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By | January 5, 2023

Hotel Travel Blog – 110 Hotels and Travel Blog Post Ideas The best content ideas for your hotel blog — We cover it all.

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Hotel Travel Blog

Planning a trip can be stressful and take the fun out of things. Simplify your customer’s life by answering global and local travel and transportation questions.

Hotel Review] Mandarin Orchard Singapore

Certain destinations are known to have a particular type of travel. Take inspiration from the gondolas in Venice, the tuk-tuks in Thailand or the trolleys in San Francisco. List the unique transportation opportunities available to your guests. Take the time to show your guests the best transportation options and how they can make transportation arrangements or reservations. Example of a Hotel Blog Post Title: How to Schedule Statue of Liberty Tours while in New York OR How to Call Taxis When in NYCS Call to Action : “Book your stay with us, and we’ll handle your transportation arrangements.”

Keep a list of travel and local apps that guests may find helpful when planning their vacation or arriving at your hotel/resort. Sample Travel Blog Post Title: 33 Best Travel Apps For Europe Recommended Call To Action: “Download our exclusive travel app to help you navigate Europe.”

Provide a list of travel essentials that your guests may need on their trip. Generalize this list for travel and details to your destination (take into account weather and any cultural requirements). Example of a Travel Blog Post Title: X Must-Have Items for International Travel Suggested Call to Action: “Reduce the weight of your suitcase by shopping at our online store. We’ll set aside your travel essentials and they’ll be waiting for you when you arrive.”

Give your guests cost-cutting tips and options when booking their vacation. These tips may include the holidays to book, the off seasons for your destination, the cheapest holidays to travel, packing hacks etc. Hotel Blog Example Post Title: The Best and Cheapest Days to Travel to the Dominican Republic Suggested Call to Action: “Join our newsletter, and we’ll keep you updated on the best times to travel to the Dominican Republic “

Days In Singapore Itinerary For An Epic First Time Visit

Points and rewards programs are great talking points. Highlight the various opportunities and incentives available to visitors through their credit card companies and at your hotel/resort. Share seasonal offers and continue booking holidays with your destination in mind. Example Hotel Blog Post Title: How to Get an Extra Night Free with Point Values ​​Suggested Call to Action: “Follow these steps and use your points to get one more night free.”

Traveling abroad can have unnecessary complications or stress on a holiday in a familiar place. These guides can include local weather tips, common phrases in the local language(s), and local customs and etiquette. Consider all relevant information that may be helpful – things like currency exchanges and any necessary energy converters may also be useful. Travelers are often delighted to learn these tidbits of information. Sample Travel Blog Post Title: The Complete Costa Rica Travel Guide For International Travelers Recommended Call to Action: “Download our local guide and keep it handy when you arrive in Costa Rica!” (Link this to email/newsletter opt-out)

Being conscious is always a positive way to travel. Create a guide for guests who prefer an environmentally friendly way of travel. Inside provide travel tips, information, maps and public transport schedules that guests can use during their stay. Keep a list of local, eco-friendly and natural things for guests to enjoy. These are small ways to offer green options during the holidays. Example of a Travel Blog Post Title: Eco-Friendly Ways to Travel the World. Recommended Call to Action: “Book your stay with us and receive two eco-friendly travel containers.”

Highlight the different travel and transportation options your hotel provides for guests. Consider offering to make transportation arrangements during the trip. Stress-free travel is always a bonus. Consider providing a list or directory to your local travel agencies. Example Travel Blog Post Title: 7 Best Ways To Travel In Italy Suggested Call To Action: “Book your visit and leave the local travel arrangements to us.”

Hotel Cappuccino: A Trendy & Instagrammable Hotel In Gangnam The Calm Chronicle: Your South Korea Travel Blog The Calm Chronicle: Insider’s Travel Guide Of South Korea

Highlight the different things that can be found around your hotel or resort. Consider sharing your hotel’s unique partnerships with local service providers and if rewards programs are available ie, Jetski rentals, Limos, Museums etc. Hotel Blog Example Post Title: 20 Things to Do in New Orleans You Must See Recommended Call to Action: “Book your stay with us and get two tickets to X.”

Example Hotel Blog Post Title: The Essentials to Travel to Europe Recommended Call to Action: “Book your stay with us and get two free travel vouchers.”

Not everyone can afford a five-star vacation, but that doesn’t mean every guest shouldn’t be able to have a five-star experience by being boujee on a budget.

Example Travel Blog Post Title: Family Travel on a Budget OR Boujee’s Guide to Travel Budget Recommended Call to Action: “Book your stay with us and claim our budget-friendly travel plan.”

Maldives Travel Blog

In a world full of different ingredients and taste buds, there is something out there for everyone. Share your favorite local foods, drinks, restaurants and flavors.

Film virtual tours of the dining area, bar, kitchen, menus and any other room or point of interest included in the dining experience. Example Hotel Blog Post Post Title: 17 Unique Dining Experiences NYCS Call to Action: “Get a free meal from us when you book with us online.”

If your venue offers catering, provide guests with photos, videos, menus, testimonials and pricing options to ensure they have all the information they need.

Hotel Blog Example Post Title: The Best Restaurants That Cater Weddings in Los Angeles Recommended Call To Action: “Book your stay with us and get up to 10% off your wedding package.”

Midas Food N Travel Blog: Hotel Rössli At Unterseen, Interlaken

Offering full menus to guests allows them to consider all dining options before and during their stay. Help your guests start their foodie dreams by sharing some of your unique meals and any ‘secret’ ingredients. Example Hotel Blog Post Title: A Unique Twist On An Italian Dish Suggested Call To Action: “Try our specialty dish and guess the ‘secret’ ingredient to win you and your friend a spa day.”

The seasons have a significant impact on the culinary world. Introduce your guests to the importance of the seasons through seasonal menu options. Offer a special seasonal dish, highlight the seasonal ingredients used in recipes, provide a chef’s testimonial to fully explain the dish, and add images for extra motivation. Example Hotel Blog Post Title: 8 Seasonal Spanish Dishes To Try In Chile Call To Action: “Experience food like no other at 1 of 4 partner restaurants.”

Having a curated wine list can elevate any dining experience. Give guests a complete experience by providing a full wine list, a virtual tour of the wine cellar and perhaps testimonials and wine tasting options. Provide insight into the wines your guests should consider ordering. Organize them by:

Example Hotel Blog Post Title: 13 Best Wine Tastings To Try In France Suggested Call To Action: “Get a free bottle of X when you have dinner for two at Y.”

Best Hotel And Travel Blog Post Ideas 2023

Hotel Sample Blog Post Title: 10 Amazing Cocktails To Try In Spain Suggested Call To Action: “Sweet, strong with a little kick. Download our special mixologist cocktail list.”

Create a must-have food bucket list with on-site dining options and hard-to-find local dining experiences. Sample Travel Blog Post Title: 7 Must Try Meals While Visiting Portugal Suggested Call to Action: “Life is calling, and so is dinner. Ask our staff about our cultural dishes.”

Farm-to-table experiences grow the ingredients for your meal on-site/locally. With the growing popularity of green travel, restaurants and farm-to-table experiences are a must for your guests. Consider giving guests a virtual tour of the farms your hotel/resort partners with. Sample Travel Blog Blog Post Title: Farm-To-Table Dinner While in Maine Suggested Call To Action: “Try our fresh farm-to-table dinner and let our local growers know what you think.”

Destinations may be famous for their abundance of vineyards and distilleries. Compile a list of local wineries and distilleries. Provide photos and maps along with tour and booking options for your guests. Sample Travel Blog Post Title: Experience the Best Vineyards in Tuscany Recommended Call to Action: “Book your visit with us during March-June. Every week during that period, we are giving away free tours and experiences .”

Reasons To Stay At Trunk Hotel, Tokyo

Offer guests a whole new dining experience with a list of culinary options that offer a view as well as their meal. Include photos and videos for reference. Example Travel Blog Post Title: Don’t miss the 5 Best Cafes in Amalfi Recommended Call to Action: “Claim your 7-day coffee pass to any of our partner cafes while you stay with us.”

Nutritional issues are always a concern for guests and chefs. Offer your guests diet-friendly menu options, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free meals.Example Hotel Blog Title Post Title: The Dairy-Free Restaurant Guide While In EnglandSuggested Call to Action: “Download our free restaurant guide and travel England with confidence.”

Example Hotel Blog Post Title: 9 Authentic Mexican Restaurants In Orlando Recommended Call to Action: “Book a 3+ night stay and have dinner for two at