Destinasi Solo Traveling

By | January 7, 2023

Destinasi Solo Traveling – Solo Travel Destinations in Indonesia: Vacations don’t always have to be with friends or family. Take a self-guided trip

Batu is a municipality in East Java that has a million charms and potential to enjoy stunning natural panoramas. In various corners of this city, you can easily find various tourist objects ranging from recreational areas, urban parks to culinary tourism areas suitable for tourists.

Destinasi Solo Traveling

Not far from Batu City and only about 30 minutes by car, you can go directly to Malang City which also has many tourist attractions. The destination cities of Batu and Malang are very suitable destinations

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Due to the easy access and from the two cities, the abundance of culinary delights in the corners of the city, as well as various tourist objects.

Come here, don’t forget to visit the beautiful beaches or take a tour package to climb Mount Bromo for the cool sunrise view.

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The combination of a variety of culinary delights, low cost of living, friendly locals, and nearby tourist attractions with many variations, makes Yogyakarta a tourist-friendly city.

Solo Traveling Ke Palu Dan Donggala

Just like you The choice of accommodation is also very complete. You can choose to stay in many types of accommodation such as star hotels or budget hotels according to your needs

In this student town, you can also tour the city by bus to Prambanan Temple. Walking or riding a horse-drawn carriage around the Malioboro area and walking around the town square while enjoying the bustling pedicab parade can also be interesting activities for tourists.

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With a wide selection of culinary tours. In this area, you can try various culinary specialties such as pempek, adaan, celor noodles, pindang ikan, tekwan, celimpungan and many others.

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For a variety of tourist objects, this city is not less compared to other cities. In addition to the many natural attractions that you can visit, Palembang has religious tourism and historical tourist attractions starting from Cheng Ho Mosque, which has a unique architecture, Kemaro Island, which is in the middle of the Musi River, to enjoying the majestic and beautiful Ampera Bridge from the coast of the historic Kuto Besak Fort. .

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The capital of West Java, Bandung, is known as a shopping paradise. Anyone who visits this city will immediately be greeted by several people

A variety of fashion products, ranging from clothes, shoes, etc. However, that doesn’t mean that’s the destination’s only attraction

Negara Yang Paling Enak Jadi Destinasi Solo Traveling, Aman Kok!

Bandung also has beautiful tourist objects. When you get bored of walking around the city center alone, you can go to the highlands of Bandung such as Tangkuban Perahu and Tebing Keraton. Want something more practical and guaranteed accommodation? You can try to continue

You next? Bali is not the only destination that can give you that atmosphere. You can make Lombok Island an alternative destination

In contrast to Bali, which is full of tourists, the island of Lombok is still relatively quieter. Still, there is no doubting the charm of the natural beauty of this unique island. Just like its neighboring islands, this island also has many impressive waterfalls and soft white sandy beaches.

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Mengenal Ciamiknya Batik Dan Seni Autentik Di Solo

Also known as “Little China”, the city of Lasem, located in Rembang Regency, Central Java, is the city where the Chinese first landed in Java. This city is famous for its religious tourism objects, the gold-plated reclining Buddha statue and the beauty of the villages scattered throughout the area.

), such as lumping horse art, barongsai and liong art, wayang wong art, Lasem batik, salt ponds, Lasem beach and many others. You can enjoy all the tourist charms of Lasem city while traveling

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As one of the busy cosmopolitan cities, Makassar City, formerly known as Ujung Pandang, offers many suitable facilities for those of you who want to

Destinasi Solo Traveling Di Indonesia Yang Wajib Dikunjungi!

. The city of Makassar offers many tourist attractions, a variety of delicious culinary delights with unforgettable tastes and shopping opportunities to your heart’s content.

Not only that, taking a stroll through the heart of Makassar can also add to the richness of your historical knowledge. You can visit the historic Fort Rotterdam, relax along the coast of Losari or visit the fantastic Bantimurung National Park, where 250 types of butterflies await your arrival.

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Not unlike Jogja, Solo is a city very rich in culture and history. However, culture and history aside, destiny

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This can also be a culinary tour as well as a shopping tour which is no less interesting, you know. In addition, together with a high level of security and was appointed “

A quieter one, try to explore the Ubud area where you can see another side of the Island of the Gods which is no less charming. This area, famous for its beautiful and green panoramas, is equipped with various tourist facilities ranging from accommodation, places to eat and, of course, various tourist objects that make

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You next? Before planning to travel alone, it’s a good idea to have all kinds of vacation needs taken care of in advance. Solo travel is one of those travel experiences that you definitely won’t forget. This is a way of seeing the world from different points of view. You are also the one who makes the decisions about where you want to spend your time in a tourist destination. Whether you want to enjoy the sea or watch the sun rise in a beautiful place, or spend time visiting historical relics such as museums or temples, that’s up to you, Bela.

Solo Traveling Ke Thailand? Jelajahi 5 Tempat Wisata Hits Di Khao Yai

However, traveling alone will be kind of scary, especially when you do it for the first time. You will do crucial things like security, budgeting and other important activities yourself. You can explore interesting cities in Indonesia or abroad. If you are interested in going abroad, this is the right world destination for solo travel.

Iceland is a friendly and suitable country for solo female travelers. You can visit the Nordic islands, which are safe and easy to move around for an extraordinary adventure. You can also walk the ring road, dive in the frozen ocean, see the northern lights or relax in the Blue Lagoon.

Southeast Asia is a destination for backpackers, even solo travelers. With relatively cheap flights and other means of transportation, you can get from one destination to another easily. You can go to Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. With Thailand’s famous full moon party destination, explore Angkor Wat in Cambodia or the rice fields of Vietnam.

New Zealand is also an easy destination for solo travel. The country has excellent infrastructure, is safe and has many options. In the North Island you can find beautiful beaches and snowy volcanoes. Meanwhile, The South Island is famous for its glaciers and wildlife.

Paket Wisata Solo 3 Hari 2 Malam

The Japanese culture which is very thick, is one of the options to visit this Land of the Rising Sun. In Tokyo you can get accommodation easily, just use the very efficient train system. There are women-only cars and some hotels also offer women-only accommodation. You can explore Hajaruku, Kyoto or restaurants famous for their deliciousness.

If it’s your first time traveling alone abroad, you can visit Western or Central Europe. Not only safe, many destinations you visit there. You can go backpacking in England, Italy, France and Germany or visit luxury destinations like Sweden, Belgium and Switzerland.

In Peru you can visit the home of the famous Inca ruins, the Cordillera dos Andes and pork lovers can taste the incredible fried guinea pig. There is public transport to destinations such as Lima or Machu Picchu. If you want to travel further afield, it’s best to hire a Quechua-speaking guide or join a tour group to avoid some of the isolated villages.

This country has a low crime rate, is easily accessible and you can also learn a lot of culture at the same time. There are many hiking trails in Canada. You can visit the west coast and stop by Vancouver, or something very different from the others, namely the city of Montreal.

Tips Solo Traveling Pemula Yang Wajib Diingat

Mozambique is an easy country to explore in South Africa. The country is known for its incredible coastline and nearby islands that are easy to explore. You can fly to the capital Maputo or drive to the city of Inhambane. If you want to travel with the locals, there are cheap minibus taxis available.

Panama is an easy destination to explore and a great place for surfers. Although there are several places you should avoid in this country, you should always be careful when traveling alone at night. Some people prefer to travel alone, including on vacation. By traveling alone, you can better explore a place or tourist destination without the burden. If you go with a group, there must be something that complicates it. As reported by Rough Guides, here are the 12 best destinations to visit

Explore this place before you travel abroad! There is Gili Trawangan with its beautiful beaches and parties at night.

Get to know the locals and then give them a drink and you will make good friends in this country. Some of the places you must visit in this country are Skellig Michael, Rock of Cashel and Croagh Patrick.

Rekomendasi Destinasi Solo Traveling Berdasarkan Zodiak

You will find elephants, giraffes, zebras and rhinos enjoying their food on the outskirts of this country. Don’t get confused looking for accommodation because of the neighbors