Tips Travel Langkawi

By | February 10, 2023

Tips Travel Langkawi – There are many reasons to visit the tropical paradise of Langkawi. Located off the west coast of Malaysia, this beautiful island is surrounded by clear blue waters and covered with lush vegetation. Not only is the island stunningly beautiful, but it’s also home to some of the world’s most magnificent beaches, wildlife, marine life, and a variety of water sports and attractions.

High season offers you perfect sunny days with little to no rain – making it the perfect time to visit the island for a few days of fun and excitement in the sun. However, you’ll have to live with the crowds and high prices, but trust us, it’s worth it! The season runs from January to March.

Tips Travel Langkawi

Head into the middle of high season, from April to August, and you can take advantage of deep discounts, as this is when hotels drop prices. Expect to find plenty of mid-range hotels offering 50% off this time of year. This season coincides with Ramadan – the holy season of fasting for Muslims. It also means that a small number of businesses will be closed or only open for a short time!

Visit Langkawi: A Travel Guide To Malaysia

Last but not least, off-season. This season is also a great time to visit Langkawi for those looking for a peaceful, peaceful holiday on the island. Between September and October, you’ll benefit from less crowded Langkawi, even though it’s considered the monsoon or rainy season. Having said that, the rain will only last for 2 hours, but still gives you plenty of time to explore and make the most of your trip.

Despite the distinct seasons, Langkawi’s near-perfect climate still makes room for revelry. All you need to do is choose a season that suits your needs and plan accordingly, and your island getaway will still be as healthy as you want it to be.

Langkawi is miles from mainland Malaysia, but getting there has never been easier. Traveling to Langkawi has never been easier. Langkawi is easily accessible by air and boat.

Singapore, Australia and Japan are the countries that are closely connected to Langkawi International Airport (LGK). Every year, about 2 million travelers pass through Langkawi’s small airport.

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Ferries to and from Langkawi are available from Kuala Kedah, Kuala Perlis and Penang. For local travelers, there are ro-ro ferries between Kuala Perlis and Langkawi Island, which carry cars and goods in addition to people.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in Malaysia, the island is dotted with many five-star hotels and resorts. Most hotels are just a stone’s throw away from Kuah City, but there are also secluded options such as Paradise 101 that offer more peace, privacy and tranquility for travelers who want more space. If you’re after accommodations that are conveniently located and well located, consider booking accommodation in Kuah City or popular Cenang Beach.

In Langkawi, everything revolves around relaxation and rest. Life on the island is all about getting away from the outside world and enjoying a slower pace of life. During your stay, you’ll be able to explore the island at your own pace without stress. Book a guided tour through Langkawi’s renowned tour company, Naam, to explore the island. For the rest of the day, you can just hang out on the hotel’s beach and do nothing, or visit Paradise 101 and experience all the water activities Paradise 101 has to offer.

Like many other countries in Southeast Asia, prices in Malaysia are quite affordable. You will spend most of your expenses on accommodation, car/motorbike hire and eating out. As a starting point, if you are traveling with other people, RM2500-3250 per day should be enough.

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Your per diem will increase based on the number of activities you plan to complete. Before you move in, we recommend that you make a list of your planned activities so you know how much to bring. Another reason to bring extra cash to Langkawi is that it has a duty-free port with plenty of chocolates to take home with friends and family.

The best place to exchange foreign currency is at a bank, but licensed money changers can offer good foreign currency rates. You will find most banks and money changers in Kuah Town, Cenang Beach or the airport. Banks are open Monday to Friday, 10am to 4pm. Many of the larger hotels will exchange your currency, although the exchange rate may not be that great.

ATMs are available in Langkawi if you don’t want to carry large amounts of currency. To avoid any problems, be sure to tell your bank that you plan to use an ATM while you’re out and about.

Langkawi is by far one of the safest destinations in Malaysia for solo and female travelers as well as family holidays. The chances of tourists encountering any hazards are fairly low. Still, we wanted to share some tips so you can move around more safely and enjoy the best trip of your life.

Tips For Low Budget Trip To Langkawi

Most of the threats tourists encounter in Langkawi come from the wild habitats that make this delightful island such a fascinating place. You should watch out for monkeys. We recommend that you stay away from them and do not feed them, despite how cute they may look to you. Many people have reported having their belongings stolen by monkeys, including keys, wallets and other valuables. Please note!

As anyone who’s ever been stung by a jellyfish knows best, you never want that to happen. Injuries can be severe, depending on the size of the jellyfish. Being an island, Langkawi does have marine life floating in the water, so be aware of this when engaging in any water sports.

In the end, showing off your skills on whitewater sounds fun and exciting, but it can be life-threatening, especially if there are no lifeguards around. So be careful with the tides and avoid taking risks.

There is no shortage of activities on the picturesque island of Langkawi. From thrilling water sports to relaxing on white sand beaches against the stunning backdrop of the Andaman Sea. To get the most out of your trip, we recommend taking a private tour of Langkawi to explore the sights while admiring the pristine beauty of the island. Langkawi has an array of exciting attractions all over the island to keep you busy during your trip, as well as a variety of free activities for you to enjoy.

Pack Your Bags For A Dream Holiday In Langkawi

Zipline across the island, rent a jet ski, and sail out into the blue sea to discover the breathtaking beauty of Langkawi. There’s no better way to end your afternoon than watching the sunset while kayaking along the island’s shores. Sip cocktails and experience an unparalleled romantic dining experience with a three-course dinner on Sea Falcon’s open-air top deck. There is something for everyone to have fun on the island – whether you’re looking for an adventure or a day of relaxation.

It is best to take a private tour of Langkawi to see all the sights and experience the natural beauty of Langkawi. Here are some ideas!

Paradise 101 is Langkawi’s #1 eco-friendly private day trip island. Whether you want to spend the day relaxing, enjoy some great water sports, or spend the night at a private island party, our private island has something for everyone. Paradise 101 is located near Telaga Harbor in Pantai Kok, Langkawi, and can be reached by shuttle bus to the island within minutes. Enjoy breathtaking views of the mountains and Andaman Sea from your own private deck.

Therefore, Langkawi has several beautiful beaches. In terms of size, Pantai Cenang is the largest and grandest, almost as long as Boracay but twice as wide. Since Pantai Cenang is one of the main tourist hotspots on the island, there are many hotels and restaurants in the area.

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Head to the beach for an evening stroll while admiring the spectacular sunsets over the ocean! Return to Cenang Beach in the evening for dinner and drinks at one of the many restaurants or bars on the beachfront. Spend your first night in Langkawi here.

From this vantage point you can get a bird’s-eye view of the island. SkyCab is a three-station cable car system with a total distance of over 1,700 metres. Both the middle station and the upper station have observation decks, which can provide 360-degree views of the whole island.

You can also take a walk on the SkyBridge, one of the longest curved suspension bridges in the world at 125 meters in length and located about 100 meters above the summit of Machin Chang Mountain. Not for the faint of heart.

Telaga Tujuh is without a doubt the most spectacular waterfall on the island. The highest waterfall in Langkawi is translated into English as Seven Wells, located at the corner of the sky bridge, and is one of the most popular activities in Langkawi. Far below

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