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By | April 9, 2024

Hotels.employee Travel Specials – Like Marriott (read more here), Hilton offers a highly competitive discount travel program for team members and something for friends and family of those employees.

Hilton employee discounts are called “Go Hilton Team Member” and when available, the rates are really low, Friends & Family with “Go Hilton Family Friends Rate” and Go Hilton Extra FFTP.

Hotels.employee Travel Specials

Hilton Group Member and Friends & Family rates are eligible through the Honors program. You’ll earn Elite Qualifying Nights, earn standard base and promotion points + you’ll benefit from elite status if you’re at Silver, Gold or Diamond.

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Standard staff rates are very low and each team member can book 30 nights per calendar year:

Group member rates include breakfast for two outside the US and 50% off worldwide F&B. Additionally, employees are not required to pay any resort or resort fees, but the amenities provided by these fees must be available to them.

Team members with at least 20 years of service can earn these rates for life, but cannot offer Friends and Family benefits after they leave Hilton. Those who have worked for 10 to 20 years can qualify for Friends and Family rates for themselves upon retirement.

Group members can book up to two rooms under the Group Member rate, two friends and family rates for a maximum of 7 consecutive nights, or two rooms under the Group Member rate for the first 7 nights, followed by an additional 7 nights under the Friends rate. Family up to 14 nights total.

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It gets even more interesting here for readers who may have Friends and Family members who currently work at Hilton (a friend of mine who previously worked at Marriott and Accor recently joined Hilton Hotels at a management level).

Each member of the group can add Friends and Family members to their Lobby (yes – Hilton calls it Lobby) account, which in turn can log into the Go website and make F&F bookings using standard Honors credentials.

Friends and Family bookings on regular F&F rates count towards a companion’s maximum of 70 nights per year, but not on rates defined as EXTRA. Therefore, friends and family members should usually book these EXTRA fares.

A team member can at least control how many friends and family rooms are used. However, I see that EXTRA-booked rooms do not count towards the annual maximum.

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Friends and Family rates are supposed to be 50% off, but I’ve seen them discounted most of the time, but they’re the cheapest if they’re available.

Terms of Conduct Participants eligible to travel under Go Hilton travel programs are bound by Hilton’s Terms of Conduct. Participating members will embody Hilton Values ​​and uphold Hilton’s exceptional reputation while in each member’s home. Participating participants are responsible for any illegal content posted on the hosting property. Behavior inconsistent with the Program Rules and our HILTON Values ​​may result in the loss of these benefits and may result in disciplinary action or termination. Family and friends of participants using the Family and Friends travel program, as well as descriptions of participants. Any misconduct by family and friends may result in loss of these benefits for the family/friend and the eligible participant.

You must behave well when using these friends and family fares, just like friend passes on airlines, or the sponsor may lose the rate benefits altogether.

In addition, Hilton cannot accept guest assistance claims for guests booked under this rate plan, as noted in our last reader question.

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You don’t have to worry about negative feedback from the public if your appointment is unexpected under these pricing plans.

The Hilton Friends and Family rate plan works the same as Marriott’s, which was already eligible (unfortunately, Marriott Friend was canceled last year due to Covid-19 tourism).

Usually, you can save on the cheapest rates when the standard of living is on the softer side and you prefer not to discount their overall rates (Conrad, Waldorf Astoria, and LXR).

I booked 20+ nights at five Hilton hotels for August, all at affordable rates, because the difference between friends and family was negligible. However, I booked a few EXTRA F&Fs in early September where the savings were significant.

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No one should be jealous of Hilton’s abysmal pay for their colleagues, or the free space the airline’s employees receive.

It’s great for employees to explore the different brands within the Hilton portfolio and engage with the Honorable Guest loyalty program. Better for all of us!

Go Hilton Group Member Travel Program Go Hilton is a vacation travel discount program for Hilton Group members and their eligible family and friends. Attendees can take advantage of special room rates and other discounts. Team members should refer to the Program Guide on the Go Hilton Lobby pages as the primary source for rules, policies and other information that supersedes other documents, including this summary. To make Go Hilton reservations, authorized team members and their authorized family/friends must log into the Go Hilton reservation page with their Hilton Honors login and password to manage their reservations. Go Tips for Finding Hilton Rates Use the Check Dates feature – search for a 1-night stay and click the ‘My Dates Flexible’ box, which allows you to see day-by-day availability for each hotel in a calendar view. select – If there is no discount rate for searching multiple nights in 1 night, the entire search will return nothing. – Example: If you searched for 3 nights, but only 2 of the nights have a discount, the search would be empty. If you search for 1 night and use flexible dates, you can see daily availability and a discount for 2 out of 3 nights that can be booked separately if needed. Mix and match rates – consider making a separate booking for shorter periods to ‘mix and match’ between hotel rates on different days, as 1 type of rate may not be available for 1 night. – For example: Group member rates may be available for 1 night, not the next, and family and friends rates may be available the following night. – If searching for 2 rooms does not work, try searching for only 1 room, as there may only be one room available at the discounted rate that night. Be smart – try to book as far in advance as possible to take advantage of its full potential. If you don’t find what you’re looking for right away, come back often. Go Hilton rate availability is based on projected occupancy, which may change frequently. – More rooms can be booked closer to the desired date, especially within 60 days of arrival, as longer stays on the calendar are more limited and can often be booked quickly. – Consider looking for popular spots during different seasons or nights of the week where availability may be higher. – plan tours when you find availability for discounted fares. Go Hilton Rate Checkout and Stay – Group members must be checked in and have the Group member status and Family & Friends status listed in their name and Hilton Honors account. – Eligible family and friends must be present at check-in and Family & Friends pricing and Hilton Honors enrollment are valid. – Non-group members, family/friends, etc. cannot use group member rates. – Eligible family/friends may travel without a group member when staying on their own family and friends fare, but family/friends must log into the Go Hilton reservation page with their Hilton Honors account and make their own reservations. Number of Rooms – For each hotel stay, team members can book up to 2 group rooms and 2 family and friends rate rooms, for a total of 4 rooms in their name and a complimentary Hilton number. – Confirmed family/friends of group members may book 2 family and friends value rooms for a stay at the hotel (team/friends must make their own reservation with their Hilton Honors account). – Additional Group Member and Additional Family and Friends rates are combined and considered with Regular Group Member and Family and Friends rates for maximum occupancy per room. – Program users cannot book a room for themselves in different hotels for the same date of stay, regardless of the specified rate. Number of Nights to Stay – Group members can book up to seven consecutive nights and up to seven people at group member rates.