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By | February 13, 2023

Hotel Vegan Travel – Italy is the most popular destination for travelers worldwide It’s on most people’s bucket list Once a traveler comes to Italy on vacation, their mind begins to think and dream of spending more time here, be it studying Italian, renovating that rundown Tuscan farmhouse, or retiring.

It’s no wonder Italy is such a popular destination Italy’s contribution to art, culture, and fascinating history to the world is reason enough to visit and experience it for yourself. There is food and drink, some of the most popular in the world, as well as vast and varied natural scenery and unique architecture, warm and friendly people. Italy is set up with excellent public transport for travelers and a variety of destinations to suit different types of travelers and budgets

Hotel Vegan Travel

In this blog post, we’re going to share with you some incredible vegan (and very vegan-friendly) luxury hotels that exist in Italy. We’re not just talking about a little bed and breakfast in a remote location far from anywhere, we’ve tracked down some amazing hotels and accommodations in Italy’s most visited destinations, the Dolomites, the Asta Valley, Tuscany, and Rome.

Best Vegan Hotel In The U.s. — Chef Denise

La Vimia is located in the Tyrol region of Italy near the Austrian border In fact, more people in the region actually speak German as a first language than Italian La Vima is a medium-sized hotel located in Nathorno, Italy’s sunniest mountain town This hotel is actually a 100% vegan hotel and operates on half board basis It includes a huge buffet breakfast and a four-course dinner daily Lunches, especially packed lunches, are also available La Vima offers a health-focused experience Most of the food is organic and uses whole grains The facilities include an indoor swimming pool, sauna and a swimming pool It would make a wonderful place for a retreat

Don’t think for a moment that La Vima’s focus on health means sacrificing taste While the chefs don’t use heavily processed vegan meats, you’ll find dishes that are artfully put together and focused on vegetables. The surrounding area is an outdoor lover’s paradise although you don’t have to be a hardcore adventurer to enjoy them. The hotel itself is situated in the valley and has excellent transport links with access to the mountain via the many local gondolas The area is a hiker’s dream but there is also plenty for paragliders, cycling, and MTB. This is Italy, so there are many scenic towns, castles and villages to explore If you want to go on one of the most beautiful car rides of your life, check out the Stelvio Pass

The hotel is located in the small village of Nathorno, just minutes from the trailhead and gondola

At least once a week is pizza night, where the team makes pizzas cooked in their wood-burning oven.

Luxury Vegan Concierge

If you’ve spent much time in the Alps, especially as a hiker, you’ll understand when we describe this place as a vegan haven. Like a mountain refuge in Canada, those in the Alps provide staff, meals, and usually have at least a dormitory bed and sometimes a few double rooms.

The Orestes Hut is located in the Monte Rosa massif (2600m) in North West Italy and is a super place to experience the Alps in winter and summer. To get here you have to take a ski lift and walk (or walk the path). All rates include breakfast and dinner Lunch is optional and suitable for picnic lunches during the hike

Agrivilla I Pini is an agriturismo located just five minutes from the UNESCO World Heritage Site of San Gimignano. It has a substantial olive grove and many vines, and produces enough food for 60 percent of the food served at the hotel. This small hotel was converted from a 17th century villa with a capacity of 17 people The rooms are decorated in traditional Tuscan style and charming but elegant Because the hotel is built from an existing building, rooms vary in size although all rooms have views, some more jaw-dropping than others.

Like its sister hotel La Vima, it is completely vegan and subscribes to many of the principles of the slow food movement. The food is lovingly created by their chef and for most of the season, you can sit outside and enjoy vegetable-focused dishes that depend on the season, wine from grapes grown on the premises, and a warm welcome from the owner and staff. Note that hotel accommodation includes breakfast and a four-course dinner It closes in winter

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La Tanna del Bianconiglio is an unusual find In recent years we have started to see some creative sanctuary owners who have also decided to open some accommodation on the sanctuary premises to make some money to take care of the animals in their care. Ludovica has 3 lovely apartments (although I would say they are more like self-contained cottages) in the grounds of their farm and sanctuary.

The setting is stunning, perched on a ridge with beautiful views of the Val d’Orcia Spend some time with the 130 animals who live a wonderful life and talk to the young owners of this magical place.

The area is a popular location as a wedding venue and when it’s not crowded, it’s only 30 minutes from the medieval towns of Pienza and Montepulciano and is a great stop if you’re traveling down the Via Francigena. A couple of days spent here on your Tuscany vacation will give you the peace and tranquility that comes with spending a little time with rescued animals.

If you stay at La Tana del Bianconiglio, you will be able to visit many of the animals in her care.

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Similar concept to the Orestes Hut above, this place is more luxurious with private rooms When it’s ‘only’ vegetarian, Paradiso is pure Living has a vegan version of everything If you plan to explore Caesars Alum, this is the place to stay while doing so The incredible terrace and fire pit overlooking the unique views and UNESCO highland pastures is our favorite place to stay in Italy.

If a stylish and luxurious bed and breakfast is more your thing, you won’t want to miss the Velona Forest Luxury Suites in central Florence, just 20 minutes from the Arno River, parks and Duomo. . As they are located outside the restricted traffic zone they are a car friendly facility with parking

Choose from five different suites that are all specially appointed and truly feel like a high-end luxury hotel Support a small business, Veronica, get local recommendations from your host and have a memorable time in Firenze.

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When you book with an account, you’ll be able to track your payment status, track confirmations, and even rate the trip after you’ve completed the trip. We visited Paradiso Pure Hotel twice in the summer season of 2022 Once We had one trip in June (two nights) and a second in September with a group of 22 people to explore the area (five nights). Full Disclosure: We have a business and personal relationship with the owners and managers of Paradiso Pure-Living and their sister hotels: La Vima and Agrivilla I Pini. They provide accommodation for luxury vegan group tours

We especially loved our visit in June because of the abundance of wildflowers and because the meadows were not yet mowed. At the time of writing, we have not visited during the winter season

Paradiso Pure is separated from other hotels – the nearest other hotels or resorts are at least a ten-minute walk away. There are incredible 360-degree views of the Dolomite mountains and sunrises and sunsets from your room are reason enough to stay there. You are not far from the chairlift and if you stay here in the winter, you can ski in and out. Staying here feels like you are stepping back in time Small old wooden house or hut landscape Alpine Mando (1000 meters from the CUC village on the valley floor) is snow covered and high enough to be a ski resort. At the top of the plateau, you are surrounded by dramatic and imposing limestone karsts that make the view breathtaking