinations, you may want to spend Summer in Asia.

However, July and August generally bring rain and monsoon season to many parts of Asia and if you are like me this is not what you want from a trip!

A few years ago, I was personally wondering where to go to Asia in August so I reached out to my travel blogging friends to get their thoughts, opinions and experiences from traveling Asia in the summer months and below are all the suggestions I received. in the best places to visit in July in Asia and the best places to visit in August in Asia!

Indonesia is the clear winner as the best place to travel in July and August due to the weather!

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Many of Indonesia’s islands will have blue skies and less rain, making them the perfect country for a summer vacation destination.

For example, I was in Gilli Trawangan during Christmas and although it was hot, December was the beginning of the rainy season, so we had a nice rain on Christmas day! While May, June, July, August and September practically do not offer rain.

In this list of where to go in Asia in July and August, I have recommendations for places in Southeast Asia, East Asia, Central Asia and the Sub Continent that show that if you have a little flexibility you can visit some real gems in July . and August in Asia.

In general, I have tried to pick a place where the weather is comfortable so even if it is possible, and most likely it will be very hot, it will not be really humid that the weather is awful to travel in!

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Also, some countries change depending on where you are, for example, Pakistan in July and August varies a lot. In Lahore and Islamabad where you are going to fly, it is unbearably hot but once you fly to the mountains of Northern Pakistan, it is beautiful weather!

I have also tried to take a place out of the rainy season as generally the rainy season in Asia comes to most countries in July and August so it can be difficult to plan a summer vacation in Asia!

You really can’t do a 2 week India trip visiting Delhi, Rajasthan and the Taj Mahal in July or August unfortunately!

However, sometimes hot and a little rain is not bad and can really benefit your trip because in the low season you will avoid crowds and get a better price by visiting this destination in the Asian Summer months!

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The Gili Islands in Indonesia are idyllic all year round but for the best weather in the Gili Islands, I would recommend visiting in July as I am. It was a warm and sunny and perfect day