Hotel Rayhar Travel Di Mekah

By | January 1, 2024

Hotel Rayhar Travel Di Mekah – I have been waiting for this brochure for over a year. I remember last year’s experience. In the year It is certain that pilgrims and pilgrims who have been chosen to perform Hajj in 2017/1438 AD will be in preparation.

For me, the experience of performing Hajj is one of the most beautiful memories of my life. Give me and my family a chance to go to the Holy Land again… Amen.

Hotel Rayhar Travel Di Mekah

Alhamdulillah, last year my wife and I were given permission to perform the obligatory Hajj by Rehar Travels Sdn Bhd.

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The distance between the hotel and the mosque in Mecca depends on the selected hotel/package. The farthest from the hotel to the Grand Mosque is 300m. Hotel service is efficient and good. In Medina, all pilgrims are accommodated in one hotel (50m from the hotel to the mosque).

Only sometimes the elevator is the problem. But those who feel young and healthy still want to climb the stairs if the room is on a very high floor.

Alhamdulillah. We were served with a variety of Malay dishes. At breakfast time you can eat nasi lemak, mee hoon goreng, lontong and what comes with it. The lunch and dinner menu is also based on Malay Throat.

It is also served to us once a week with Arabic rice. If you want to change your taste buds, there is also an Arabic food shop nearby. It’s true that if you don’t control your diet, you can gain kilos. All dishes are delicious :).

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This is the best. Mutewif, Ustaz and Ustaza are always ready to give guidance and answer various questions of the congregation. Upon arrival at Makkah, our group was given a briefing and various instructions by Rayahar Managing Director Tuan Haji Harun.

Women also do not need to be shy to ask questions related to women because there is an Ustaz who has come especially for help…I am very thankful to Ustaz Fatima.

Lectures and instructions to guide the devotees (led by Ustaz Rosli, General Manager of Reihar Guide) are always given. At almost every meal there are announcements, reminders and instructions given by Ustaz (the hotel I stayed in is run by Ustaz Khalid with his assistants Ustaz Captain Muhaidi and Haji Imran).

Apart from that, among other surprises is the melodious voice of Ustaz Zulkarnain Hamza (Ustaz Zul) who accompanies us on our journey. Let us remember the song of Takbir Raya and Zikr as he escorted us to the Jamra Complex under the guidance of Ustaz Zul. The greeting given when we went to the Prophet’s Masjid under the leadership of Ustaz Zul was one of the best I have ever heard.

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These are the most important days when Fard Hajj is performed. What’s interesting about the Reihar travel package is that the travel is a little different from other packages.

I hope to be able to provide information to everyone who is choosing a Hajj package (if not this year, maybe in the coming years). Just the mention of “Umrah” will suggest many people to choose the pilgrims. Why do so many people recommend Trips as the operator of their Umrah trip to the Holy Land? What is so special about trips? Trips is a travel agency licensed by Tourism and Culture Malaysia. There is no doubt about investing long-term savings for religious purposes. Trips is an Umrah management agency that has signed a contract with an institution licensed by the Ministry of Hajj in Saudi Arabia. Travel experience in the tourism industry has more than 30 years of handling Hajj and Umrah pilgrims since 1990. Our long-established travel experience in the industry makes us more mature and understand the needs of our customers.

We provide comprehensive guidance in the homeland and the holy land. Arrangements for Umrah courses and travel descriptions are provided to pilgrims prior to their departure. What is the difference between Umrah education and travel briefing? In the Umrah course, our Astizah will explain the rules of Hakam and the application of Umrah. The itinerary is a detailed description of the Umrah itinerary which is very clear. First-time pilgrims may be confused about what equipment to prepare, the ‘do’s and don’ts’ and the process at the airport and so on. So this is where our official explains the travel process. The amazing thing about travel is that Umrah courses and travel briefings are provided free of charge. Our religious teacher will always be knowledgeable to impart knowledge and refer the devotees on all questions. According to the new rules, the Umrah course and travel briefing will be conducted online. Courses and briefs will be returned as usual according to the current suitability.

Religious staff and teachers will assist you during your stay in Mecca and Medina. The existing line of workers will help to ease the movement process in both the Holy Land. Not only that, but you will be greeted first by the staff on duty at Kuala Lumpur Airport (KLIA). They will help you sort out your needs before you leave for Jeddah/Madinah. But what makes the trips unique to many is the presence of religious teachers during the Umrah and Hajj activities. They are always there to provide knowledge and be the expert to refer you to. A line of murshids always accompany the pilgrims to Madinah and Makkah, including 3 Umrahs at Tanim, Jarana and Hudaybiyah. However, in the new post-Covid-19 normal Umrah, the frequency of Umrah depends on the approval of the Saudi Arabian authorities.

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The use of communication devices (receivers) during Tawaf and Sai application provides convenience to the devotees. Depending on the time, we use communication methods to ensure that the congregation is still under the control of the Mutawaf even if it is away from the group. The congregation hears the voice of Talbiyya and is led by the mutawwif of the recipient in prayer and verses of the Qur’an. The device is first cleaned before and after use.

A selection of hotels near Masjid al-Haram and Masjid Nabawi make tours always top of the list for pilgrims. Travels also offers a selection of hotels depending on the capacity of the conference. This option is offered under various packages including economy, standard and premium packages. Of course, the accommodation provided by Travels has its own services to facilitate the movement of pilgrims. These include lift facilities, wheelchair access, wheelchairs (limited to high season), a choice of double, triple and quadruple rooms.

One of the unique experiences of being a traveler is being able to eat different foods in the places visited. The food and drinks served are very luxurious and appetizing. Our hotels offer food and beverages at the accommodation with Asian menu (Asian cuisine) to suit the taste of pilgrims. However, pilgrims can request to switch to international food (international food). In general, we serve 3 meals as a buffet for the conference.

Whether it is a direct flight to Madinah or Jeddah, pilgrims can choose according to their convenience. However, any sector/route changes by the airline are beyond our control. As for flights, pilgrims have the option of upgrading their seats from economy class to business class or first class (at an increased price). Round-trip international flight tickets for all three classes are included with flight tax. For convenience of worship, many people use this benefit.

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You will find large bags, wallets, duffel bags, shoe covers, telekung stickers/stickers, Umrah guide books and other souvenirs. Apart from the souvenirs it provides, Zam Zam water is a valuable gift for Umrah pilgrims. You will be provided with 5-litres of Zam Zam water for each person, including children (subject to approval by the Saudi Arabian authorities).