Tips Traveling Untuk Anak

By | February 5, 2024

Tips Traveling Untuk Anak – 6+ Tips for Traveling with a 6 Month Old Baby According to the famous Rachel Vennya, Wow, you have to know this to make traveling more comfortable!

Travel is important, especially for mothers who are often at home. Must be boring, right? Want to definitely feel like going somewhere with a husband and kids. Eh, but Mom remembers you still have a baby who is not even a year old. Fear that the baby is fussy and uncomfortable when travelling. But, you know, Mom, it’s not always. As long as Mother has suggestions, it seems that Mother’s child will be comfortable and feel at home to be invited everywhere. Wow, that’s really fun, isn’t it?

Tips Traveling Untuk Anak

For that Mother, there are some tips you can follow. These tips come from a celebgram named Rachel Vennya. During the time she had a child, Xabiru, who was about 6 months old, Rachel Vennya often took Xabiru out for a walk. Not only in the country, it has even reached abroad, such as Japan and Kenya.

Perlengkapan Traveling Dengan Anak Agar Aman Dan Menyenangkan

So, maybe you can follow these tips from Rachel. So that even your baby at home can also go on a trip with ease. Are you curious about Rachel Vennya’s tips for traveling with a baby under one year old? Check out the following reviews:

Mothers must be smart when choosing a place to travel that is comfortable for babies. Don’t let the travel destination you choose be unsuitable for babies under one year old. Of course, the baby will not be comfortable and fussy easily. Rachel Vennya herself gives tips for this, which is to choose a place to travel outdoors with lots of animals or parks. At the same time introduce baby animals and the environment around them.

Apart from that, check the season as well, during the rainy season, avoid the open air when traveling and it is better to go on a city or museum tour. So, if it’s summer, it would be nice to go to the park or see the animals outdoors. But choose in the morning or late afternoon, Mom, so that the baby does not get too hot in the middle of the day in nature.

Bringing a stroller is important because you must be tired if you carry your baby all the time. With a stroller, it will be easier for you to go everywhere with your baby. For this reason, the location you are going to must be able to bring a stroller, don’t let it turn out when you arrive at your vacation destination, it turns out that the place is difficult to a stroller. Wow, you might get gout when you have to carry your baby while traveling.

Tips Traveling Ke Eropa Dengan Anak — Diary Jalan Adeuny

The stroller can also be used as a bed for your baby so you can sleep soundly and not be disturbed. Even babies will be comfortable sleeping in a stool rather than being carried. So, this stroller is essential when traveling. Of course, look for a foldable stroller, Mom, so it doesn’t bother you when you take it on the plane. Also look for a baby carrier that is comfortable for you, if your baby gets tired in the stroller from time to time you will be safe with a carrier that you are comfortable wearing.

For children over 5 months of course intake other than breast milk is required. So, bring practical food and don’t forget baby snacks too. That way, when the baby is hungry and difficult for the mother to breastfeed, it can be overcome by providing snacks and practical food that has been stolen. Now a lot of ready-to-eat food that only needs to be brewed with warm water. Of course, this won’t bother you when you travel.

However, when you come to a restaurant, you can also ask for baby food there. As sliced ​​fruits, you can also give it to your baby. But it is better to grind or make juice first before giving it so that it is easy to swallow. So what about Mom, you don’t mind traveling with your baby?

Traveling with a baby is actually quite a hassle. So, Mom and husband can condition themselves not to bring a lot of things. Mum can still bring things as needed. As for the clothes you bring as much as possible, bring clothes that are practical and don’t take up a lot of space in your suitcase. Look for clothes that are comfortable and of course front buttons to make it easier when the baby needs breast milk.

Tips Liburan Bersama Balita Agar Liburan Menjadi Lebih Menyenangkan

For baby gear, as much as possible, don’t bring too many toys. Bring one or two toys that babies usually like. Do not bring too many clothes except diapers. As far as possible, wash baby clothes when traveling so that Mother does not have to bring a lot of baby clothes.

When you travel and get on a plane, you can search for flights that are in the morning or in the evening. This is because when going on a plane, children are not fussy. Adjust to the child’s bedtime, if you would like to sleep at 8 or 10 in the morning, try to find a flight at that hour. Similarly during night flights, if the baby is sleeping around 9 pm, try to find a flight at that time. This way flights with babies are safer and more comfortable from the disturbances of fussy babies.

However, if the baby won’t go to sleep either. You can calm him down by giving him his favorite toy that you have brought. Invite a joke or even download a frequently watched video. This way the baby will not be fussy when invited to board the plane.

There are many factors for fussy babies when traveling. Sometimes because of hunger, thirst, uncomfortable travel places and so on. You have to be able to get around this. If the baby is suddenly fussy and crying, try to persuade Mum by showing the places around that can make the baby calm down. If he is still crying, who knows if the baby is hungry, Mum can prepare the snacks.

Tips Mengasah Kreativitas Anak Dengan Menciptakan Ide Bermain Di Rumah

The baby will usually start to calm down when he is comfortable and happy again. So, when your baby is fussy, you can invite him to a joke or entertain him. Giving him toys he likes can also be a solution. The point is to make this fussy baby happy again. Come on, Mom, don’t worry about fussy babies when you travel.

Separate baby and parent equipment, especially clothing. This makes it easier for Mothers to find children’s clothes when they are in a hurry. In addition, the suitcase will look neater. Usually, when traveling, the equipment of mother and husband, from clothes to toiletries, is piled up. So, don’t pack one suitcase with your child so it doesn’t get too messy.

Using sticky plastic can also be a solution. So that it is divided into several parts of the clothes that will be used by babies and parents. Of course Mom will no longer be worried and confused to choose it because it is neat and organized.

Infant experience is important so that babies know their environment well. Seeing open nature, animals or objects in the museum makes babies know more about many things. Even though it is too small, Mom can make the baby get to know new places.

Tips Travelling Bersama Keluarga Agar Liburan Lebih Mengasyikkan

This way, your child will adapt more easily anywhere when he grows up. As Xabiru, Rachel Vennya’s daughter. Xabiru when playing alone in a large garden is very happy. When they meet animals, they are very happy, which makes any parent happy to see their child laughing like that. So, there are no barriers to traveling with a baby right Mum?

Those are some tips you can follow. Although it is sometimes not easy to bring a baby under the age of 1, there is nothing wrong if the journey is comfortable and the place to travel is also fun for the baby. There’s no need to worry too much, Mum. Try Rachel Vennya’s suggestions above, because she often brings Xabiru, her child, to travel within and outside the country. Wow, it sure is fun traveling with your baby.

If you have your own tips, what is usually the most important? Can you add it in the comments column? Hope this is helpful. Traveling or traveling with family, especially with children, should be a lot of fun. Whether it’s going to a new place or even revisiting favorite places, it’s definitely can provide an unforgettable experience.

With the right preparation, holidays with children can leave a special memory. Reporting from various sources, here is a series of tips on traveling with children:

Perhatikan Tips Ini Sebelum Menyewa Perlengkapan Bayi Untuk Traveling

Organize items wisely, don’t load unnecessary items. The trick is that you can estimate and adjust your property according to how long you are on holiday and what agendas will be carried out during that time.

During the growth period, children need adequate nutrition. Therefore, when traveling you need to prepare snacks, which can be fruit, biscuits or vegetables such as pumpkin, carrots and potatoes.

By bringing snacks from home, you can save money. In addition, the snacks brought are more hygienic.

Backs that feel sore when traveling are very likely to be caused by poor quality luggage. To avoid that, you should bring a bag made of light and strong.

Tips Traveling Naik Pesawat Bareng Si Kecil, Anak Pun Jadi Senang

In addition, the size of the backpack needs to be adjusted to your body. Moreover, when carrying children, at some moments, you may catch them. So, don’t let the bag be uncomfortable, even adding to the weight you have to carry.

Holidays are an opportunity to rest yourself. So, don’t be in a hurry to do it. Furthermore, this trip is an opportunity for children to see a new environment. The key is to make the agenda as light as possible.

It’s fine to explore a few places, but your and your little one’s vacations have a deeper meaning for you. Don’t let the ego visit as many places as possible rather it destroys the mood in the end.

Babies often need more than their parents, from clothes to other equipment, such as feeding bottles and nappies. Therefore, choose products that are practical and of a size that do not take up too much space.

Tips Liburan Panjang Bersama Anak Anak

While on holiday, you never know what will happen on the trip. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to the carrying of medicines. Furthermore, if you are bringing your little one, cold and flu medicine should already be in a travel bag.

The medicine you take does not have to be in large quantities, you can estimate it according to your holiday time. Carrying medicine will make it easier for you if unnecessary things happen while travelling. (editorial team)

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