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By | June 23, 2024

Tips Travel Musim Sejuk – China is not a popular tourist destination among tourists looking for winter activities. However, did you know that in China there are several ski slopes that you can enjoy and enjoy?

What’s more, traveling to China during the winter is beneficial because it reduces the crowds and obviously reduces the cost!

Tips Travel Musim Sejuk

China has its own attractions during winter, such as the world’s best Winter Festival. It has a cold and beautiful winter area.

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” for tourism activities that make the price of goods lower than normal to encourage off-season shopping. It starts in November and ends in early March. So, if you want to shop in this Great Wall Country, winter is the best time.

What does this mean? Most hotels and airlines will offer great deals to attract customers, some will even offer discounts of up to 80% off the original price. Interesting and economical isn’t it?

If you like dry and not hot weather, winter in China is best for you because winter in China is the driest time in all of China, especially in the northern region. It is a fact that snow in China is relatively slow compared to neighboring countries such as Japan and Korea.

Jilin, located in the northeast of China, is the coldest, frozen and snowy region. It also has the longest winter of any region in China. Heilongjiang Province borders Russia where the capital Harbin is known as the ice city or “

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” has an average temperature of -12 degrees Celsius during the day and is colder and freezing at night.

Beijing and Xian experience typically dry and long winters. Winter in Beijing starts from early November to March. The average temperature is below freezing, but the days are sunny and perfect for travel.

Shanghai experiences milder weather than Beijing. The winter season is from December to February. It experiences a mild winter, but there is little snow and cloudy days. The temperature usually stays above freezing, but it will feel colder because of the humidity.

So, are you planning to enjoy winter in China? It’s definitely something you should try, at least once in your life, my brother Jakir, who saves like crazy and has to go on vacation to Korea, complains about having to buy clothes that aren’t cheap that he found in Malaysia.

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Mandatory. It is more suitable if it is waterproof and windproof. He likes to wear bold, but it’s important to have a winter coat.

I am ready to bring 2 outer jackets/coats. The two were bought before a holiday to Australia. Shop during the sale at Elle, Midvalley. It’s less than RM350 for both dresses. Since I already have it, I don’t need to buy it again. When I went to Australia, I only brought a pink down jacket. The new black and white tweed trench coat has officially arrived in Korea.

Addin just recycled a jacket with a fleece lining that he bought at Going Places, SACC Shah Alam and had worn on his vacation to Australia. Forget the price.

Brother Edi bought a down jacket at Uniqlo. Somehow, he wasn’t sure about the capabilities of the existing TopMan jacket. Hohoho.. Brother Edi bought it for RM249. When Jakir bought it, the discount was RM199. It’s a loss.

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Hehehe.. The surprising thing is, when I want to buy it, I have doubts because this Uniqlo jacket is thin and light, ready to be stored in my bag again. But when they experienced negative temperatures in Korea, Abang Edi and Jakir told them that their jackets were fine.

We just bought a jacket for Zara from H&M. First, about the down jacket available in the Zara boutique, again in red. But there is no size for Zara either. Duh.

Mom bought a winter coat at Marks and Spencer, KLCC. Confidant is right. Buy it before entering the Korean package again. Gilax. But the coat is beautiful. The price is also affordable.

It is better if you take a long jacket/coat like parka jacket or trench coat to cover your back and legs.

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It looks like pajamas but it’s tight. And must wear tight to ensure that no wind hits the skin. This is the first layer (after panties, spenders and bras) that you should wear before wearing any outer layer of clothing.

Brother Edi bought a long john at Universal Traveller, Pavilion last week I registered with Kembara Sufi. Crazy spirit. The sales girls in the store tried hard to convince us that they wholesale all long johns, jackets, gloves, winter hats and so on, but I was stupid. Because I am not satisfied with the survey and I think the price of clothes there is expensive.

The long john that Abang Edi bought is not even reed. Wool material. High quality. Price is RM200++. Gilax. The good thing is, Abang Edi didn’t even complain about the cold in his body and legs. It means that long john is really good.

For me, Addin and Zara, we bought Heattech inners at Uniqlo. Crazy skinny. I’m too lazy to buy all wool, try a thin one. Alhamdulillah Addin and Zara didn’t complain too much about the cold on their bodies and legs.

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Anyway, I bought a pair of thick long johns with a skirt near town with Mt. One for 15,000 Won. It’s just that his thighs are not cool. If in Namdaemun, you can get around 10,000 won.

(Maybe it’s okay to buy a skirt, because my thighs are cold. Calves are okay. Long socks are covered).

It’s just that buying a long john may or may not be mandatory, depending on the person. Cam, Edi’s brother’s nephew, can handle the cold so much that he doesn’t need long johns. It was terrifying.

And, my friend’s husband didn’t buy official long johns. She just wore the underwear and leggings she had. Which for me – genius.

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So, if you buy a thick long john like Abang Edi, it might be a bit of a loss because it’s not suitable for wearing in Malaysia (unless you go to I-City to play ice, eh.. ?)

My main thin heattech cam can also be used as an inner once in if you go to the AC area, Genting or Cameron.

After using heat technology, you can wear normal clothes. I like cotton t-shirts, bat shirts etc. It’s not even beautiful. Chances are people don’t see it. Because there will be one more layer before applying the outer coat.

Most of the time, I wear a heattech inner, a normal long sleeve cotton shirt, and an outer coat.

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For Addin and Zara, I wear 4 layers – heattech inner, t-shirt, long sleeve shirt (sometimes thick sweater), outer coat.

For the last layer before the outer coat, make sure the layer is good for the eyes and good on camera. If you go indoors, take off your coat because it’s hot. So, if you open the coat, but the shirt in the last layer is ugly, it’s not funny.

For legs, it’s okay to wear jeans. If you want to wear chiffon pants, that’s fine. Importantly, there is a layer of tights inside.

If you want something more effective, you can wear windproof warm pants with fleece lining inside. Edi and Mama bought it at Uniqlo. You say it is quite comfortable.

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It can also be stylish with a warm skirt also available at Uniqlo. If I bought this allergy thing, I’m sure I wouldn’t have a problem with cold thighs. wow!

I bought Uniqlo heattech socks. It feels ineffective. Because my toe still feels numb. So, have to wear socks twice. Regret not buying wool. There are many cheap things in Kok Kong.

Addin and Zara wear woolen socks, bought at Sox World. They say your feet are not cold. Yes, it’s a suit.

I want something new too. But I don’t want to buy Ugg style winter boots because I feel stupid.

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The problem is, people usually wear it up to the knee, I wear it above the knee. Or not even because of big thighs.

My mother is still in a hurry. He bought closed shoes at Parkson Alamanda. But the soles of the shoes are rather thick and made of rubber material. I want to say that the wedges are not because they are thick, but because they don’t have a heel. price? Less than RM100.

My mother didn’t complain at all that her big toe was numb. My theory – thick sole, rubber – cold air can’t get in. Good buy there, mom!

For local Koreans, I can see you wearing New Balance sneakers. But maybe your shoes are lined with fur.

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Tips: You can also get insoles with fur lining at Daiso. They are standard in size and can be cut to your desired size. After cutting, put it on the shoe as a second layer insole. My theory is that if you do, your toes will survive the cold.

Vital. Wajibul Ghunnah. The reason is that the tips of the toes and hands are the most sensitive and easily numb when cold.

If possible, buy woolen gloves that have pockets to remove your fingers more easily (see poster image) or gloves that have some technology that allows the user to use a touch screen phone without having to open it. gloves.

Brother Edi is getting ready to buy waterproof sarongs in KL. I just stared blankly. After all, in Korea I had to buy ski clothes at a more expensive rental center, about 12,000 won for Addin and Zara, and 15,000 won for me. Huhuhuh. Regret is useless.

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The 3 of us are gone. But I’m also good because it acts more effectively as a neck cover and can be made