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By | June 2, 2024

Travel Tips Rwanda – We will start our tips for traveling in Rwanda by talking about this country. The official name of this country is the Republic of Rwanda. It is a landlocked country in East Africa with green rocks. It is the gateway to the famous gorillas and monkeys in its famous Volcanoes National Park.

The western region forms a spectacular part of the Rift Valley known as the Albertine Rift. The population of this country is 13 million people. The total area of ​​this area is 24670 km2. It has a number of rare and endangered species and is bursting with energy. Kigali is the capital of the country and the first city.

Travel Tips Rwanda

The city is the economic, cultural, and transportation center of the nation. The country has the most female seats in Congress in the world. 64 percent of members of parliament in the country are women. Every Rwandan, starting with the head of state, participates in Umuganda, a day of voluntary service across the country, on the last Saturday of every month.

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The primary and main official languages ​​are Kinyarwanda, English, French, and Swahili. Kinyarwanda is the culture of this region and the common language. Swahili was only heard in many cities before 1994. Swahili is part of the Bantu language family. Only 0.3 percent of Rwandans use French as their first or second language. Only 0.4 percent of the population speaks English.

It is said that Swahili is the easiest African language for an English speaker to learn. Discussions with other representatives of East African communities contributed to the acceptance of the Swahili language in the government, especially in business.

The first and main currency of Rwanda is the Rwandan franc. The Rwandan franc is equal to 100 centimes. The bank issues the note in denominations of 500, 1000, 2000, 5000 francs. While the currency comes in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 & 100 francs. The major cards accepted are visa and master cards.

Automated cleaning machines are available in major cities. All ATMs will dispense francs from Rwanda only. In Rwanda, the US dollar is the most popular currency. In many other places, credit cards may not be accepted. So please always have money with you.

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Indians need a visa to visit this place. Visa is required for all people except people from USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Sweden, Hong Kong.

The perfect opportunity to explore Rwanda is during the 2nd monsoon season from mid-February to early June & mid-September to mid-December. It provides conditions for quick travel and less malaria at this time. The average daytime temperature is about 30°C.

In May-mid-October, golden monkeys and gorillas are the most popular wildlife experiences. During the dry season, land tolerant species such as water buffalo and elephant are also evident. Another great time to visit is dry (December-February) which is better for pets.

The tough degrees can also be perfect for those who want to go hiking, boating or hiking, without the need for shelter from the rain.

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The country is leading the digital revolution in Africa. The Internet speed in Rwanda is above average and the prices are high. You can buy SIM cards for your phone from the airport or one of the many vendors in the country. All you need is a passport to get a sim card in this country.

While MTN, Tigo, and Airtel are the major internet service providers in this area. According to Rwanda Travel Tips, places with free wifi hotspots are restaurants, hotels, airports, and popular tourist spots. While almost 95 percent of the population has internet access.

The standard voltage is 230 V and the standard frequency is 50 Hz. There are two types of electrical plug-sockets available in this country. These are form C and form J. Form C has 2 round pins while J has 3 round pins.

However, you can use your electrical equipment in this area if the normal voltage in your area is between 220 240 V. Although it is recommended to carry a travel adapter to stay connected to the earth. According to Rwanda Travel Tips, power-cuts usually do not occur in this part of the country, but sometimes in small areas.

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Due to its altitude Rwanda features a mild climate and adequate rainfall throughout the year. The extended pregnancy period starts from June to mid-September. The monsoon season lasts from October to November. The rainy season runs from December to February.

During both dry periods in the country, light rains are common. In Kigali, the average temperature is 20.5C. Each month the average temperature change is 1.5°C which is very low. The hottest month (August) has an average temperature of 21.5C (70.7) and is very hot.

April is the coolest time with typical 20C conditions. It is also known as the “Land of a Thousand Hills” and is only a few degrees closer to the equator.

By the 17th millennium, in the modern world, the Tutsis had established a kingdom where the Hutu, the Tutsi, and the Twa lived. In 1899 it became a member of German East Africa. It fell under the rule of Belgium by order from the League of Nations after World War I. Although it is formed by the trusted area of ​​the League of Nations since 1920, ‘Ruanda-Urundi.’

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After World War II Belgium continues to dominate the world. In 1959 as the freedom movement was growing strongly. The ruling Tutsi group had founded the Union Nationale Rwandaise, a democratic ruling group. Belgian officials were also encouraging a large part of the Hutus to look after the government’s strength.

A rival party was formed that year, the Parti de l’émancipation du Peuple Hutu (Parmehutu). In 1962 Rwanda became independent with the Hutu leader, Gregoire Kayibanda. This tragedy started with the assassination of Juvenal Habyarimana, the Ruler of Rwanda. On April 6, 1994, a plane crashed at Kigali airport.

It caused about 15,000 Tutsis to die at the hands of Hutu groups. In 1973, Kayibanda was removed from power by the military led by Juvénal Habyarimana, the military’s chief aide. The period of military rule lasted until 1978 when a new constitution was made and Habyarimana was elected president.

Rwanda is a country with a rich history and a diverse society. Se Intore Dance Troupes presents the best national dances of various urban and dance forms. While weaving and basket making are still skills used today to make dry baskets for food and medicinal storage.

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Amasunzu is a Rwandan hair style that was once popular with both men and women. A different look is created by cutting and braiding the rest of the hair. traditional dress also reflects feelings of patriotism and confidence in one’s cultural beliefs.

Even Mushanana is the usual women’s dress made from light and heavy silk. It’s very fluffy and comes with simple prints and cotton basics at the same time. In addition, the dish in Rwanda is not spicy or hot. the inhabitants eat basic food made from things produced nearby.

Rwandan cuisine, consisting of East African food Ugali and vegetables, is popular in East Africa. Major national events include Kwita Izina, Kigali UP, Assumption Day, and Hobe Festival.

The majority of Rwandans are Roman Catholic, about 36 percent, and another 35 percent were Protestant. While nearly 25 percent of the population are still local believers. Although in this part of the country 3 percent of the inhabitants do not believe in the existence of God. Jehovah’s Witnesses are about 1 percent of the country.

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However,   these numbers and categories are not clear cut. At the same time, many Rwandans observe their ancient faith and Christianity. The divinity or spirit called Imana is at the center of religious practice. A Rwandan believes that the Abazima, the ancestors of a person, can protect and help the people of the remaining family.

These contributions can gain the respect and value of people. According to Rwanda Travel Tips, they are not offered sacrifices as they may cause illness or other harm.

Yes, Rwanda is one of the most beautiful countries in eastern Africa. However, local travel & cabs in this corner of the world are extremely dangerous. The riders don’t care, the highways are bad and the cars are bad. While petty theft includes stealing, snatching a wallet, and stealing other property and equipment in the process.

Serious violence or hostility directed at travelers is especially rare. This country could be hit by natural disasters. They include heat, heavy rains, floods, wildfires, landslides, and volcanic eruptions. In this part of the world hypocrisy often does not arise.

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According to Rwanda Travel Tips, it is not a dangerous land for Solo Women Travelers. However, like all other countries, you are encouraged to take all precautionary measures. Also, please do not drive slowly when the highways are empty, or in poorly lit areas.

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1. They have the largest percentage of women in parliament in the world. 2. Everyone participates in Umuganda including the general public & the President on every Saturday of the month. 3.