Tips Traveling Ke Thailand

By | March 14, 2024

Tips Traveling Ke Thailand – Never stop dreaming before exploring the beauty of foreign countries, one of which is backpacking in Thailand. Have you ever thought about becoming a backpacker? Backpacking isn’t just a wishful thinking, anyone can pack a backpack and plan a trip somewhere. But fulfilling your role as a freelancer means being independent and taking care of all your vacation needs without the help of travel services.

Now that you can travel abroad alone, you don’t have to travel far to visit Thailand. Nicknamed the “White Elephant”, the country is a prime tourist destination for its unique charm in Southeast Asia. Many new backpackers choose the Land of a Thousand Pagodas as their first expedition destination because it is friendly enough to be used as a budget vacation destination. Below are 10 money-saving tips for backpacking in Thailand:

Tips Traveling Ke Thailand

This first tip for solo travelers is very sensitive, and even if it’s okay to invite friends or family, you need to budget first. When you’re shopping in Thailand, you can estimate the cost of your vacation and plan some of the necessary expenses.

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From travel tickets, transportation, accommodation, food and souvenirs, you can divide them into budget-split categories. The nominal amount doesn’t have to be exact because it’s still in the evaluation phase, just don’t include a rough budget estimate.

Once you have your budget in mind, you can plan your vacation as the best time to vacation in Thailand. We recommend that you choose a schedule that does not coincide with the holiday season, the place will be more relaxed and not crowded with tourists.

Low season usually starts from March to September, when flight ticket prices and accommodation rents are cheap. One thing is for sure, you should avoid the high season, apart from blowing your budget, you will definitely feel uncomfortable due to the increased number of tourists.

Having trouble deciding when to start booking in Thailand? So now is the time to hunt for plane tickets. PP Jakarta – Cengkareng (CGK) Bangkok (BKK) flight costs are usually around IDR 1,000,000 to IDR 2,000,000 depending on the airline you book with.

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So it’s more efficient if you pre-order a few months in advance. The advantage of these tips is that you can get cheap tickets, often promotional prices are not offered cheaper than the regular price. In fact, you shouldn’t be fooled by just one airline. You should be smarter in choosing and comparing ticket prices from several other airlines.

Finding accommodation is the most important part of living on holiday in Thailand, so we recommend that you choose affordable accommodation. Hostels or Hotels Cheap accommodation with rates starting from IDR 61,000 per night, so cheap, right? The facilities provided are not inferior to star hotels, the main thing is to have a comfortable rest.

The second suggestion is that you can choose a residence close to the city center, strategic locations can make it easy to go anywhere with various tourist attractions and transportation facilities. Besides saving for vacation expenses, you can use the budget for other purposes. Khaosan Road or Sukhumvit is a cheap and convenient residential area.

A budget friendly holiday in Thailand is also determined by the transport you use. There is a wide range of Thai transportation including the Bangkok Mass Transit System (BTS), buses, MRT and tuk tuks. You need to be smart in managing your expenses by choosing the most economical public transport. MRT fares range from IDR 7,000 to IDR 25,000, while buses only range from IDR 3,500 to IDR 8,000.

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Tuk tuk, a traditional transport similar to a taxi, provides fares based on your destination, and if the price is reasonable, you can hire a tuk tuk to explore Thailand. But still choose the cheapest public transport and remember, don’t take a taxi. Why? Because taxi fares are not good for your wallet.

Being conservative, you must be good at cutting your budget. When making your list of tourist attractions, don’t forget to include free entertainment in Thailand. Apart from providing a more productive vacation time, you can also take advantage of a day to visit nearby tourist attractions.

It is also recommended to choose free tourist attractions for backpackers in Thailand, there are many interesting tourist attractions that can be enjoyed for free. Wat Mahathat, Lumpini Park, Bangkok Museum, Suan Rot Fai and Khaosan Road can be on your holiday agenda in the country of White Elephants. But if you want to visit popular tourist spots, you can budget hundreds of thousands. Popular tourist attractions to visit in Thailand are Siam Ancient City, Royal Palace and Madame Tussauds.

Thailand is a culinary paradise for travelers who love unique and interesting flavors. There are plenty of street foods to try when visiting this country. Apart from the delicious taste of the food, the variety of roadside culinary delights are also pocket-friendly. Perfect for backpackers in Thailand to enjoy a special meal with family or friends.

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Don’t be afraid to splurge on reloading ammo, street food costs only around IDR 8,000 to IDR 30,000. For Muslim travelers, they should first check whether the ingredients used are halal or not, as many Thai cuisines use pork. Get your wallet ready to hunt down Thai culinary specialties with a variety of flavors and textures that will tickle your palate.

In addition to being a chef’s paradise, Thailand is also a gathering place for shoppers from all walks of life. Whether you are a Thai backpacker or an elite traveler, you must visit the country’s souvenir centers and shopping malls. You can get branded or unbranded goods at low prices and high quality. Several shopping malls like MBK Mall, Platinum Fashion Mall, Chiang Mai, Pantip Plaza, MBK Mall are great places to indulge your shopping spirit.

If you’re looking for a place with a more emotional feel, you can visit the Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok. Get what you want at a free, low price for shopping, but remember shopping has to be reasonable, right? While not all marketplaces serve bargain prices, you should at least be sure to shop with English-speaking sellers. If you can speak a little Thai, it may be more profitable to get a lower price. Thailand was one of the most traveled countries in the world before the pandemic. Tourists flock to this tropical country for its unique culture, delicious food, affordability and beautiful beaches.

Many in Bangkok are also known locally as Krung Thep – a bustling city. It has attracted travelers over the years, whether they’re luxuriating or after a spare banana pancake. This exciting metropolis is home to many temples (and more temples), bars (for all tastes), restaurants, shops, malls and other attractions that can easily fill your itinerary. COURT has eased COVID restrictions and is welcoming tourists again. Filipinos can take a weekend or longer trip while in Bangkok.

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Filipinos can stay in Thailand for up to 30 days without a visa. If you are planning to stay longer, you can apply for an extension while you are in Thailand.

Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines operate regular direct flights from Manila to Bangkok. Wait for promo rates to get discounted tickets on your desired date. Book several months in advance to get the lowest price.

Find the airport train station; there are signs that lead you or you can ask. At Makkasan or Phaya Thai Station. You can take a taxi or Skytrain to your hotel/hostel/hotel once in a while. The price is around THB45 (P70).

From the airport, look for the S1 bus line, then get off at one of the districts in the city center. The price is around THB60 (P93).

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You have a few options on how to explore the city. You can use Grab when you are in town. There are also regular taxis that will take you to your destination. Always ask (or demand) the drivers to use the meter because, like in Metro Manila, taxi drivers will try to take advantage of tourists. A train is a convenient and convenient option for getting around the city. Buy a rabbit card for THB200; Use it when taking BTS and other transport options. Top up your card in increments of THB100 each time you run out of stock.

A unique way to explore the city is to hire a tuk tuk. The second is like a bicycle in the Philippines. Tourists usually pay THB60 per ride and the price will increase depending on where you go. You pay per ride, not per person. Another option is to take a river taxi. River taxis cost around THB10-40 depending on where you are.

Bangkok has a lot to see and do. It can also be a base for day trips to nearby places or other provinces of the country.

After breakfast, visit Bangkok’s main attractions including the Grand Palace, Wat Phra Kaew, Wat Pho and Wat Arun. This is not difficult to do because all these places are far from each other.

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The construction of the Great Palace began in 1782. After its completion, successive kings and their palaces lived until 1925. The fast-growing area is now a popular tourist destination and venue for special events. You will succeed