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By | April 25, 2023

Tips Travel Ke Turki – Turkey can confuse travelers in many aspects. Is it Asian or European? Islamic or Christian? Is the capital Ankara or Istanbul? The most famous rulers of Turkey are the Ottomans. But it was part of the Greek Empire, the Persian Empire and eventually fell under Rome. When Rome made Christianity the official religion, Turkey (especially Istanbul) was mainly Christian and now Islamic.

The Ottomans were defeated during the World War, so it was part of several European countries such as Germany, France and Britain. It finally became a Republic in the 1930s. The complexity and layering of its culture go back to historical times. So it is kichdi of different ethnicities, heritages and cultures.

Tips Travel Ke Turki

Bringing euros to exchange is best because many restaurants in big cities like Istanbul accept euros as payment. The airport kiosks are good for exchange, but the exchange rates aren’t great. But we definitely do not recommend that you exchange it at the markets in the city center and at the big bazaars.

Waktu Terbaik Liburan Wisata Ke Turki 2023

Mosy International bank credit and debit cards work perfectly in hotels and restaurants. But bring plenty of cash when you go to the countryside because you won’t find many ATMs, especially in Cappadocia. Merchants refuse cash payments or charge extra for card payments. Pamukkale and Denzil drivers preferred cash to card payment.

We had the wrong assumption that Turkey was cheaper than Greece because of the difference in the value of their currency. Work out your budget well in advance to avoid being shocked later like we were. Although the value of the Turkish Lira is lower than the Euro, the price in a restaurant remains almost similar to that in Greece. But public transport is cheaper than in Greece.

It cost us approximately 70 EUR/DAY for one person, including three meals in cheap cafes and mostly Simit, tickets to monuments, transportation by local bus and trams. EXCLUDING international flights, domestic flights, Airbnb accommodation AND SHOPPING.

If you are a shopaholic or have something like that in your DNA, you need to add more to your budget. We didn’t know that the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul was so tempting. So we entered it once, hypnotized ourselves, came out, sat on a bench to calculate how much we could buy and went inside.

Tips Aman Solo Traveling Ke Turki

We bought two Vodafone SIM cards at the airport. Internet speed and coverage were good even in remote places of Cappadocia. Wi-Fi speed was good in all guesthouses.

Plug and socket types in Turkey are type C or type F (as in Europe). So Indians have to carry travel adapters.

Our host Ali in Istanbul told us that Turks are obsessed with cleaning their houses. Turks also take long showers. Is this why Turkish hammams are famous?

Back to the streets. The streets of Istanbul where tourists roam are impeccable. The side alleys were a bit seedy, with trash cans overflowing. Cappadocia and Pamukkale were cleaner than Istanbul. When we went to the remote areas of Cappadocia, it was a pleasure to see places without plastic.

Bocorkan Budget Liburan Ke Turki, Publik Syok Lihat Total Anggarannya, Kok Bisa?

Stray cats are everywhere. Turks love cats, and dogs are rare! As Ali talked to us about navigating old Istanbul, he said,  “Don’t pet the stray cats to avoid the allergies and infections they cause.”

All the hotels and guesthouses we stayed in had an EWC with a jet sprayer along with toilet paper. But public toilets in most places had squat toilets. Using public toilets is not as expensive as in the Netherlands or Belgium. We paid 2 lira at the bus stop toilet during our bus trip between Cappadocia and Pamukkale.

Of all the countries we visited in 2022, Turkey’s public transport was the easiest to access. Taking the bus from the airports to the city was super convenient and saved a lot of money instead of taking a private taxi. Instant booking for trains and night buses during the non-tourist season is easy. So use public transport as much as possible. Whether it’s a tram in Istanbul or a night bus between two cities, it’s super efficient and saves a big chunk of your pocket.

Printed maps accurately show you tram stations. Don’t forget to buy a metro/tram card at certain stations as they are not available at all stations

Liburan Ke Turki, Ini Wisata Terpopuler Yang Wajib Kamu Kunjungi

Airports – Istanbul alone has three international airports! Izmir and Antalya remain busy international airports. Turkish Airlines flights connect important tourist spots and cities.

Cruising is popular among luxury travelers. Greece-Turkey are famous and expensive. You can consider ferries to travel from Istanbul/Izmir or other beach towns. In Istanbul, you can take a Bosphorus cruise and other cruises to visit nearby islands. But I personally don’t recommend taking a cruise because you end up traveling more with tourists than locals.

Public buses – we traveled by night bus from Cappadocia-Pamukkale. With well-maintained roads and clean buses, the journey was very pleasant. Buses take multiple breaks to use the restroom. At breaks, the bus manager comes pushing a cart with snacks and coffee. This was the first and last time I saw such a thing on a bus! In the non-tourist season, reservations are usually not required.

Trams and metro – Istanbul is well connected by trams. Be sure to buy a tram card beforehand. These cards are not available at all stations. Without realizing it, we were at the tram stop near the Galata Tower. Fortunately, a local Turk helped us get to Sultan Ahmet Square from the Galata Tower with his card.

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That! We prefer and recommend bikes or bicycles more than cars. Renting bicycles in Istanbul and scooters in Cappadocia, Izmir. Pamukkale does not require you to hire a vehicle unless you are traveling to Ephesus. Carry your original driver’s license along with two or three copies of it when renting a vehicle.

No social media app was banned in 2018. So we used WhatsApp to make quick calls. But beware of this; Turkey is known for banning apps and websites. You can book hotels through from a foreign country, but you cannot access the app or the website

When you are in Turkey, but Air BnB works perfectly. Uber did not work in Istanbul 2018. Useful apps are –

Apart from India, Turkey is the next best country that has variety in both – non-veg and veg is Turkey. The best dish without vegetables is, of course, kebabs. The best vegetable snacks are – Pumpkin. While I was eating Donner Kebab, Sahana was eating a pot of Veg Kebab.

Ke Turki Lebih Baik Membawa Lira, Dolar Us Atau Rupiah? Ini 6 Tips Nya

Turkey Travel tips about food – Turks have a sweet tooth! Their tea is sweet and some desserts like Baklava are sickeningly sweet. So you have to ask for a little taster before you buy them.

Turkish tea and the cups in which it is served are beautiful. They offer tea in almost every shop outside the Grand Bazaar when you go shopping. They are not obsessed with tea Egyptians, but you can find tea sellers with metal kettles and plastic cups in the more important tourist spots. I found Tea Mania less in Cappadocia and Pamukkale compared to Istanbul.

Although many travelers recommend Turkish coffee, we both didn’t like it! It was too thick and sweet. It is similar to the cardamom coffee we drank in Jordan, but the sweetness and texture of the coffee was not made for us. Turkey oranges are super fresh. In many places you have a cart that squeezes oranges for fresh juice.

It was surprising to see both men and women in Turkey smoking in public. But hookah was limited to indoor spaces only. I recently read the news that Turkey is banning smoking in public to avoid the spread of COVID.

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Again a confusing thing. As an Islamic country, you expect not to get alcohol here. But you can buy them in stores. We happened to see foreigners wrapping their beer bottles in brown wrappers to hide the drink label in public places! Although there is no official morality police in Turkey, these things can get you into trouble.

Alcohol is not banned, but it is not served in street cafes So drinking alcohol in sidewalk cafes is not a scene in Turkish cities.

98% of Turks are Muslim, but don’t be surprised to see that they have statues of Jesus in their homes. Smiling at strangers with a hello, hello, and “good morning” could make you uncomfortable because they probably won’t smile back! I’m not saying they’re rude, but they’re less friendly than many other Middle Eastern countries we’ve been to. I can’t call the Turks racist, but we browns are certainly not their favorites. We were warmly welcomed in several places. And others treat him as an unwanted guest.

There are always and everywhere all kinds of people. With its mesmerizing scenery and beautiful architecture, these things are too small for Turkey not to like, but you need to be aware of them.

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Turkish travel tips about their language – you can read it like a non-Turkish but you can’t pronounce it.

The national language is Turkish. The alphabets are Latin, similar to English with different syllables. It’s like you can read it but you can’t pronounce it. Pronunciation of the Turkish language is difficult. They use “t” instead of “d” For example –

The Turkish language is nowhere similar to Arabic