Tips Travel Ke London

By | March 17, 2024

Tips Travel Ke London – As Mat Drat said in a previous entry, this trip was a bit chaotic. 4am only confirms the flight ticket, even though it leaves at 20:30, less than 24 hours before departure.

Although he flew at night, that morning Mat Drat was still working as usual. Must leave in the evening, there is work to be done.

Tips Travel Ke London

That morning at work, I only had time to find information about London, and ‘plan’ the itinerary of this trip. Thank you Mr. Google and my friends for sharing this morning’s experience.

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That morning at the office and 2-3 hours before going home, Mat Drat finished the obligatory things before going to KLIA. So he can see this before he leaves, don’t forget.

Those who want to travel abroad, take out travel insurance. Travel anywhere, indeed Mat Drat will take travel insurance / takaful. Be aware and be prepared for the unexpected!

The price of travel insurance for a week of travel is usually less than RM100. Read the benefits and compare before taking insurance / takaful. It is better to take cashless for hospitalization. It will come in handy later.

Usually Mat Drat will use Etiqa Takaful, it seems that the coverage is more or less the same as other takaful/insurance but these 3 factors are why Mat Drat takes it with ETIQA Takaful;

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Don’t forget to apply for leave before the holiday, Mat Drat actually forgot to apply for leave, luckily a friend remembered. Just apply on Friday morning.

Don’t forget to exchange money in Malaysia. At the airport it is a bit expensive. Not many Money Changers in UK (London) accept RM money.

OTW returned home and it was time to exchange money, this time Mat Drat changed at a money changer near Sunway Putra Mall. Have changed money here many times, 3 day trip, bring £500 is enough… Not enough, there is an ATM machine.

Remember: if you have coins left when you return to Malaysia, spend them there. Brought back to Malaysia later, cannot be converted to RM.

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It is better if you are short of cash in o / sea, find an ATM and withdraw money, withdrawal fees and exchange rate differences are not expensive. It’s okay, I promise you don’t need to bring a lot of money to o/sea.

Activate this debit card really makes it easier when you are short on cash. Mat Drat has issued money in Seoul, in Doha, in Bandung, in Saudi Arabia and Bangkok.

It is common to not have enough cash, but to have a lot to buy, as there are certain areas (such as markets) that do not accept credit cards.

It seems to be the case of Mat Drat, because the flight ticket was confirmed at 4 in the morning, so I can only book a hotel for London in the morning. Really last minute.

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This trip, only 2 nights in London, for the next night Mat Drat will stay in Edinburgh Scotland.

For Saturday Night Sunday, you cannot get a rate below RM 400 in London. It’s really expensive, so you have to get something a bit further away from Greater London. Although it’s a bit far, it’s okay, it’s close to the Metro Underground station and you don’t have to change trains from the airport.

Mat Drat got an Airbnb unit for RM 300/night. Hotels are more expensive because the location of Mat Drat is close to the train station.

If you have a lot of travel and want to save a little, it seems that renting a pocket wifi is a good option. There are trips abroad, in addition to buying a sim, Mat Drat also rents a pocket wifi like traveling to Turkey.

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Mat Drat brought 3 instant canned meals and 3-4 packs of Brahim’s and MyChef rice ready in case you can’t find a halal restaurant, these are all backups.

I really don’t have time to find information on where to eat and halal restaurants in London, if you plan early, you can organize your itinerary and include places to eat in your itinerary. It was a fun trip.

Since there is no itinerary yet, it’s time to walk and find a halal restaurant, then stop by. Didn’t find it, just ate what they brought.

I read that many fast food in London have Halal status. But Mat Drat didn’t have time to stop by just one.

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For fall or spring, if you can’t stand the cold, bring a thick jacket.

In London and Europe in general, finding a public toilet is very difficult. If there is, the toilet there is not equipped with a water faucet.

It’s raining, I can’t find a place to eat that is halal in this area, so I eat what I bring. Sharing sustenance with pigeons.

For this trip, Qatar Airways sponsored the Kuala Lumpur-London return ticket. To return, Mat Drat asked to return from Edinburgh.

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Waiting for the flight to Doha. Because Qatar Airways sponsors the flight, Mat Drat is wearing a Qatar Airways shirt tonight as a sign of gratitude.

When Q was going to check in, he chatted with this aunt, she was a friendly person. He looked confused because his daughter and sister hadn’t arrived. Mat Drat said, there is usually a traffic jam on ELITE road this Friday evening. When checking in at the Qatar Airways counter, we didn’t know where the other passengers went after Doha, so Mat Drat chatted with his aunt to fill his free time. He wants to go to Helsinki. When Mat Drat said he was going to London, he also ordered to be careful in London because there are many pickpockets, especially in the underground stations. Oh TQ….. Mat Drat just answered that. Mat Drat reveals a little story about his experience in Paris, the story of almost having to ask for money on the train. He also talked about his experience in Paris. When Mat Drat said that he had arrived in Paris from Barcelona, ​​​​​​​​​​​he opened up about Barcelona…. We talked about Barcelona. And when Mat Drat said that his next trip would be Budapest and Praque, he also said a little about these 2 places. It’s already there. In my heart, this aunt is really traveling, so I don’t want to lose. And as he continued to talk about Amsterdam, its beautiful buildings and the time of the tulip season, Mat Drat said that it was only April in Seoul. I went to Seoul because I wanted to pursue full blossom, replacing last year’s trip to Busan that missed full blossom. He also reveals the story of Seoul… He has a story. Not long after his son arrived…before he stopped talking, Mat Drat had time to ask, “Many bags (really have bags) must take a long time to travel. a month in Helsinki and other areas. (In her heart, this aunt has money for a month abroad) When she asked Mat Drat when she will return to Malaysia, Mat Drat replied …… ‘Tomorrow Saturday we will arrive in London, Sunday there will be a rock concert, Monday morning to Edinburgh and Tuesday morning back to Malaysia!!’ He was surprised…so fast aaaa???He must be interested in this rock band because he is willing to fly to London to see the concert.He knows, Mat Drat visiting London – Edinburgh is like going to Langkawi!! Power is not a power trip!!!

2.1 KLIA CHEAP PARKING Take KLIA Express or KLIA Transit to KLIA / KLIA2 It’s very easy because there is usually a traffic jam on Friday, so Mat Drat leaves from home.

As usual, for both trips and short trips, Mat Drat parks the car at Putrajaya Sentral Park n Ride. Easy and economical.

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Mat Drat’s experience on Qatar Airways 2015, he was called to board the plane almost an hour early. It was dark and ran from the Lounge. Maybe that time because the double deck plane A380-800 had a lot of passengers, it was the one who called early.

The experience of riding biz class when I was sponsored was the best. Qatar Airways has won the Best Business Class Award from Skyrex for several years.

A ‘good’ experience with flights Kuala Lumpur – Doha – Barcelona and return Paris – Doha – Kuala Lumpur.

This time Mat Drat arrived early at 16:30, about 4 hours before departure. It is usual for international flights that Mat Drat will arrive 3-4 hours earlier.

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Free wifi on board for certain flights. But they only give a small amount of free data, enough to repay a small amount of WhatsApp.

Friends asked to fly with Qatar Airways, so Mat Drat made a package with Qatar Airways. 40 pax to Turkey with friends.

You can read Mat Drat’s transit experience at HIA in 2015 for the first time (Trip Barcelona – Paris -Doha). 👉👉Transit at Hamad International Airport – HIA

Qatar Airways Doha Stopover Package currently has a promotion for visiting Doha for long-term transit at HIA. You can google for detailed information.

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At HIA there are so many planes, if you are unlucky you will get a plane parked quite far from the terminal building. So have to take the bus to the plane.

Dubai tour with Emirates Airlines Those who take Emirates flights can also consider a stopover in Dubai to take the opportunity to explore Dubai with the package provided.

Fill out the declaration form carefully before arriving. Fill flights, save time. The customs check here is not as strict as when entering the US or Australia, it’s normal. At the immigration counter, provide accommodation information. Mat Drat experience, the officer asked where to sleep and spend the night. Answer with confidence. For standby, it’s okay to print the booking slip ready, if you want to ask more.

If you are flying from another European country, when buying a plane ticket, pay attention to the name of the airport (airport code). There are 3 other airports in London. London Heathrow Airport code is LHR.

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But because of the short journey, the flight was ten hours away, so Mat Drat didn’t want to waste time buying a SIM card at the airport. Tired and don’t want to waste time. Remember that Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world, so find a kiosk/shop in one, waiting for your turn to insert your SIM card.

Mat Drat has an itinerary, until London will continue with London ‘exploring’ session. Mat Drat only takes roaming packages.

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